Trevor Moore has a solution for NSA wiretapping

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  • Trevor Moore has a solution for NSA wiretapping

    With the NSA wiretapping scandal still fresh in people’s minds, comedian Trevor Moore (The Whitest Kids U’ Know) has just released a PSA ripped straight from the headlines. Addressing the court order the NSA has been using to wiretap any and all cell phone conversations being held on the Verizon and AT&T services, Moore has come up with a way to protect citizens from this wiretap plan with a PSA on Funny or Die.

    Moore calls his plan “Operation: Everyone Talk like a Terrorist All the Time.” The plan is exactly what it sounds like; because Moore claims that elections are useless, the only way to make wiretapping irrelevant is to hold conversations in which every citizen talks like a terrorist at all times on the phone. According to Moore, the bigger the terrorist threat the individual makes on the phone, the more it means you love the person.=

    What do you think?