Jim Gaffigan News

“The Jim Gaffigan Show” ending after two seasons

Last night’s was the season 2 finale of The Jim Gaffigan Show. It also served as the series finale of the show as well as Jim Gaffigan himself made the announcement that the show would not continue for a third season. It’s unfortunate that the show will not continue considering how long it took for […]

Donald Glover Atlanta Television

Get a full look at Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” with first proper trailer

FX has spent weeks teasing Donald Glover’s new FX original series, Atlanta. It’s been nothing but reverse walking to hip hop beats until now, when we get a one minute trailer that allows us to get a better idea of the meat of the show. The show depicts Glover, (who is reported on the short […]

Robert Dean Moe's Video

Comedian goes “Bar Rescue” on Moe’s Tavern from “The Simpsons”

If you watch the TV show Bar Rescue, you’ve probably seen the show’s host John Taffer go into a failing bar, flip out its owners and remodeling the entire thing. Longtime fans of The Simpsons might make the connection that there’s a certain neighborhood bar that could use some help from Taffer, that bar is […]

Bill Burr, the Karsashians Features

Bill Burr should narrate every episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

Confession time, we’d watch every episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians under the right conditions. Turns out, we found those ideal conditions, and it’s when Bill Burr narrates episodes of the show. Burr took to the internet to provide color commentary about an episode. In this clip, the crew travels to Wyoming and nearly […]

Michelle McNamara, Patton Oswalt Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt speaks, opens up about his wife’s untimely passing

Patton Oswalt has been relatively silent since April 21st. The day his wife Michelle McNamara suddenly passed away. As we’d all imagine it’s taken some time for the comedian to process his grief and he’s done so in a relatively quiet manner until just a few minutes ago when he took to social media, posting […]

Mike Lawrence Roast Battle Just For Laughs

Mike Lawrence is the 2016 “Roast Battle” Champion

16 people entered, one man left and that man is Mike Lawrence. Lawrence is the 2016 Roast Battle Champion. He was crowned Sunday evening after a live telecast on Comedy Central and 4 night competition from Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival. Lawrence took down Sarah Tiana to take the title. It wasn’t an easy route […]

Trump vs Bernie Spend Money

Cool Thing To Buy This Week: “Trump vs. Bernie: Live from Brooklyn” on CD

With the current political climate, levity is sometimes needed. That’s where Anthony Atamanuik and James Adomian come into play. Both masterful impressionists, the duo take on the roles of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. The pair has set up a killer show that’s set up debate style pitting the two (well now one) Presidential […]