Cool thing to buy this week: Owen Benjamin's 'High Five Til It Hurts!'

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  • Cool thing to buy this week: Owen Benjamin’s ‘High Five Til It Hurts!’

    Owen BenjaminYou may have heard of him from the show Sullivan & Son (season 2 just started on TBS), but now brand spankin’ new comedic material from Owen Benjamin is finally available to purchase as a CD/DVD combo. In the all-new, one-hour stand-up special, High Five Til It Hurts!, Owen Benjamin continues to humor his audiences live from Austin, Texas. It wouldn’t be an Owen special if it didn’t involve showing off his musical abilities.

    Highlights include material about finding a solution to road rage and talking his way out of speeding tickets. The audio CD contains 16 tracks from the stand-up special and the DVD is the full-length, one-hour stand-up special. It premiered on Comedy Central this past on Friday and now it’s available for you to put your hands on. So do that.

    Also, if you need a clip well then you got onw. In it Benjamin shows off his incredible piano skills and discusses the transformation of rap music in his eyes by comparing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” to One Republic’s “Apologize” remixed by Timbaland. Check it out.

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