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  • This week in comedy: Goodbye, Colbert Nation

    Stephen ColbertIt finally happened. The moment everyone dreaded as much as they anticipated, the final episode of The Colbert Report, defined this week. The send-off wouldn’t have been complete without something truly grand and spectacular, which is exactly what viewers received in the form of guests ranging from Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy to news reporting icon Katie Couric. It was such a big deal that mentor Jon Stewart even stopped by. Not that he had to travel far or change his schedule much, though; the two have always had back-to-back shows, a role that The Nightly Show will take over in 2015. One of the most exciting things that appeared this week was, after lots of speculation, a promo for the new show, which, from the looks of it, will be a solid replacement. Elsewhere in the comedy world: Read More

    Nick Offerman talks about wrapping up ‘Parks & Rec’ on Fallon

    Sadly, Parks and Recreation has wrapped in series finale. Nick Offerman, who gave the world the wonderful Ron Swanson, visited The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon the other night. Offerman talks about the somber last day of filming, how everyone was reduced to tears on set. Well except for Offerman, who was crying and vomiting and filling his pants with “the saddest oatmel.” Yikes.

    9 Great and unique concept comedy shows around the nation

    There are a million open mics, and a million (well I don’t know numbers, it’s not important) stand-up showcases around the country. You can see stand-up almost every night in every major, and some minor, cities. But how many of these shows feature comics performing in their underwear, or performing to a camera in a separate room from the audience, or will you hear a comedian tell an erotic tale involving lovers Lee Harvey Oswald and Eva Braun? Answer: not many at all!

    Comedy is ever evolving and people’s perception of what stand-up is and can be evolves with it. Comedians are constantly experimenting and taking their comedy to places previously unseen, and some are taking the same approach to showcases. To break up the monotony, many unique concept shows have sprung up around the country and have flourished. More than just a mic and a stage, these shows add a whole other level of fun and spontaneity that really makes live comedy a special thing.

    We picked out nine of our favorite shows that have found success and could possibly be coming to a city or comedy festival near you. Check it out. Read More

    That time Hannibal Buress was an NBA reporter for ESPN (video)

    Hannibal Buress ESPN

    The folks at Grantland made the very wise decision to recruit Hannibal Burress to be a basketball correspondent. They sent him to a Cavs/Pelican’s game to try to report on star Anthony Davis. Davis left the game very early on (7 minutes) but Buress managed to turn it into comedy gold by taking advantage of being courtside, including an attempt to get an interview with LeBron James and taking part in the losing team’s press conference. We feel strongly that this should be a full time endeavor for Buress. Read More

    Follow Jeff Dunham on Twitter today for the chance to win some prizes

    Jeff Dunham, All Over the MapJeff Dunham fans listen up!

    Today, the beloved comedian is running a fun contest that will stretch nationally all over the continental United States. All you have to do is follow Jeff on Twitter today for him to share clues that involve your chance to win some prizes. Including copies of his latest stand-up special, All Over The Map. All fans have to do is pay attention to the directions given by the comedian as to where in their city they can do to get their hands on some schwag. Literally anywhere in the US is fair game for the contest.

    Over the course of the day Jeff will send out a tweets and use #WinAllOverTheMap. So team up with your friends or go at it alone and win some stuff just in time for the holidays.

    Jessica Williams puts Fox News through the Jay-Z treatment

    Fox News can never seem to keep their foot out of their mouth. Recently, Sean Hannity referred to rapper Jay-Z as a “former crack dealer” in a recent segment. He really couldn’t let it go.  It seems Fox News has a new rule, everyone must be labeled by the worst thing they’ve ever done. Although, it seems only the black community gets this treatment. That’s when Jessica Williams stepped up to defend Hova’s honor on The Daily Show and adjust Fox News’ script accordingly. I don’t know, if I employed people who are addicted to perscription drugs, commited burgarly, or conspired to commit murder… I wouldn’t be throwing shade at anyone.

    “The Chris Gethard Show” has found a home on cable

    Sadly for many comedy nerds, Chris Gethard’s bid to move his popular public access show, The Chris Gethard Show, to cable seemed like a failed journey. Comedy Central ordered a pilot of the show, only to later pass on the project. However, it looks like TCGS has found a new home on cable.

    In a statement released via Splitsider, Gethard reveals that, “while nothing is 100% set in stone just yet,” TCGS has found a new home on an unnamed cable network. Read More

    Sarah Silverman to star in new comedy pilot for HBO

    It looks like Sarah Silverman might be heading back to HBO. THR reports that the network has ordered a new comedy pilot that Silverman will star in. The untitled comedy is describes as “a comedic look at a pathologically honest woman (Silverman) having a modern midlife crisis.” In addition to acting, Silverman will also serve as executive producer for the show alongside Ash Atalla, Amy Zvi, Dan Hine, and Lucy Prebble who will also write the pilot.

    This is Silverman’s second chance at a pilot with HBO. The comedian initially was working on a pilot called People in New Jersey that starred Silverman and Topher Grace that centered around life today told through the lens of an adult brother and sister in New Jersey. HBO passed on it.

    Silverman has also worked with HBO, releasing her newest stand-up special We Are Miracles through the network this year. We Are Miracles earned a Grammy nomination as well as an Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Variety Special.