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  • How is CBS’ Monday comedy block doing since ‘How I Met Your Mother’ ended?

    How I Met Your MotherAny time a major network says goodbye to one of its biggest shows, there’s usually a void left for a bit. However the question always is, how big of a drop are we talking about? The series finale of How I Met Your Mother brought in a record high, 13.13 million viewers when it took a bow last week, making it a tough act to follow. CBS’ new show and potential HIMYM replacement sitcom Friends with Better Lives was slated right after HIMYM’s finale. Friends with Better Lives raked in about 7.6 million in its first run, not bad for a first show but that also means the show shed 6 million viewers, presumably at least half of that 6M taking to the internet to complain about Ted Mosby’s future.

    Last night was the first time CBS’s Monday night lineup didn’t have HIMYM as an anchor. So how did the lineup do?
    2 Broke Girls took over the 8pm timeslot from HIMYM and struggled, posting a series low 2.2 while HIMYM averaged 3.4.

    This also didn’t help Friends with Better Lives as it dropped to 5.72 million viewers, at 1.8 and down 31% from its premiere. Read More

    Hilary Duff headed back to TV via new TV Land sitcom

    Hilary DuffThanks to TV Land’s upcoming show Younger, we will all get to see Lizzy McGuire, I mean Hilary Duff again. As I just mentioned, you may remember Duff from her past role on Disney as Lizzy McGuire. Then she tried a singing career, which seemed to fizzle out. Since then she’s done a string of movies including Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2 and A Cinderella Story, War Inc., She Wants Me, and more. Furthermore, she’s done some other TV things too but mostly just as a guest appearance.

    However lucky for Duff fans everywhere, she’s back on TV in a major role, staring as Kelsey a young friend of Liza (played by Sutton Foster). The show centers around Liza who is a single mother looking to get back into dating and working. Fortunately for Liza, her best friend Maggie (played by Debi Mazer) gives her a fresh, young look which helps her get an awesome job as an assistant to Diana (played by Miriam Schor).

    TV Land has already ordered up Younger for 12 episodes and they’re set to hit airwaves this fall.

    Conan O’Brien and Andy Richer recall the MTV Movie Awards and being the oldest people there

    This weekend, Conan O’Brien greeted the many people watching The MTV Movie Awards with an opening that contained cameos from 50 celebrities. It was even a new record for the movie awards. However, now that it has been a few days, Conan and Andy Richter (who was in the audience) shared some of their thoughts on the special night.

    The main thought that quickly came up between the two was being the oldest people there. “I didn’t know who two thirds of the people were,” said Conan. The two continued to talk about how it seemed lifetime achievement awards were going to 15 year olds.

    Artie Lange hospitalized after going into diabetic shock

    Artie LangeArtie Lange is a comedian whose had his share of health issues the last few years. However, since he mounted a return to radio with then co-host Nick DiPaolo, Lange appeared to have turned a corner. Today, he was reminded that there’s still some work to be done as he was hospitalized for going into diabetic shock. Diabetic shock can be a big deal, it’s usually too much insulin in a person’s system causing them to faint, requiring immediate medical attention.

    Today, Lange released an image of him in a hospital bed stating, “In the hospital outside of Detroit after going into diabetic shock. Trying to get better. Sorry for missing gigs.” Forcing him to cancel some scheduled shows. It appears he’s canceled all of his shows through this week as the next date currently listed on his show is for the 19th in LA. Read More

    Cool thing to buy this week: Christian Finnegan, ‘The Fun Part’

    The Fun PartWe get it, it’s Tuesday, it’s raining outside, and you’re sitting here wondering if today is going to amount to anything. Well lucky you! Because one of the funniest comics out there has officially dropped his new comedy album today. Now we’re getting to the fun part.

    Christian Finnegan’s latest special The Fun Part is now available everywhere and it is hilarious. We last saw Finnegan on CD with the release of 2009′s Au Contraire and we’ve worn out telling our friends the jokes on that album so a new album is hitting us just at the right moment. Finnegan recorded The Fun Part live at the Wilbur Theatre (the Wilbuahhhh kid) in Boston and combines Finnegan’s signature style of political satire mixed in with a good fart joke every once in a while. Let’s describe it as “smart stupid jokes.” As an added bonus, The Fun Part is also available for stream on “The Netflix.” So there’s really no excuse to miss out. Read More

    We put on our tightest pants and hang with Steel Panther

    We got gangbanged by Steel Panther! Just the other day the band released their new album, All You Can Eat to the masses and in normal Steel Panther style, it rips. On album release day, the band invited The Laugh Button to visit them in the Gibson Studios in NYC to spend some time with them. There, they performed some acoustic songs and let us tape it exclusively to share with our readers (that’s you). Before they left, we played a round of “Three Minutes With” and even tossed in the most ridiculous fan-submitted question we could find via Twitter.

    The band was hilarious for the entire two-hours we were with them. We watched them count down guitar riffs, in which drummer Styx Zadinia accidentally caught a guitar in the face from Satchel, but Styx recovered, and informed us that the Japanese version of a Les Paul guitar is a “Res Paul,” it literally made us snort. Read More

    Thank You Internet! It’s ‘Time to Dye’ (video)

    This week is Easter, the holiest of holidays for those of the Christian faith. But if you think about it, Easter is probably the most metal of holidays as well. A crucifixion, followed by the guy coming back to life a few days later? Pretty intense, especially if you’ve seen Mel Gibson’s torture porn film The Passion of the Christ. Writer/director Ansel Wallenfang disagrees, however. Read More

    Jim Gaffigan to release new stand-up special, ‘Obsessed’ on April 29th

    Seems like Spring is finally here and so is another stand-up comedy special from Jim Gaffigan. The comedian’s latest Obsessed will be available in stores on Tuesday, April 29th. It will be available on pretty much any format your comedy fan heard could want, DVD, Blu-Ray, vinyl, VOD, digital download on CC: Stand-Up Direct. On the weekend before the special hits stores Obsessed will make it’s TV world premiere on April 27th on Comedy Central.

    Obsessed is the follow-up to the comedian’s fantastic New York Times Bestselling book, Dad Is Fat which depicted the comedian’s life with his wife, small NYC apartment, and 5 small children. This combo plus Gaffigan’s popular observation on life with a sidetrack into pretty much any rant about a food product one could think of. Read More