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  • Mike Vecchione’s new stand-up album “Muscle Confusion” slated for release on April 22nd

    Mike VecchioneOne of comedy’s funniest guys, Mike Vecchione is set to drop his new stand-up comedy album, Muscle Confusion and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Mike has been a staple of the NYC comedy scene for a while now, slowly and mythodically slaying comedy audiences with great jokes accented with a subdued delivery. You’ve seen Mike on The Peoples Choice Awards, The Last Comic Standing, and a Comedy Central Half-Hour. We recently caught Mike performing during a taping at Dave Attell’s Comedy Underground late last year, his performance will air on Comedy Central in the next few weeks.

    Now, Vecchione is giving us all a new special, Muscle Confusion which was recorded live in New York City and showcased the comedian tapping into topics of modern life and politics utilizing his super-honest point, which makes him one of the funniest guys out there today.

    Muscle Confusion on iTunes, Amazon, and pretty much any digital retailer April 22nd via New Wave Dynamics. It might get pretty raunchy but no matter what he’s talking about, you’ll find yourself laughing. For more on Mike visit his website. Read More

    Cool thing to buy this week: Christian Finnegan, ‘The Fun Part’

    The Fun PartWe get it, it’s Tuesday, it’s raining outside, and you’re sitting here wondering if today is going to amount to anything. Well lucky you! Because one of the funniest comics out there has officially dropped his new comedy album today. Now we’re getting to the fun part.

    Christian Finnegan’s latest special The Fun Part is now available everywhere and it is hilarious. We last saw Finnegan on CD with the release of 2009′s Au Contraire and we’ve worn out telling our friends the jokes on that album so a new album is hitting us just at the right moment. Finnegan recorded The Fun Part live at the Wilbur Theatre (the Wilbuahhhh kid) in Boston and combines Finnegan’s signature style of political satire mixed in with a good fart joke every once in a while. Let’s describe it as “smart stupid jokes.” As an added bonus, The Fun Part is also available for stream on “The Netflix.” So there’s really no excuse to miss out. Read More

    Hell Bent For Laughter: 3 Minutes with Don Jamieson

    Don Jamieson just released his new stand-up album Hell Bent for Laughter. It’s Jamieson’s second album for Metal Blade records and if you are a metalhead you might recognize the joke about the album title. If not, well we’ll let Don explain. We caught up with Don a few weeks back after a taping of That Metal Show to pick his brain. It was a terrific time and he’s one of the nicest guys out there. So don’t be a schmuck, spend your hard earned money and pick up Hell Bent for Laughter now. Read More

    Joe Mande releases his comedy mixtape ‘Bitchface’ today

    For his album debut, Joe Mande is releasing a new kind of comedy album, a mixtape of sorts entitled Bitchface. If the name alone is not enough to entice you, here’s the rundown. Not limited to stand-up, the mixtape will also feature voicemail messages from his Parks & Recreation boss Amy Poehler and The RZA, and guest appearances by Fabolous, NBA star Roy Hibbert, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate and more. Intermixed in the hour’s worth of stand-up on the album are mid-joke voiceovers from Mande himself, and a few Top 40 radio-esque effects. Definitely not your typical comedy album, that’s for sure.

    In addition, Mande will be promoting his mixtape on a 13 city tour, including six dates with Aziz Ansari and the Moontower Comedy Festival. Read More

    The Grawlix releases a “Best Of” digital album available for free

    Denver comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, and Andrew Orvedahl have been co-running Denver’s most iconic stand-up show, The Grawlix, for three years now. In honor of the show’s anniversary, the trio have released a special compilation stand-up album for free digital download.

    The Best of Grawlix 2013 contains short tracks from the trio and twenty other comedians from around the country. John Roy explains why society needs hipsters, Cayton-Holland devalues Twitter, Brent Weinbach talks about your boner, and Allen Strickland Williams‘ life mantra highlight the album. There is also a bonus track featuring a montage of every filthy, crazy thing LA comedian Bryan Cook has said on stage. It might be the best track, depending on your state of mind.

    You can download your free copy here.

    Cool Thing to Buy This Week: Nick Thune ‘Folk Hero’

    Nick Thune Folk HeroThere’s a new folk hero in town, not the hero we deserve but the one we desperately need. Comedian, marketing genius, musician Nick Thune‘s first hour special is now available in digital audio form.

    Nick Thune: Folk Hero was taped live at The Bell House in Brooklyn last summer and premiered exclusively on Netflix on February 18th. Today comedy fans can download and carry this gem around with them in their pockets, or have it serve as the soundtrack to a relaxing evening drive. And I recommend that you do.

    Thune’s soft guitar riffs serenade a series of clever and absurd short jokes at the top half of the album. The comedian has a penchant for flipping coming sayings on their head with hilarious results. Read More

    Andy Sandford establishes himself as an individual performer with his first solo album, ‘Me the Whole Time’

    Andy Sandford Me The Whole Time'Brooklyn comedian Andy Sandford has spent many years touring around with comedy collective the Beards of Comedy (alongside Dave Stone, Joe Zimmerman, and TJ Young) before the group broke off to each do their own thing. While collectively the foursome put out two albums, Sandford is debuting his first solo stand-up album today, aptly titled Me the Whole Time.

    Recently named one of Brooklyn Magazine’s “50 Funniest People in Brooklyn,” Sandford returned to his homestead of Atlanta, GA to record his album at comedy mainstay Star Community Bar (also the recording site of Joe DeRosa’s You Will Die album) for a rowdy crowd who were more than excited to welcome back one of their own.

    The comedian used to be a regular face, appearing at the bar’s weekly show before his exodus to New York in 2011. While he’s been away for some time, Sandford sounds (and looked) very comfortable, slipping back into a familiar space. I attended the recording back in October, tightly packed against the door of the sardine can Star Bar was that night to watch Sandford rattle off a wide range of jokes in a full, robust voice that I feel would be perfectly suiting for baseball commentary or NPR had the comedian not hated both (as you will learn). Me the Whole Time tackles subjects such as the downsides to being 30 years old for ten years, Netflix, “turkey” ham, and weed. Read More

    Ted Alexandro to drop a new stand-up special on Valentine’s Day

    Ted AlexandroIf you haven’t seen him then mark your calendar for Valentines Day and if you have seen him, then most likely your calendar is already marked. The hilarious Ted Alexandro is giving the world a brand new one-hour special called, I Did It. His new special was shot at The Creek & The Cave in Long Island City, NY. “I’m really proud of it,” Ted said on his website. “This is my twentieth year as a comedian and this feels like a good way to celebrate.” He goes on to mention the special will be available on his website. He wasn’t too clear on price saying, “Pay what you will and then watch it, listen to it or do both.” So will the special be a “name your own price” type of thing or will it be a fixed rate like Louis C.K,’s $5 price tag? Who knows, but having met Ted a few times, I cant imagine there being a heavy price tag.

    Ted wrapped up his note about his special saying, “Think of it as my Valentine to you. I hope you like it.” Well, I haven’t seen it yet but, I’m sure we will. Incase you’re totally unsure, Valentines Day is the 14th and the special will be available on his website. Read More