Sarah Silverman Calls Out Fox News: Fox News Responds

Sarah Silvermanisn’t Fox News biggest fan, but the news channel doesn’t have many good things to say about the comedienne in return. Silverman called out Fox saying “the entire network is a 24-hour-a-day racism engine”.

I wanna take this book behind the Middle School and get it pregnant

Tracy Morgan wrote a book! Awesome, I know. It's called I Am the New Black, and it's coming out next month. In the meantime, you can watch the book's trailer. You know which book didn't have a trailer? The Old Man and the Sea. Ergo, Tracy Morgan > Ernest Hemingway.

For more Tracy Morgan, watch him […]

Michael Ian Black reads, reads, reads some more

Do you feel like you’re already in withdrawal from Michael & Michael Have Issues? Well, if you can hold on a few weeks, you may get to see Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter perform live in your city. Or…