Michael Ian Black reads, reads, reads some more

Do you feel like you’re already in withdrawal from Michael & Michael Have Issues? Well, if you can hold on a few weeks, you may get to see Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter perform live in your city. Or…

The Daily Show: we’re Crabs in the Earth’s pubes

We're fucked. You know that, right? After centuries of taking our daddy issues out on the Earth, we're going to run out of fuel, global warming is going to flood all our cities and the volcanoes are going to rise up and steal all the good manufacturing jobs. None of that's news. But if you […]

Pee Wee Herman tweets his way back to the (Big) Top

I know nostalgia can be a cloud. Like when your friend says, "Hook was my favorite movie as a kid!" and you're like, "Please never watch it again! You will be depressed!" But then they don't listen, and their cloud dissipates, and they lose their will to live and become drug addicts, and you never […]

Comedy Central brings back The American Comedy Awards

This is really happening, people. Comedy Central announced today that it had agreed to restart the American Comedy Awards, which had run from the 1980s to 2001 on the TV and celebrated comedy and comedians with their own trophies. Hooray!…

Ready for the 2009 Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival?

The only comedy festival that’s aware enough of itself to pretend to be fake, and yet still assemble a funny cast of comedians for multiple nights of themed shows, returns for a second year. Yes, I’m talking about the Eugene…