327 – Marilyn is Having an Affair with a Guy who is Into Kinky S-e-x

May 25, 2020

Marilyn is having an ongoing affair with an older guy who is into all kinds of kinky thing. Where did she meet this guy? How did the affair start? What kind of kinky things do they do together? Tune in to find out plus hear all about the reason she started cheating in the first place, how she found out her husband was cheating, who he was cheating with, the other time she cheated on him before they were married,  how her new guy got her to swallow, try anal and has her into getting peed on as well as peeing on him and a whole lot more.

336 – Molly Loves Being an Escort

May 18, 2020

Molly (episodes #092, #190 #221) is still an escort and she’s still totally enjoying it. Why did she become an escort?  What does she do and what won’t she do with her clients? And, how much money does she charge/make? Tune in to find out plus hear all about where she meets the guys, how she stays safe, how her dating life has been going, her dvp (double vaginal penetration) experience, the worst customer experience she had which included unwanted “anal”, the #1 reason why married guys seek her out and a whole lot more. 

235 – Billy F*cked his Aunt in Quarantine?!

May 11, 2020

Billy calls in to tell the story about how he had sex with his aunt while stuck in quarantine but it seems like maybe he’s lying. How his aunt hit on him and what did they do when they hooked up? Did it happen more than once and what happened after? How and why did it stop and is he even telling the truth? Tune in to find out and hear him get caught in a total lie. Did he really fuck his aunt or not?? Listen to the whole intro and then the show and then you can decide.

334 – Rick is a Subservient Nudist who Gets Turned on by his Own Shrinkage

May 4, 2020

Rick calls in tot talk all about what it means for him to be a nudist. When did he discover he liked to be naked outside and where did he first go “walking?” Where did he meet other “walkers” and where did they all go walking together? And, what goes on at the nudie, all guy swim parties that keeps him going back for more? Tune in for all the details which include the black and white dynamic that goes down at the parties, how and why it leads to gender bending, what he loves about serving a guy with BBC and how having shrinkage only helps him get even more turned on, plus a whole lot more.

333 – Brad Broke Quarantine to Hook Up with a Transgender Female

April 27, 2020

Brad broke quarantine and hooked up with a transgender female and he calls in to talk all about that as well as his open relationship with his bisexual girlfriend and a lot of other alternative experiences he’s had over the years. What exactly went down during his recent quarantine rendezvous? When did he first start hooking up with trannys and where did he go to meet them? Where does he meet them now and what does he like to do with them when they meet up? Does his girlfriend know and how does she feel about it? Tune in to find out plus hear all about why he’s a top and why he doesn’t enjoy being a bottom, when he first found out his girlfriend was bisexual and wanted to hook up with other girls, the threesome they had with his friends with benefits, the swingers party in NYC he attends and how you can attend it too plus a whole lot more.

Bonus: at the end of the show he also recommends two sex toys for guys who are quarantined alone. Here are a couple affiliate links so you can try them out as well:





Vibrating egg:



332 – Jose has a Secret Bisexual Life

April 20, 2020

Jose is into hooking up with guys and he’s looking for a woman who would be down with that. When did he first realize he was into guys? When did he first start hooking up with them? What does he like to do with them when he hooks up? Tune in for all the details which include adult bookstore outings, gloryholes, sex with an Asian transexual, a threesome, filming himself with a guy and then sending it to a girl he was hooking up with and a whole lot more.

** If you want to contact him, email him: want2swingbitheway@gmail.com

331 – Jordan’s Wife Hooked up with his Female Cousin and his Aunts

April 13, 2020

Jordan’s wife hooked up with his female cousin and two of his aunts. When, where and how did she start hooking up with all of his relatives? Did they all know, that he knew, that she was hooking up with them? Did he ever fool around with them too? Tune in to find out plus hear all about what exactly they did with each other when they all hooked up and hear all about his pantyhose fetish and how it led to him secretly cross dressing and hooking up with guys behind her back, who she was cheating on him with behind his back and a whole lot more.

330 – John Smith Breaks Down his Pantyhose Fetish

April 6, 2020

John Smith has a lifelong pantyhose fetish and he calls in the explain it in detail. How does a pantyhose fetish get activated in people and how did it get activated in him? What is it about pantyhose that’s a turn on for people and what specifically turns him on? Which pantyhose “color” is the most popular and why? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how he likes to occasionally cross dress, what he’s secretly done with guys that involves pantyhose, how his wife feels about his fetish and a whole lot more.

Stay tuned at the end when he gives out tips on the best pantyhose to wear, websites to see his videos of him wearing hose as well as his email to get in touch. 

329 – Bigender Sam is now Transgender

March 30, 2020

Bigender Sam (episodes #144 & #246) is now transgender. How did he finally realize who he is?Does he want to do the surgery and what if anything is holding him back? Who does he prefer to date vs. who does he prefer to have sex with? Tune in to find out plus hear all about his current kinks and how they’re interfering with his dating life, how he had breasts when he was younger and what he did about them, how did initially came out to everyone and a whole lot more. 

**Plus my 2 minute rant/PSA on corona virus in intro


328 – Jason is Living out his Bisexual Fantasies with his Wife

March 23, 2020

Jason calls in to talk all about how he’s currently living out his bisexual, cuckold fantasies with his wife but eventually wants to live them out in real life. How did he tell his wife he is into guys and how did she react at first? What is the cuckold fantasy all about and does it include humiliation? Is she open to having a threesome with another guy and if so, why haven’t they had one already? Tune in to find out plus hear all about how his wife pegs him and how much she enjoys it, how his cuckold fantasy ties into his foot fetish and his pantyhose fetish, how open his wife is about s-e-x and how her openness has helped him to remain monogamous, all the kinky things they have tried together and a whole lot more.




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