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  • Trevor Noah is the current favorite to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

    Trevor NoahAs we know, Jon Stewart is marked to step down as host of The Daily Show later this year. As far as speculation as to the replacement we know there’s a short list. But now it appears one of the show’s correspondents has emerged as the front runner. Variety is reporting that South African comedian and one of the newest additions to the show, Trevor Noah, is said person.

    While this is completely speculation at the moment, if this were to happen, it would drastically change the late night landscape as the back-to-back of Noah (of mixed race) and Larry Wilmore would offer a big injection of diversity in the current whitewashed late night landscape. Read More

    The Daily Show says goodbye to Jason Jones

    Jason Jones

    Last night’s episode of The Daily Show was the final one for longtime correspondent Jason Jones. Both Jones and his wife/TDS correspondent Samantha Bee are leaving for other projects which include producing and writing their own shows, and a TBS show for Bee. Needless to say, this is not the last time we’ll be seeing the last of Jones and Bee. However, it is the last time we will see him as a TDS correspondent. Rather than do a final segment, host Jon Stewart called Jones to his desk to give him the proper sendoff and ran a highlight of some of his best moments on The Daily Show, which included a surprisingly large amount of Jason Jones flesh being flashed on screen. Read More

    Get the comedy Humble Bundle and scoop up titles from Bill Hicks, Marc Maron, Mike Birbiglia, Doug Stanhope, and more

    Bill HicksYou have one week and one week only to take advantage of this so do it now.

    The website Humble Bundle runs a bunch of great flash sales for media at steep discounts that allow you to snatch up some great music, video, and comedy albums for a sliding scale. Money raised go to charities, in this case Electronic Frontier Foundation and Watsi. So pay what you want, get awesome comedy titles from the Comedy Dynamics library including some of the upcoming Bill Hicks re-issues and help charity, you’re almost a total jerk if you don’t pick this up. Read More

    Broken Lizard’s Super Troopers 2 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign just reached its $2M goal in one day

    Super TroopersGreat news Super Troopers fans (which should be all of you). Yesterday Broken Lizard announced they were launching an Indigogo campaign to raise money so they could finally shoot the sequel to the cult movie Super Troopers. The comedy troupe had been talking about sequel for years, had a script written and just needed the help from a movie house to produce it. After what must’ve been way too many “nos” they just decided to take it to their fans and ask for them to help fund it. Fans turned out in droves and by the end of the day they had already raised over half the amount of money. Today, around the 5pm ET time, after being live for a little over a day, the full $2million dollars was raised. Boom! You can still donate to the film by going to www.supertroopers2movie.com. At the time of this writing they’re 40K over the goal and counting. Read More

    A man was kicked off his Southwest flight for wearing a Broad City t-shirt

    Broad City T-ShirtAfter SXSW, a Brooklyn man, Daniel Podolsky, was travelling by plane from Dallas to Chicago when the plane had to make an emergency landing in St. Louis because of weather. During this trip, Podolsky was wearing a Broad City t-shirt. Simple enough right, who wouldn’t want to rep Ilana and Abbi and their awesome show. The rub is the shirt says in bold letters across the front, “Broad F*cking City” across the front. Podolsky was given the shirt as promo while at the Austin for the festival. When Podolsky was re-boarding the plane, flight crew asked him to conceal the shirt by putting a jacket on changing his shirt or turning it inside out. Read More

    Doug Stanhope to release memoir in April 2016

    Doug Stanhope Book

    Doug Stanhope announced that he will be writing/releasing a new memoir covering his relationship with his mother. The Stanhope diehards will remember Stanhope’s recent special, Beer Hall Putsch revealed some really dark stories about his mother, including her assisted suicide in 2008 as she was dying of emphysema… yeah, sh*t gets dark. We’ll have to wait a year until April 2016 when the book will be released but its never too early to start wondering what kind of wild stories Stanhope will jam into this book. Read More

    The Silicon Valley season two trailer is here, and teaches us a lesson in Bros vs. Hoes

    The trailer for the second season of HBO’s Silicon Valley is officially upon us, and it appears that on April 12th it’s an all-out war between the folks at Pied Piper and Hooli. Watch the trailer, and if you aren’t watching this show, you must do so, for it’s a painfully funny show. So, to summarize, set your DVR for April 12th because you’ll loose your ass from laughing so hard.

    Donate to the IndieGoGo campaign to fund a Patrice O’Neal documentary

    Patrice O'Neal Documentary

    We lost Patrice O’Neal over three years ago. Now his widow, VonDecarlo Brown is working on producing a documentary about the late, great comedian called Better Than You. Brown, along with filmmaker Mark Farrell are looking to put together the film and are asking Patrice’s fans and fans of comedy to contribute to help get the film made. Keeping the complete creative control in the hands of Patrice’s camp. Read More

    WalMart to pay $10 million settlement to the family of James McNair following deadly 2014 NJ Turnpike car crash

    Jimmy MackWalMart has reached a settlement with the family of James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, paying his children $10 million in damages. Last summer, McNair was travelling back from a Delaware show on the NJ Turnpike as part of Tracy Morgan’s entourage when a WalMart tractor trailer crashed into a limo bus holding the group of comedians – including Morgan, McNair, Harris Stanton, Ardie Fuqua, and Morgan’s assistant Jeff Millea. Killing McNair and leaving the others in critical condition.

    The settlement with James McNair’s children was announced back in January, however the amount was never disclosed due to confidentiality clauses. The money amount was learned when McNair’s lawyer recently made a court filing declaring he was entitled to a $3 million portion of the settlement dollars. Read More

    Did he? After more than 25 years, did Eddie Murphy return to stand-up last night at The Comedy Store in LA?

    Eddie Murphy

    Last night, tweets started to circulate announcing something we honestly never thought would happen again… Eddie Murphy returning to the stand-up stage. It’s something Murphy’s alluded to doing many times over the years, but to date has never actually come to fruition. Then last night at The Comedy Store, after more than 25 years, Murphy apparently took the stage in the Main Room, shocking the comedy world. Read More