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  • Comedian Andy Ritchie has a brain tumor, comedian friends set up GoFundMe page to help with medical bills

    Andy RitchieF*ck Cancer!

    Comedian Andy Ritchie was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. Something that’s kinda terrifying for anyone. When comedians fall ill it could be even more stressful as comedians don’t always have access to good healthcare or proper treatment due to the nature of the job.

    It’s also because of this the comedy community often rallies around its own and helps raise money to assist with the costs and that’s exactly what’s happening in Ritchie’s case. His comedian friends Brendon Walsh, Colton Dunn, and Nick Swardson spun up a GofundMe Page to raise money for Ritchie’s bills during this difficult time. Walsh said about Ritchie, “He’s a really funny comic who is liked by everybody.”

    The campaign is aiming to raise $100K and at the time of this posting has raised $23,272 from 204 backers. So, if you have the ability to give money, please do. Also tell a friend. Every little bit counts. Read More

    Watch the trailer for Seth Rogen’s new Christmas movie, “The Night Before”

    The Night Before

    Seth Rogen’s new movie The Night Before is about three best friends celebrating traditions. To quote Rogen, “it’s made by Jews, is about Christmas, and opens on Thanksgiving.” Rogen stars with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie as three best friends who celebrate the holiday in their own special way. But time, imminent parenthood, and fame are breathing down the necks of these three. So this year will be the last for said celebratory tradition. So they’re trying to go out in style, will it happen? We’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving. Read More

    NBC cancels Greg Poehler’s sitcom “Welcome To Sweden”

    Welcome To SwedenGreg Poehler’s sitcom Welcome To Sweden is no longer a thing. NBC has pulled the plug on the show after what the show’s creator called, “craptastically low ratings in the US.” Poehler revealed this information via his Instagram account. The show was in the middle of its second season but the network will no longer run new episodes, opting to replace it with reruns of Hollywood Game Night and NFL coverage.

    The most recent ratings for the show drew a 0.3 and 0.2 rating among adults 18-49. Last season, WTS averaged a 0.8 rating among adults 18-49 and 2.9 million total viewers in live-plus-same-day returns. The comedy opened to a 0.9 among the key demo and 3.5 million total viewers and was the second-highest-rated summer comedy debut among seven on the Big Four networks in the past five years. Read More

    “Glenn Has Idea$,” a new web series from Sexpot Comedy launches August 3rd

    Glenn Has Idea$

    Beginning next week, the folks at Sexpot Comedy will launch a brand new web series called Glenn has Idea$. The series launches on August 3rd and will release three episodes a week for three weeks, that’s nine total episodes for your math wizards. Read More

    Twitter is beginning to crack down on stolen jokes

    TwitterJoke thievery in the internet age is not particularly a new concept, though still highly annoying. Just ask someone like Patton Oswalt.

    Back in May, comedian and writer, Rob Fee penned a lengthy breakdown of the phenomenon in which people running “parody” accounts steal jokes and just how rampant said problem is. If you think it’s an overblown reaction, you’d be wrong, as those behind popular Instagram and Twitter accounts are earning big bucks after building audiences on the backbone of stolen material passed off as their own. Most of these social networks that these empires are built on haven’t done much to control stolen material until now, as Twitter is beginning to crack down. Read More

    Just For Laughs 2015: Dana Gould Keynote “You’re Doing It Now”

    Dana Gould - Just For Laughs Keynote

    Every year at Just For Laughs a keynote speaker gives a speech meant to inspire the comedy community. This year that speaker was the one and only Dana Gould, who is one of the best comedians working today. And that’s because he’s always working. What sets Gould apart from the rest is that he’s spent his entire career developing a career. The subject of Gould’s address was that while many comedians feel they’re waiting for a “break,” the most important thing they do as a comics is when they take the stage and pick up the microphone. Long after the executive gatekeepers have moved on, you will still be a comedian, you aren’t going to be doing it “when” you are doing it now. Read More

    Take a first look at ABC’s “The Muppets” premiering this fall

    The Muppets - ABC

    ABC has released a “presentation” short of what the new Muppets series will look like when it premieres this fall. The great news is that it looks awesome! The better news is that it’s totally hilarious as well! It’s meta, self aware, updated with a bit of documentary style (The Office) elements, guest stars, and some very great jokes that adults will love just as much as children while remaining still very much the characters we know and love. There’s even a Rowlf sighting, which we all know is the first, and best Muppet. Classic. Read More

    Denis Leary’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll pulls in record ratings for FX

    Sex&Drugs&Rock&RollIt appears FX has another hit comedy series on its hands. The first episode ratings for Denis Leary’s new sitcom Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll just pulled in some of the biggest Live + 3 days ratings in the network’s history.

    A total of 867,000 viewers tuned into watch the July 16 premiere episode. Add on the DVR ratings of live + 3 days and that number has jumped 57% bringing the total numbers of the premiere episode to 1.36 million. Demo breakdowns are just as impressive as L+3 brings 710,000 in the 18-49 demo.

    Thursday night is always a crowded night for television, even in the summer. S&D&R&R getting a nice boost in DVR ratings shows the interest from people to watch the show. Congrats all around to Leary, his team at Apostle, and all involved in the show.

    Watch a teaser for Tig Notaro’s new HBO special, “Boyish Girl Interrupted”

    Tig Notaro

    This weekend, HBO started running promo ads for Tig Notaro’s new stand-up special, Boyish Girl Interrupted. It features many other comedians singing her praises up until Tig herself weighs in on said praises, it might be awkward. The special was taped in Boston at the Wilbur Theatre and debuts on Saturday, August 22nd at 10pm. Read More

    Andy, did you hear about this one? 5 songs inspired by comedians

    Man on the Moon

    There’s an old saying that every comedian wants to be a rock star, and every rock star wants to be a comedian. Comedy and music have always had a close relationship, from shared work hours to the desire to entertain. While comedians from George Carlin to Hannibal Buress have great bits about bands or musicians, it works the other way around too just as much. With live events like SideOneDummy Storytellers and The God Damn Comedy Jam permeating the comedy landscape, we’re going to showcase the other side. So here are 5 songs inspired by comedians. Read More