nick-flanagan Features

Nick Flanagan’s “Wiped Privilege” is what stand-up needs

Comedy needs another single, straight white male stand-up like New York City needs more bed bugs. Nick Flanagan disputes this notion as well other comedic standards on his new album, Wiped Privilege. Flanagan is a white male with a raspy voice delivering more than just puns to create laughs. Prior to being a comic, he […]

lachlan-patterson-live-from-venice-beach Features

Lachlan Patterson confronts his stunted maturity on “Live From Venice Beach”

Lachlan Patterson passes as SoCal. On his new album, Live From Venice Beach, the comic fits as an area native. He is a forty something bachelor living the beach life and using words like “bro” and “dude,” while referring to women as “girls”. Though Canadian, he has absorbed Americana. This fits because Venice Beach is […]

tom-papa News

Tom Papa’s “Human Mule” set for December release

Human Mule was filmed on July 9th, 2016 at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. In his own hilarious way, Papa talks about fatherhood, the challenges of everyday life and what it’s like being an American today in his hour-long special. This is the comedian’s third hour-long special after Freaked Out (2013) and Live in […]

amy-miller Reviews

Amy Miller’s debut “Solid Gold” is filled with treasure

Much of Amy Miller’s debut album is like an origin story. The album, Solid Gold, is filled with storytelling from the comedian’s past. She talks about her childhood and living in Oakland and Portland. She also touches on current events, making the punch, “If you are a black man and you see a lady you […]

lachlan-patterson-live-from-venice-beach News

Enjoy an exclusive track from Lachlan Patterson’s upcoming Seeso special and album “Live From Venice Beach”

Comedian Lachlan Patterson’s upcoming album and Seeso special, Live From Venice Beach is out December 1st. And then on December 2nd as an exclusive album release on Audible Channels. Then, finally, on January 6th as a wide digital release album. Audible Channels is Audible’s new unlimited, advertising-free on-demand listening service featuring comedy, news, entertainment, exclusive […]

wyatt-cenac-one-angry-night-in-november News

Wyatt Cenac releases free EP “One Angry Night In November”

“Made an album about the shit that happened last week this week. Get it for free at” Comedian, actor, writer, and star of the new TBS series People of Earth just dropped an unannounced EP entitled One Angry Night in November. It was recorded at Littlefield in Brooklyn, home to his Monday night showcase […]

nathan-brannon Features

Nathan Brannon’s “Because” analyzes the rules of reality

Nathan Brannon’s second album, Because, proves his meticulous thinking makes sense. He plays with both nature and civilization. He analyzes the rules of reality, sometimes falling into the great absurd. Thus, he creates a deep onstage personality despite being judged as less than. The album opens with a sketch about self doubt. A scenario at […]

Hot Tub Double Album News

“Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen: Live at The Virgil” double album announced

It’s never too early to start getting ready for Record Store Day. Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen: Live at The Virgil double album has been announced for release on the sacred day for vinyl junkies, November 25th. Kill Rock Stars is behind the new release. Recorded live over two nights at The Virgil in […]