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  • Jerrod Carmichael takes on the L.A. City Council to promote his new stand-up special

    We’ve mentioned it many times but this Saturday, October 4th is the premiere of Jerrod Carmichael’s first stand-up special, Love At The Store premieres on HBO. While promos for said special have already hit the web. Carmichael already sponsored a PeeWee football team as part of the promo, but he managed to take things to the next level for his latest promo, appearing before L.A. councilmembers and make a low budget D.I.Y. promo video. Get ‘em Jerrod, er or as the council addresses him in the clip Jarod. Read More

    Walmart blames Tracy Morgan in NJ Turnpike accident due to lack of seatbelt wearing, because Walmart is classy

    Tracy Morgan LawsuitI’m not a law man, but I believe Walmart just pulled the, “she was asking for it because of how she dressed” defense. Rather than the “we’re sorry our big ass truck plowed into the back of your stopped vehicle at a high rate of speed” defense.

    Today Walmart delivered its answer in a New Jersey federal court to Tracy Morgan’s lawsuit arising from a six-car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike earlier this summer. Among nine affirmative defenses, Walmart says that injuries “were caused, in whole or in part, by plaintiffs’ failure to properly wear an appropriate available seat belt restraint device.”

    Morgan was among several people injured who are now suing Walmart for negligence. Morgan and his lawyer filed suit in July questioning whether Walmart driver Kevin Roper was overtired during the time of the accident. Read More

    Giulia Rozzi brings back her solo show, ‘Bad Bride,’ as an hour-long show

    Comedian Giulia Rozzi is taking the stage for her new solo show, Bad Bride. While the show originally ran as a half hour at UCB for eight months last year, Rozzi is bringing it back this time as an hour long show. The candid show, directed by Brandy Barber, features Rozzi, “fessing up about being a depressed, drunk, coward that got married when she knew she wasn’t ready.”

    “What if the happiest day of your life brought out the worst in you?

    In the midst of her quarter-life crisis Giulia decided the best way to feel like a stable adult was to quit her career, quit her city, quit life and make her boyfriend  move with her to the suburbs and propose. After doing what seemed like “the right thing” the right thing began to feel really wrong and Giulia feel into a deep spiral of panic, depression and acting like a total asshole. Despite the fact that her cold feet just wouldn’t warm up, Giulia still went through with her wedding in the hopes that being a wife would equate to being happy.”

    The new edition will debut in New York for two nights at the Treehouse Theatre on October 8th and 15th before setting out to London, New Orleans, and Austin. For more details and ticket information, go here.

    Kate Berlant, Beth Stelling and more headline the 2014 All Jane No Dick comedy festival

    This fall, the All Jane No Dick comedy festival comes back to Portland for its third year. This all female-comedian festival sets out to “celebrate the unique voices of women in comedy, providing inspiration and increasing visibility for the top performers of today and tomorrow.” The festival spans five days and consists of stand-up showcases, improv workshops, panels, podcasts, and film screenings.

    This year’s line-up packs a crop of amazing headliners with Kate Berlant, Beth Stelling, Sara Schaefer, Aparna Nancherla, and Brooke Van Poppelen scheduled to make their way up to the Pacific North. The festival features twenty-seven more comics from all over the US and Canada including some of Portland’s own, such as Kristine Levine and Bri Pruett. All Jane No Dick will take place October 15-19. Tickets are on sale now, here. Read More

    Nate Bargatze is taping his Comedy Central special in NYC on October 14th

    Nate BargatzeGreat news folks, Nate Bargatze is prepping to record a new stand-up hour for Comedy Central. The greater news is that Bargatze will be taping the special in New York at Gramercy Theater on October 14th. The greatest news is that the public can score tickets to the taping(s). Just go here and fill out your name and make it so. There’s an early show (7:30pm) and a late show (9:30pm).

    If you aren’t familiar with Nate Bargatze, take some time to learn about him, he’s one of our favs. Bargatze has made plenty of late night appearances, including The Tonight Show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and Conan. Hell, Nate was loved so much that Jimmy Fallon that he inked a development deal with him. So do what we’ve already known for a while now and is to pay attention to Nate Bargatze. Start by going to his the taping of his new special. Read More

    Jim Gaffigan got cut from the Indianpolis Colts for eating doughnuts

    Football season is in full swing and you know what that means? Actually, we have no idea because we made a vow to not watch the sport this season. We’re boycotting it because the Indianapolis Colts have cut one of our favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan. That’s right, little known fact, Gaffigan was the team’s “captain” and things didn’t go that well for him during the pre-season. #standwithgaffigan. Read More

    This week on TV: Love comes to the store

    There are lots of great funny people making appearances on television this week. Late night is packed full of it all while many new sitcoms are premiering. While that’s all fun and dandy but this weekend, we’re not only hosting some killer live stand-up shows but we’re anxiously awaiting the debut of Jerrod Carmichael’s new stand-up special, Love At The Store. Giddyup! Read More

    Chris Pratt hosted “Saturday Night Live:” Crotch shots for everyone!

    Season 40 of Saturday Night Live is upon us. With it comes a revamped look and feel of the show, some new faces are up, some old ones are gone and we’re excited to see how it all shakes out for Lorne Michaels and the crew. Host Chris Pratt was the first to test out the new digs. While it’s Pratt’s first time on the show, you’d be hard pressed to think of someone that has the potential to become a lifer for SNL. Pratt is a great mix of talent, humor, and nice-guyism that hopes are high that he’d gel with the cast and deliver a great start to the season and for the most part he did. Pratt was hugely likable and impressive with what he had to work with, including some rapping, song performance, and crotch touching… a hefty amount of crotch touches. Read More

    This week in comedy: Sarah Silverman, both on record and on stage

    This week in comedy: Sarah Silverman, both on record and on stageMuch to everyone’s delight, Sarah Silverman’s latest special hit stores this week; at the same time, she wowed fans with the news that her memoir, The Bedwetter, will soon become a Broadway musical. It was a big week both for her and for Saturday Night Live, which made some minor waves yet again. We also made an exciting announcement of our own.

    – Sarah Silverman’s newly released CD We Are Miracles appeared on shelves this week, providing a perfect moment for her to make public her intent to transform her memoir The Bedwetter into a Broadway musical.

    – Rumors that the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live would be Kenan Thompson’s last were denied by the show’s spokesperson, but Thompson has yet to weigh in on the matter. In less speculative SNL news, James Franco announced the release of his SNL documentary, and promos for the Chris Pratt-hosted Season 40 premiere made their way to the internet. Read More