Man School 202

Don’t mess up the bundles with Lord Jamar

August 11, 2020

Hip-hop legend and pioneer Lord Jamar is here as we discuss:
Maintaining your authenticity, being a man, hip-hop history, having a father figure, having multiple girls, and how relationships are no different than dealing drugs.

Man School 202

Podcast Rats with Andrew Zarian

August 4, 2020

From The GFQ network , the Mat Men Podcast, What the Tech, broadcaster Andrew Zarian is here as we discuss dating during the pandemic, hate fucking, and what not to do during a threesome.

Man School 202

Godfrey is free!!!

July 28, 2020

From “In Godfrey We Trust,” the amazing Godfrey is here as we discuss: the freedom of not being in a relationship, why men womanize, and how you develop confidence.

Man School 202

Please Don’t Cancel Joe DeRosa

July 21, 2020

From the Without a Country podcast, Comedian Joe DeRosa is here as we go into #CancelCulture and have a deep discussion about race and American society.

Man School 202

“#1 album of the year” with Richie Redding.

July 14, 2020

Comedian Richie Redding is here as we discuss: his new comedy album “#1 album of the year.” crazy covid19 story, and being there for your girl during crisis.

Man School 202

Return of Son of a Gary with Dan Soder

July 7, 2020

From the Show Billions, Comedy Central, HBO, comedian Dan Soder is here as we discuss: having kids, having a girl that gets awkward, knowing your worth and the impact of being a dad.

Man School 202

Judy Gold tells you to f*ck off

June 30, 2020

Comedian Judy Gold is here as we talk: The nuances of lesbian relationships, anti-Semitism, black wall street, being a mom, self-hating as a comedian, and the proud boys.

Man School 202

Follow This with Jessica Kirson

June 23, 2020

 Comedian Jessica Kirson (Tonight Show, Comedy Central) is here as we discuss: Gender roles, the difficulties of coming out, if women are naturally submissive, political correctness, and raising baby girls.

Man School 202

Dumpster Acting with Joe D’Onofrio

June 16, 2020

Actor Joe D’Onofrio (Goodfellas, Bronx Tale, and Jungle Fever) is here as we discuss: Acting with Robert Nero, being a nice guy, levels of fame, the time Terrence Howard was a dick to Dante, and some Patrice O’Neal stories.

Man School 202

Bring the Baby Pool with Marc Theobald

June 9, 2020

From the Last OG with Tracy Morgan, Comedian Marc Theobald is here as we discuss: Dante Stripping stories, The time Mike Epps got kidnapped, and how to make compromises in a relationship.

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