The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

Ukraine: Michael Tracey and Sean Patton

May 16, 2022

Michael Tracey is a journalist for Substack. Has written for the Wall Street Journal, NY Daily News, The Nation, The Spectator, and other publications.

Sean Patton is a Comedy Cellar regular whose multiple TV appearances include Maron, Inside Amy Schumer, Fallon, Conan and many more. 

The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

Roe v. Wade with Alan Dershowitz

May 13, 2022

Noam Dworman, Dan Naturman and Periel Aschenbrand discuss abortion and the overtuning on Roe v. Wade with famed attorney, author and Professor at Harvard Law school for fifty years, Alan Dershowitz. 

The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

RYDER DIE: Ryder Kessler and Mike Feeney

May 6, 2022

Ryder Kessler is a Working Families Party-endorsed candidate for New York State Assembly in the 66th District. He was the founding CEO of DipJar, and since 2016, he has worked in Democratic politics to take back the House, Senate, and White House, with a focus on voting rights. He is a member of Community Board 2 in Manhattan and has written extensively about the need for more vibrant, equitable, sustainable neighborhoods downtown.

Mike Feeney’s appearances include NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly, Barstool Sports, Fox’s Laughs, Funny or Die and more. His stand up special is called “Rage Against The Routine.” He is a Comedy Cellar regular. 

The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

That’s Not Funny

April 30, 2022

Authors Matt Sienkiewicz and Nick Marx of That’s Not Funny–which shows how much political and cultural power the right-wing comedy world has gained. Sienkiewicz is Associate Professor and Chair of the Boston College Communication Department and Marx is Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies in the Department of Communication Studies at Colorado State University. 

Dan discusses being rejected from The Tonight Show. 

The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

Jo Boaler

April 25, 2022

Dr Jo Boaler is a Stanford Professor. Former roles have included being a maths teacher in London schools. She is author of 18 books, numerous articles and a White House presenter on women and girls. Her latest book is called: Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead and Live without Barriers. She co-founded www.youcubed.org, is currently one of the writing team creating a new Mathematics Framework for the state of California, co-leading a K-12 Data Science Initiative and was named as one of the 8 educators “changing the face of education” by the BBC.

The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

Cancel Culture with Mike Pesca and Tanael Joachim

April 22, 2022

Mike Pesca is host of The Gist,and guest hosts the NPR Programs All Things Considered and the news quiz Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. His work has been featured on This American Life, Radiolab, and Planet Money. He has frequently appeared on MSNBC, CNN, and The PBS Newshour, and written for The Washington Post, The Guardian, GQ, Slate, and Baseball Prospectus.

Tanael Joachim (TJ) is a stand up comic, a regular at the Comedy Cellar and an Op-Ed contributor for the New York Times. His first special, January 3 is avaialable on Amazon Prime. 

The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

Alan Dershowitz: Don’t Say Gay

April 15, 2022

Famed attorney, author and Harvard Professor and Comedy Cellar regular, comic Danny Cohen. 

The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

Skeleton Crew

April 8, 2022

Noam, Dan and Periel catch up: Dan gets to Vegas despite a cancelled flight, Louis CK’s Grammy, Noam’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the slap, Justice Jackson, “Don’t Say Gay” and more. 

The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

Glenn Loury Bonus Episode

April 3, 2022

A CONVERSATION highlighting the role of comedy as a political, moral and analytic tool in our time: Taboos are everywhere. Plain facts are being denied. Arguable propositions are foisted on us as if they were certainties. Decorum and politeness sometimes blind us or intimidate us or deceive us. The comic makes us laugh, for sure. But, in that act he also creates space for saying the unsayable. He has “plausible deniability.” He can be a truth teller, a liberator, a sage…


  • Glenn Loury: Professor of Economic and Professor of International and Public Affairs, Brown University. Host of The Glenn Show podcast. He is among America’s leading critics writing on racial inequality.
  • Roland Fryer: Harvard Economist, Macarthur “Genius” Fellow, Time 100 Honoree, McDonalds Employee of the Month specializing in Race and Education. Standup Comedian.
  • Coleman Hughes: Writer, podcaster, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist who specialises in issues related to race, public policy and philosophy.
  • Noam Dworman: Owner of the Comedy Cellar
The Comedy Cellar: Live From The Table

The Slap: Chris Rock and Will Smith

April 1, 2022

Dan Naturman and Periel Aschenbrand are joined by comedian Mia Jackson and Juanita Dworman to discuss the slap heard around the world. 

Mia Jackson is a Georgia native now living in New York.  Her first half hour special is available on Epix and her second half hour special is on Comedy Central. She is a regular at The Comedy Cellar. 

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