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  • This week in comedy: We celebrate ‘Merica

    Kinane AmericaIt’s that time of year when summer is in full swing and people are out celebrating ‘Merica, the good ole U.S. of A. So as we celebrate or independence by searing meat and setting things on fire remember to do something good for your fellow man, like provide them with a laugh. They just might need it.

    – Just for Laughs Fest will bestow upon Dana Gould the honor of delivering this year’s Keynote Address. And galas were announced.

    – Although San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival is well known for its music choices, its comedy lineup this year is also supremely notable, boasting Tig Notaro and Upright Citizens Brigade, among others. Both Notaro and UCB made other waves this week: the former’s Netflix documentary released its first trailer this week, and the latter celebrated twenty-five years together this week, swinging by the Today show to reminisce on their beginnings. Read More

    John Roy on Conan, “I’ve always been a nerdy guy”

    John Roy was the guest comedian on Conan last night. And while taking the platform he decided to tell us though he’s a nerdy guy he still doesn’t have the imagination to come up with what the folks on Game of Thrones are doing. But we still shouldn’t expect him to dress much like an adult.

    Watch a Joe Dirt 2 clip featuring Christopher Walken

    So, we have ourselves a sequel to Joe Dirt due out on Crackle this summer. Just as the Independence holiday weekend is upon us, another clip from the movie has hit us. In this, Dirt (David Spade) visits a mobster (Christopher Walken) from the future. Queue the eerie future noises and the blasters. Pew pew.

    Donald Glover FX comedy “Atlanta” reveals its cast

    DonaldGloverDonald Glover has quickly become a jack-of-all-trades. An actor, writer, comedian, rapper, singer, and record producer are titles he’s already got under his belt. Now he has a new pilot for FX in the works entitled Atlanta. The show will follow two cousins, “Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks,” an ambitious college drop-out and his estranged cousin, who suddenly becomes a star. They have different views on art versus commerce as they navigate their way up through the Atlanta rap scene. And now the show has officially found its leads. Glover will write the show as well as star alongside Brian Tyree Henry (The Knick, Boardwalk Empire), Lakeith Lee Stanfield (Short Term 12, Dope) and Zazie Beetz. Hiro Murai is set to direct the pilot and has worked with Glover on many of his Childish Gambino music videos. Paul Simms (Girls, Bored to Death, Flight of the Conchords) is also on board as an executive producer. Production is about to start on the show.

    Just For Laughs Gala lineups announced, a 9th show for Dave Chappelle, and two more Nasty Shows.

    Just For Laughs 2015 Header

    Some of the biggest and most anticipated shows of the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal every year are the Galas. Insane lineups all hosted by some of the biggest names stretching across the entertainment landscape. And this year is no exception. This years hosts include Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch, Sir Patrick Stewart, Ellie Kemper, Alan Cumming, Wanda Sykes and Norm Macdonald. As for who they are hosting, see below for the complete lineups. Despite what the title of the late 70’s sitcom might tell you, eight is definitely not enough for Dave Chappelle. The JFL record-setting comedian has just added a now ninth show to the schedule in Montreal. He’s doing his part and giving you the opportunity to see him while you’re there, so now do yours and grab a ticket! And finally, the ever popular Nasty Show is not only returning, but is also adding two more shows. If dirty is what you like, Mike Ward, Gilbert Gottfried, Jimmy Carr, Artie Lang and Mike Wilmot will be delivering the goods. For all ticket and show information, head here. And take care of yourself, head to Montreal, and experience one of the greatest spectacles this earth has to offer. The Just For Laughs Festival. And now for your Gala lineups. Prepare to have your face melted off:  Read More

    Warped Tour Comedy Tent tour diary: Meet the comedians

    Warped Tour Comedians

    With the Comedy Tent burning up along on all 41 dates of the Vans Warped Tour, we thought it would make sense to introduce you to some of the comedians on the tour. So, we fired up our cameras, gave some microphones to the comedians and let them introduce themselves to you. Get to know the comedians form the Comedy Tent on The Warped Tour. Read More

    You’ve got to see the Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp official trailer

    On July 31, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, begins it’s limited 8-episode series on Netflix. And the show introduces the talents of Jon Hamm. We’ve got the poster for you as well here: Read More

    Watch the first promo for “Mr. Robinson” starring Craig Robinson coming to NBC in August

    Craig Robinson stars in the new NBC comedy Mr. Robinson. The show premieres August 5 on NBC. The show centers on a rough-edged musician Craig, who’s adjusting to his new life as a music teacher in a big-city middle school where he encounters teacher politics and the temptations of single moms.

    Hannibal Buress spares all the expenses trying to secure the shark vote for his new TV show

    Hannibal Buress’ new TV show Why? premieres next week. The laid back stand-up comedian is out doing the rounds to promote said special. Since next week is also Shark Week, Burress and his team decided to take advantage of this news and get that ever-elusive, “shark audience.” So he spared no all the expenses to try to cater to that audience and revealed his plans to Conan. Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast #24: American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    For 4th of July what’s more American than a show with “America” in its title? Mark and Matt welcome comedian and host of American Ninja Warrior Matt Iseman as we talk about his comedy career, the popularity of the show, and get a bit of a behind the scenes look at what it’s like behind the scenes on the physically demanding reality TV show. In the news we talk Ghostbusters, some new documentaries, and UCB hitting a milestone. Read More