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  • Just For Laughs 2014: Andy Kindler’s State Of The Industry address (audio)


    Every year Andy Kindler performs a “State of the Industry” address at Just For Laughs. What is the address you ask? Well, it’s pretty much an hour for the chance for Kindler to talk smack about what’s going on out there. Plenty of ripping of things he doesn’t like. Plenty of ripping on things he does. Basically, it’s the living incarnation of your grouchy uncle complaining about the business they work in.

    T.J. Miller intro’s Kindler is best summed up in one line from his intro. Andy is “a comic’s comic but beyond that he’s a failure on a massive level.” It’s gems like this that you’re in the mood for. Read More

    See 5 minutes of “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” crossover episode (video)


    Comic-Con is always a great time for “the biz” because so much new stuff is always being announced. This week, in addition to the Holographic Homer Simpson we were also treated to 5 minutes of the crossover Family Guy and The Simpsons episode that was screened at the Family Guy panel at Comic-Con. This episode, “The Simpsons Guy” will air on FOX on September 28th and serve as the season premiere of Family Guy. Basically the Griffin family ends up in Springfield and a fast friendship between the families happens. There’s even cameos from Bob from Bob’s Burgers, Cleveland from The Cleveland Show, and an epic Peter Griffin fight where Homer takes on the role of the giant chicken. Why aren’t you watching it already?

    Just For Laughs 2014: Chris D’Elia


    Finally getting the chance to see Chris D’Elia was no small feat. Mainly because catching him at Just For Laughs 2014 was easily our 4th attempt to see him live. It’s a long story, but a series of scheduling conflicts, canceled performances, and even a bumping from a show by a larger comedian on a different coast have prevented us from seeing D’Elia live. But on Friday night at L’Astral that losing streak finally ended, and it was fantastic! Like watching two guys fighting in the streets of Montreal fantastic! Read More

    Just For Laughs 2014: The Green Room with Paul Provenza


    Paul Provenza’s Green Room show has always been an intriguing one for any comedy fan. While the show had a very short life on Showtime television, however it’s found new life, showing up at various festivals since then and it’s been just as compelling ever since.

    At Salle Claude Leveillee, Provenza hosted a panel of comedians to discuss comedians that left us too soon. Provenza hosted Bill Burr, Dom Irrera, Dave Attell, Robert Kelly, and Darrin Rose and led a roundtable discussion about comedians we lost a bit too soon. Every comedian on the panel had a touch point about the comedians we lost and the conversation was riveting. While it was abundantly obvious all comedians had great respect for the comics they discussed, it didn’t stop them from cracking jokes at them and making fun of them. Read More

    Adult Swim debuted the “Mike Tyson Mysteries” trailer at Comic-Con (video)


    This weekend at Comic-Con, [adult swim] revealed the trailer for its upcoming late night cartoon, Mike Tyson Mysteries, and it’s a nostalgia blast galore! The show takes on a Scooby-Doo vibe in animation style, the presence of a mystery machine-like van, and gang getting into antics. The big difference is, of course, the presence of Mike Tyson and pigeons solving crime. Wait what? Also, you’ll recognize the voices of Jim Rash and Norm MacDonald in this clip.

    Just For Laughs 2014: Jim Norton’s keynote address, “I Insincerely Apologize” (audio + full transcription)


    Jim Norton was the keynote speaker of this year’s Just For Laughs Festival. In the speech, Norton gets brutally honest about the business of comedy. Offering his story coming up in business, self esteem, and career in comedy. He also gives his take on the current culture of the community, offering up his point of view as someone who found himself in the whirlwind of the, “I’m offended” culture that’s been cultivated of late. From his debate on late night about rape jokes, to recent fallout from the Twitter rant of his SiriusXM co-host Anthony Cumia, Norton offers his insight and even pulls inspiration from none other than Joan Rivers. Read More

    Watch a teaser for the 12-day Simpsons marathon on FXX


    About a year ago it was announced that The Simpsons was going to be syndicated to networks outside of FOX affiliates. A few days ago FXX announced that it has acquired all 24 seasons of the show and will run a massive 12-day marathon of every episode ever beginning August 12th to launch the show on its network along with an interactive app. Massive. Today, FXX revved up the promo machine and released this teaser for the marathon, the world as we know it might never recover.

    Reggie Watts sings a song about a horse on Conan (video)


    There’s so much to learn from this clip. First off, the awesomely talented Reggie Watts was a guest on Conan last night. Watts was there to promote a new album we know nothing about called Scarves & Cabbages. Third his backup players on this video clip are none other than ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Coheed And Cambria’s Travis Stever. Forth, the song is about a horse.

    I am all over the place with this information overload.