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  • ‘Modern Comedian’ returns with a profound profile of Maria Bamford

    It’s been a few months since Scott Moran’s hit web-documentary series, Modern Comedian, has released a new episode. Today, the series returned with a rather profound profile on the great Maria Bamford. For her turn in front of Moran’s camera, she talks about her history of mental breakdowns, bipolar disorder, and seeking out help and finding stabilization.

    “[Mood stabilizers] could be effecting me [creatively], but also, I have not had a suicidal thought in four years now, which is something I had my entire life. My entire life, dying seemed like a great idea, so I think I’ll take being a little bit of a dum-dum (laughs) for feeling pretty good,” Bamford says.

    Considering the topic of mental illness, even getting help for it, is so taboo today, it is really great to see Bamford candidly tell her story. Watch.

    Tickets are on sale for the Maui Comedy Festival, happening Halloween weekend in Hawaii

    Maui Comedy FestivalThe inaugural Maui Comedy Festival just put individual tickets on sale for its shows during this October’s festival. It’s all happening over Halloween weekend in the town of Lahina in Maui, HI. That’s right, a holiday weekend on a tropical island, hosting about 35 terrific comedians to entertain you. There’s not much of a need to put on the hard sell here for it will hands down be the comedy trip of the year.

    The roster of talent is terrific! Comedians like Hannibal Buress, Kyle Kinane, Reggie Watts, Aisha Tyler, Eddie Pepitone, Greg Proops, Paul Provenza, Tig Notaro, Ron Funches, Nate Bargatze, Todd Glass, Jonah Ray, Morgan Murphy, Ari Shaffir, and Hari Konobolu will all be in town performing shows.

    As previously mentioned, tickets for individual shows are now available, in addition you can get passes for access to all the shows, or do it up in style and take advantage of an All-Access VIP Pass which gets you into parties and lounges. If you go to you can even take advantage of some hotel packages the festival has set up. All that you have to do now is click away and we’ll see you in Maui in October.

    Tickets are for sale at, on Laughstub, or you can browse The Laugh Button’s ticket page.

    Artie Lange gives some really unqualified advice to fans of “The Tonight Show”

    Artie Lange was the guest comedian on The Tonight Show last night, before he took to the stage he offered up some advice about relationships to people writing into the show in the latest segment of The Tonight Show’s feature Unqualified Advice. Lange then went on the show and participated in a game of catchphrase with Fallon and guest chef Giada De Laurentiis. While we initially thought Lange might not be down for playing the game, he ended up being great at it as De Laurentiis pronounced Italian food items like our grandma from the old country. Read More

    Hampton Yount on Conan, “It sounds like you defeated a broken woman”

    Hampton Yount is having a great summer. He was invited to Montreal’s Just For Laughs as one of their “New Faces of Comedy,” he just recorded his second album, and appeared as the guest comic on last night’s Conan. Yount used his set to point out the ridiculously coy way news reporters segue into stories, the horrors of online dating men and women face, and how our grandparents might not be great romantics but just people with undiagnosed aspergers. He makes a good point there.

    Ken Jeong to star in new film from WWE studios

    Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Community) has recently locked down the lead in a new film from WWE studios. Currently under the working title “Untitled Celebrity Death Pool,” the film follows a struggling nightclub owner who after amassing a large debt from a loan shark, sets out to win a long-running celebrity death pool by attempting to kill David Hasselhoff.

    As reported by Variety, Hasselhoff is also a producer on the film. The film is set to feature multiple cameos from various celebrities also in the death pool, one of which being famous wrestler Hulk Hogan. Jeong is also signed on for Ride Along 2 with Ice Cube, Steve Carell’s International Incident, and also is starring in his MTV pilot Ken Jeong Made Me Do It. Everything’s coming up Ken!


    #TBT to that time Kate Berlant and John Early went to Paris

    Every Thursday, TLB participates in #TBT by scrounging around the internet for precious web gems of yore. Here’s one of our favorite videos that deserve some extra attention.

    Recently, I was reminded of this gem from the minds of Kate Berlant and John Early. The two are frequent collaborators, but Paris is my favorite video of theirs. Perfectly parodying everyone’s one friend who studied abroad and came back a changed man/woman… an obnoxious prick. All the essentials are here, “I feel like I was born in Paris,” “I dream in French,” “You haven’t had a [insert anything here] until you’ve had a Parisian [thing you just said].” It’s been too long since I watched this, and I think it would do us all some good to re-familiarize ourselves with Berlant and Early’s Paris today. I think you’ll find that is true.

    Comedy Central orders animated pilot from @DadBoner

    Mike Burns, DadBonerThis is the story about another Twitter feed being turned into a TV show. Reports are coming in that the hilarious twitter handle @DadBoner got an animated pilot order from Comedy Central. For those unfamiliar, @DadBoner is written by a fictional character named Karl Welzein. Karl is a middle-aged Michigan man who is separated from his wife, but loves ‘Merica, Van Halen and Bob Seger.

    For the longest time the true identity of Karl Welzein wasn’t known leaving many to speculate who the funny person(s) behind the handle were. It was later revealed that comedian Mike Burns was the voice of Karl. The series will be produced by Burns and longtime Simpsons writer Tim Long. The plot of the show will be based around the Twitter feed and corresponding book written by Welzein the same name and book that was Power Moves: Livin’ the American Dream, USA Style.

    On the show, Karl Welzein has developed his own philosophy of life, indulging in dangerously generous helpings of booze, fast food, and American pride. Since his wife kicked him out of the house, Karl has been crashing at his buddy Dave’s and living like a “true bad boy” with “plenty of babes” — in his own mind.