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  • Adam Sandler and Bob Barker recreate their Happy Gilmore fight for Night Of Too Many Stars

    Adam Sandler and Bob Barker have not seen each other since they got into a sparring match on Sandler’s film, Happy Gilmore. Turns out after all of these years the feud between the two hasn’t soured a bit. On Night of Too Many Stars, whose telethon airs this weekend, the pair settle some unfinished business that takes them from the hospital and upward. Night of Too Many Stars airs Sunday March 8 at 8pm on Comedy Central with a lived telethon to raise money benefiting families effected by Autism. Visit cc.com/donate to pledge some money.

    People on the street sing Louie’s theme song for season 4

    Louis April 9Real talk time. On more than one occasion we’ve found ourselves singing the theme song to Louie quite often so when we saw this video we thought of ourselves, hard. The next season of the Louis C.K.’s award winning TV show debuts on FX April 9th. To celebrate, someone in marketing reached into our brains and tapped our innermost desires to walk up from the subway stop on West 4th, get a slice of pizza from Ben’s Pizza, and have an adventure at the Comedy Cellar. Read More

    ABC is moving forward with “Uncle Buck” sitcom reboot starring Mike Epps

    Mike EppsIn October of last year, ABC announced plans that it was developing another sitcom based on the iconic John Candy film, Uncle Buck. If you didn’t burn it from memory, this isn’t the first time network brass have tried to adapt the movie for the small screen, attempting to do it in 1990 and put Kevin Meaney in the title role. Now it appears that a multi-cam show will feature Mike Epps in the title role. Epps will play Buck Russell, “a childish man who learns how to be an adult by taking care of his brother Will’s kids in a very childish way.” Nia Long will play Will’s wife. There’s been some protest from both John Candy and John Hughes families who released a statement last year voicing their displeasure, particularly after the first sitcom wasn’t something the famous director desired.

    Here are Chris Hemsworth’s “Saturday Night Live” promos

    Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth his hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. What does that mean for us? Well, first off, probably a lot of superhero jokes. It also means we might get ourselves a cameo or two from the rest of the Marvel Universe. Zach Brown is also the musical guest on the show, and we definitely know that means some beards and beanie winter hats.

    The trailer for “Community” season 6 on Yahoo! is here

    March 17th is officially the day we’ve all been waiting for as it marks the return of Community into our lives. While the 6 season has fulfilled many fan dreams for #sixseasonandamovie to be realized, they didn’t come out on the other side unscathed. They are down a Troy and Shirley, and a network as well. For the show is streaming this season on Yahoo! for the first time. But we’re going off track here, the most important fact here is that Community is back! And the trailer is in the style of the Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    Jon Stewart’s beef with WWE wrestler Seth Rollins just came to (low) blows

    Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart

    The Seth Rollins vs. Jon Stewart pseudo beef just escalated.

    If you weren’t paying attention, lets catch you up. A few weeks ago, pro wrestler Seth Rollins threw shade at The Daily Show host. Read More

    Netflix sets premiere date for “Wet Hot American Summer,” new stand-up specials from Chris D’Elia and Jen Kirkman

    Wet Hot American SummerToday Netflix announced a bunch of new premiere dates, perhaps one of the most exciting being the return of We Hot American Summer. That’s right, mark the calendars for July 17th as the date the eight-episode run begins on the streaming video channel. Feel the fire!

    Additionally, the ‘Flix announced the premiere dates for two new stand-up specials – Chris D’Elia’s Incorrigible on April 17th and Jen Kirkman’ I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) on May 22nd. And while we’re on the topic, Orange Is The New Black makes a season 3 return on June 12th.

    Dakota Johnson hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and it was 50 Shades of… something punny

    Dakota Johnson

    Alright, here we have it, our first episode of Saturday Night Live since SNL 40 turned the world on its head, and the Dakota Johnson (at her first time hosting) continues to appear all over the place to plug 50 Shades of Grey as the guy who played the film’s title character continues to grow his beard and show up almost nowhere. Johnson, who up until this movie was probably best known for the title role on the short-lived FOX sitcom, Ben & Kate and for having famous parents, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffin. So, after the hugeness that was SNL 40, the writers and cast had to get back to work with Johnson in the driver’s seat. How did she do? Well, kinda sorta alright, maybe, I can’t even… Read More

    Nightmare Gig: Nick DiPaolo

    Nick DiPaolo - Nightmare Gig

    Every working comedian has at least one, that moment when they take the stage and things just do not go as they should’ve. Weather it be a bad audience or bad jokes, something goes wrong. Nightmare Gig is when The Laugh Button asks a comedian to describe their most horrific stand-up show. This time, Nick DiPaolo tells us about an experience he had early on in his career. Read More

    Amy Schumer is a hipster drug ring leader on the latest episode of “Cop Show”

    Last week, Colin Quinn’s great new web series Cop Show made its premiere. Now, the second episode has hit the web and features Amy Schumer who is playing herself, who portrays the leader of a female hipster drug gang who wants artisanal cookies and drinks PBR. Yep, everything checks out.