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  • May hosts for “Saturday Night Live” anounced including Andy Samberg who will also host a primtetime shorts special

    May SNLAll of the hosts for May’s run of Saturday Night Live hosts have been announced. In addition to the already announced Andrew Garfield / Coldplay episode on May 3rd, Charlize Theron will host and SNL alum and recent Emmy Award winner, Andy Samberg will return to host for the first time.

    Samberg’s host session will mark the end of the 39th season of SNL, a season that saw a huge influx of new cast members and the departure of one of it’s biggest influencers,

    In addition to hosting the show at the end of the month, Samberg will host a primetime SNL special that will consist of our favorite shorts that the show has put out over the years. Shorts that Samberg and his crew from The Lonely Island heavily influenced during their tenure on the show. Read More

    Ari Shaffir’s terrific web series “This Is Not Happening” to become a Comedy Central TV show

    Ari ShaffirIt’s official, Ari Shaffir’s fantastic web series This is Not Happening is going to make the full transition from the Comedy Central digital production arm CC:Studios, to a full television show on the network beginning with an 8 episode run this fall.

    This is Not Happening was an original web series developed by CC and has already run for two seasons online. It’s a hilarious storytelling show hosted by Shaffir and featured his hilarious comedian friends as a guest. The guests and Ari tell some of their craziest stories while on stage at Cheetahs, a gentlemen’s club in L.A.

    Kent Alterman, Comedy Central’s original programming president spoke about signing the new show, “The only reason we are picking up This Is Not Happening is to prove we can incubate an idea digitally and then have it migrate to the linear channel.” Kent continued to say, “And also, it’s really funny storytelling with fantastic talent.” Read More

    The website from “Silicon Valley” exists in real life, get surfing

    Just to add to the awesome that is the new HBO/Mike Judge series Silicon Valley, the network has launched, a website based on the app from the series. The site features a fully detailed description of the app (which lies greatly in line with the show’s main character) as well as some funny bios of the characters on the show. Do yourself a favor and surf the site.

    VH1 cancels “Best Week Ever,” lays off a good chunk of its New York team

    Best Week EverVH1 has officially laid off more than 10 staffers on it’s development team in New York. It wasn’t just bottom level employee’s either, the company said goodbye to Brad Abramson and Kari McFarland, both VPs of East Coast Production. In other words, they just said goodbye to a majority of their New York team.

    A VH1 spokesperson discussed the layoffs in a statement, “With ratings on an upswing and the pace of development increasing cross platform, we felt it was the right time to examine our overall production and development structure in New York.” The statement continued, “It’s imperative we accurately structure our teams to deliver the content that our growing number of viewers want from VH1 today.” Read More

    Fifteen can’t-miss acts at the 2014 Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival

    Moontower Comedy FestivalAustin is ready for some of the biggest names in comedy to take over this weekend April 23-26, at the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. A great comedy festival currently celebrating its third year in existence.

    With an unforgettable and original lineup of over 100+ acts performing at ten different venues it’s tough to make a schedule. Try to mix it up, see some names you know. Catch a new face or two. Maybe some improv to go with your stand-up? It’s a tough decision to make. So, in an effort to help you out, here’s a list of fifteen comedians you don’t want to miss. If you don’t recognize a name or two have some faith in the power of comedy. Read More

    Do you live in one of America’s 50 funniest cities?

    Funniest CityIt’s a tall order and a huge task to attempted to answer the question, which city in America is the funniest. Well the gentleman over at The Humor Club set out to find the answer. Dr. Peter McGraw met up with his “Humor Research Team” (or HuRL), which is headed by Adrian Ward and Caleb Warren, in hopes of finding an answer to the funniest city in America. The team created a “Humor Algorithm (HA)” to better measure each city. “The most comprehensive analysis of humorous cities ever attempted” says the study.

    The study goes on to explain, “Over a nine-month period, the team collected extensive data for the project.” Read More

    Opie and Anthony celebrate twenty years in radio with a live SiriusXM Unmasked from Carolines in NYC

    O&A and Norton

    On Thursday night at Carolines in New York City, legendary radio hosts Opie & Anthony sat down with Ron Bennington (of the Ron & Fez Show) to talk about their 20 year career in radio. A career that took them from Long Island to Boston and back to NYC. A career that, on more than a few occasions kicked them around and set them up for moments when they were forced to make career-defining decisions.

    Bennington hosted O&A as part of SiriusXM’s interview series Unmasked. Where Bennington takes an in-depth look at the career of an artist. However, this Unmasked was different as O&A were on hand to celebrate 20 years of highs and lows of their career in broadcasting. And in a packed comedy club in front of diehard fans is where the duo broke down their story to Bennington. Here’s what we learned from the hour long conversation with the boys. Read More

    Don Rickels stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to make fun of everyone and it was perfect (video)

    Hot on the heels of the announcement that he’ll be the guest of honor of an All-Star Tribute on Spike TV Don Rickels swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live to catch up on with his pal Jimmy. Rickels took the opportunity to do what he always does, and that’s make fun of everyone and everything around him. HE also wished his pal Jimmy the best on shortly having a child. Watch a legend at work folks. Read More