157 – Handsome Horse

March 13, 2020

Joe’s back from Vegas and Phil has a new hat as we get into the decline of handshakes and the financial overhead of the music industry!

156 – Joe Zimmerman

March 4, 2020

Joe and Phil welcome Joe Zimmerman on the pod to get the inside scoop on birdwatching, commercial auditions, and working with Brian Regan!

155 – Making Strangers Laugh

February 26, 2020

This week we get ready for tax season and who inspired us to get in the biz!

154 – Therapy Horse

February 20, 2020

Joe and Phil are back after the very late Comedy Cellar Holiday party to talk truck stops, road troubles and desolate food options!

153 – Replace With The Ace

February 13, 2020

Phil is a little under the weather and Joe is back from a last minute headline substitution with weekend after heading out to the West Coast!

152 – Permanent Edition

February 6, 2020

Joe’s got a new soundboard he’s learning to use and Phil and him have a spirited discussion on measuring temperature methods.

151 – Dave Juskow

January 30, 2020

Guest Dave Juskow is here to tell us about his past issues with gambling, working 30 plus years in comedy, and how to bet like a pro.

150 – Seaton Smith

January 23, 2020

We talk to Seaton Smith about his start in comedy, moving to New York, and working in television.

149 – Ian Fidance

January 17, 2020
Ian Fidance is here and we talk doing the road and how our 2020 plans are going!

148 – Happy 2020

January 8, 2020

Phil a Joe extol their Christmas experiences and how they rung in 2020.


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