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  • Ben Affleck accused Jon Stewart of copying his movie idea

    Last night’s Daily Show episode featured guest star Ben Affleck, whose latest film Gone Girl hits theaters this Friday. But Affleck’s conversation with host Jon Stewart instead involved different films, both from Affleck’s past and future. Watch as Affleck jokes that Stewart’s film Rosewater is a blatant copy of Argo (“originally it was called Argrosewater, then some f*****g guy made Rosewater“), and Stewart insists that Affleck’s Batman can’t possibly stand up to Superman in the 2016 superhero film Batman Vs. Superman. Spoilers may or may not appear!

    Jared Logan wants to play Dungeons and Dragon with Hilary Clinton

    Hilary Clinton could be our next president of these United States, she could also be the next greatest Dungeon Master. That’s the lofty goal comedian Jared Logan has set. Just today, Logan has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $200,000 (Clinton’s public speaking fee) to get Clinton to speak to his Dungeons & Dragons club. Ideally, it would be great for Clinton to play in the game… but not as a monk. There is no room for that in this feudal-Europeon world. Read More

    Bill Burr set to star in new FX comedy pilot

    Everything’s coming up Burr! According to Deadline, FX has signed on for a pilot starring comedian Bill Burr. The show, Pariah, was co-created by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creative team John and Dave Cernin and will be directed by Rob McElhenney. Burr will also co-produce alongside fellow Sunny Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton.

    Burr will star as a TV personality, Joe Abbott, who “after an on-air meltdown, is exiled from show business and forced to navigate society as a man with no apparent skills.” Read More

    John Oliver tries to explain English soccer to David Letterman

    First off: it’s “football.” There, we got that out of the way. Host of Last Week Tonight and giant soccer/football fan, John Oliver was a guest on last night’s Late Show with David Letterman. Oliver admits there’s nothing he likes more than talking football, in fact, all he wanted to be growing up as a football player. “This is a distant plan B.” Letterman, like most Americans, has very little knowledge of how English soccer works, and asked Oliver to do his best to explain the class-system like ways of the sport and how a team can jump to better leagues. Key factor for those “peasant” teams: find a rich oil baron.

    Jared Logan’s debut album “My Brave Battle” to be released October 14

    Jared LoganJared Logan is a powerhouse. The high energy comedian is one of the fastest rising stars in the New York comedy scene, and recently recorded his first album. Logan’s debut album, My Brave Battle, will be released on October 14th via ASpecialThing Records.

    Recorded at Nashville’s The High Watt, the West Virginia native talks about his lineage of coal miners, growing up Pentecostal, the ways of the redneck, adult Disney people, and more. Earlier this year, Logan performed on The Pete Holmes Show, @Midnight, and  Comedy Central’s The Meltdown. Logan also recorded a Comedy Central Half Hour, performed on Live at Gotham, and created and starred in the web-series Don’t You Think? Read More

    Sarah Silverman’s “Saturday Night Live” promos are here, let’s watch

    Sarah Silverman will host the second episode of Saturday Night Live‘s 40th season, and compared to last week’s cherished newcomer, Chris Pratt, she’s an absolute veteran. While Silverman has never hosted the show, she did spend a year on the cast many moons ago. In the newly released NYC rooftop promos for this upcoming weekend, Silverman confuses her SNL past with other featured players’ careers and “roasts” Taran Killam, who turns out to be the “seat man” to her “table girl.” It’s almost like she never left.

    Tracy Morgan, “I can’t believe Walmart is blaming me for an accident they caused,” doctors unsure if he will perform again

    Tracy MorganSince the multi-car accident in June that left Tracy Morgan and his entourage in the ICU and killed comedian Jimmy Mack, it’s been a rough go for all parties involved, long hospital stays, rehab, pain and suffering. Morgan filed suit against Walmart and its tractor trailer driver who caused the pileup on the New Jersey Turnpike.

    Earlier this week Walmart responded to the lawsuit in the classiest way possible by attempting to shift the blame on their own driver to Morgan and co. saying that they would’ve been alright if they just simply wore their seatbelts. Read More

    Jimmy Kimmel holds a barista spelling bee

    So coffee house barista’s are pretty infamous for getting people’s names wrong. All the outrageous misspellings have spawned countless memes and blog posts. This week, Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out who was the best barista; not in terms of coffee craftsmanship, but for spelling. Things started out pretty simple with names like “Michael,” then take a turn with names like “Khaleesi.” But hey, what person not already a cast member in Game of Thrones knows how to spell Khaleesi off the top of their head?

    Bill Lawrence and Brett Ratner are developing “Rush Hour” into a TV show

    Remember what we just got done saying about TV trends? Well it looks like yet another movie is being adapting into a TV series. Joining the likes of Big and Minority Report (among others), the action/comedy trilogy Rush Hour is making its way to TV. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. TV has closed a deal on an hour-long adaptation of the film franchise.

    Franchise director Brett Ratner will serve as executive producer on the project alongside Arthur Sarkissian and Bill Lawrence (Cougar Town, Ground Floor). Lawrence will pen the project which promises to stay close the the original film’s premise. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker starred in the film franchise as a by-the-books Hong Kong police officer tasked to work alongside a cocky LAPD cop who doesn’t like having a partner, respectively.

    Fox is adapting the 1988 Tom Hanks’ movie “Big” into a TV show

    Big things are coming to the Fox network (and other cliche play-on-words). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is developing a TV adaptation of the 1988 Tom Hanks’ movie Big. Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce, the creative team behind the military sitcom Enlisted, will pen the script as well as executive produce the series.

    The original movie revolved revolved a kid that wished to be “big,” aka an adult. The show will follow suit and will “explore what it means to be an adult and what it means to be a kid — and how in today’s world, those two things are more confused than ever.”

    This is starting to become a trend in TV right now, with adaptations of the films Minority Report, Problem Child, and Real Genius currently in development at Fox and NBC respectively. This all begs the question: where are we on a TV adaptation of Batman? Oh… right.