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20 – Mike Vecchione

May 21, 2020

Mike Vecchione and Joe have been friends for over a decade. On today’s episode they discuss meditation, positive affirmations, doing late night, therapy and more. We think you’ll get a lot out of this episode. Enjoy and when you’re done check out Mike’s albums ‘The Worst Kind of Thoughtful’ and ‘Muscle Confusion’. 

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19 – Dan Soder

May 14, 2020

Dan Soder was the friend Joe made when he moved to New York. On this week’s episode the two pals discuss their hypochondria, alcoholism, and their early days in New York City. Enjoy these two old pals catching up. Wash those hands!

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18 – Caitlin Peluffo

May 7, 2020

This week Joe talks quarantine, therapy and late night television with his friend, Comedian Caitlin Peluffo. Caitlin is a hilarious comedian who has been on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She’s spending her some of her quarantine time volunteering for Meals on Wheels which her and Joe also discuss. Relax and enjoy. 

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17 – Tommy Johnagin

April 30, 2020

Tommy Johnagin is a world class comedian and television writer. Tommy and Joe discuss their tempers, feeling unprotected, fatherhood, and the desire to give back. Give it a listen and then go enjoy one Tommy’s many late night sets and albums. 

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16 – Greg Stone

April 23, 2020

Today the legend Greg Stone joins the show. Greg is one of Joe’s best buds in the wide world. They talk about their relationship, feelings and quarantine thoughts. It was a cathartic conversation that they hope you enjoy. One of them is writing this. Check out The Rad Dude Cast. 

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15 – Myq Kaplan

April 16, 2020

This week Joe has his dear friend Myq Kaplan on the show. Myq and Joe discuss Buddhism, acceptance, and how they came to practice mindfulness. Enjoy and take her easy.

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14 – Sarah Tollemache

April 9, 2020

In this week’s episode Joe is chatting with his quarantine buddy Sarah Tollemache. Joe and Sarah discuss Sarah’s neighbor being murdered when she was a kid as well as being robbed at gunpoint. There’s a lot of trauma to unravel. Don’t worry there are some jokes too. Enjoy and stay well. 

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13 – Brendan Sagalow

April 2, 2020

Happy Quarantine to all. This week’s guest is the sweet and hilarious Brendan Sagalow. Joe and Brendan discuss their fathers and therapist and inability to confront. This is the last episode recorded pre pandemic. Enjoy a little taste of the old world. And follow Brendan on social media @brendansagalow

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12 – Tracey Carnazzo

March 26, 2020

This week Joe is joined but the wonderful, hilarious and thoughtful Tracey Carnazzo. It’s the first conversation recorded amidst the quarantine. Tracey and Joe discuss their corona fears, OCD, phobias and more. This episode will hope you cope. Stay in. Stay safe. One day at a time.

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11 – Ari Shaffir

March 19, 2020

Joe sits down with friend and comedian Ari Shaffir. The topics include public apologies, depression, prescription drugs, mushrooms and the connections between Buddhism and Judaism. The episode was recorded several months ago, Kobe Bryant was not discussed. 

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