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  • Blake Shelton hosted Saturday Night Live: he brought a wishing boot and spread some magic

    Blake Shelton SNL Bumpers

    Blake Shelton seems like a nice guy which is one of the reasons we found ourselves rooting for him when he hosted Saturday Night Live last night. Considering we aren’t too familiar with his music or his time as a judge on The Voice but damn that guy has a nice smile! Blake came into studio 8H to with some of his guitar and Southern charm, and put it on heavy. While Shelton was his charming self, some of the sketches felt like half-baked premises rather than fully realized sketches, but we did however get to see Leslie Jones laugh, a wishing boot, tested Pete Davidson’s sexuality, and Riblet, Riblet forever! Read More

    The trailer for “Adventures In Comedy” has arrived, let’s watch

    A few months back, comedian Tom McCaffrey crowdfunded a mocumentary movie about his trials and tribulations through the world of comedy. Along the way McCaffrey has some Spinal Tap moments happen to his career. The movie also features a lot of other comedians you know such as Jim Gaffigan, Aisha Tyler, Janeane Garofalo, Michael Che, Joe DeRosa, Margaret Cho and more. We previously reported that the film will be available on the Comedy Dynamics platform beginning February 20th but now here’s the trailer.

    Kyle Kinane’s special, “I Liked His Old Stuff Better” premieres tonight, watch some clips

    Kyle Kinane

    Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the premiere of Kyle Kinane’s new stand-up special, I Liked His Old Stuff Better. Kinane is easily one of our favorite comedians working today and his third time laying down an hour is one of his strongest yet. So before you snuggle up and watch some great stand-up here are some clips to get you going. Read More

    The Birthday Boys quit their IFC TV Show [UPDATE]

    The Birthday BoysThis morning, the sketch comedy troupe, The Birthday Boys announced that they are stepping down as hosts and not returning for a third season of their sketch comedy show on IFC. In a taped message to their fans, the crew stated that putting together the show was a lot of work and they’re really proud of what they did, but are not continuing. They also said they’re not sure of the status of the show’s future, offering up scenarios that maybe they’ll be replaced if IFC didn’t simply cancel the show. The pessimist in us believes maybe it’s a preemptive move to save face ahead of cancellation? But the optimist in us knows that sketch comedy is difficult and The Birthday Boys are by no means the first to end a sketch show because of the grind of creating it (see Nick Swardson or Nick Kroll). Read More

    Conan O’Brien visits Taco Bell

    Last night Conan rewarded a member of his staff by taking him to Taco Bell headquarters. The two dove into the Bell’s test kitchen and tried out some new foods and even created a few of their own. If you are a fan of Conan O’Brien and Taco Bell, chances are this is the greatest video you’ll watch today. If you don’t fall into those categories, Conan will try to sway your opinion by debuting the “O’Taco,” an Irish/Mexican hybrid of tasty goodness.

    “The Nightly Show” hosts a roundtable discussion about the Bill Cosby rape allegations

    If you haven’t yet tuned into The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore you’re missing one of the most interesting new debuts into late night as Wilmore has come out the gate swinging at some pretty heavy topics. Last night on (literally) the show’s second episode, Wilmore hosted a roundtable to discuss the recent Bill Cosby rape allegations. Jamilah Lemieux, Kathleen Madigan, Baratunde Thurston, and Keith Robinson all discussed the topic with opinions that ranged from contempt, disillusion, to protection. Perhaps Wilmore best summed up what the majority of the public is thinking by stating, “People are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However, this is the court of public opinion, and this is my show, and that f*cker did it.”

    J.K. Simmons will host “Saturday Night Live” on January 31st

    JK Simmons SNLJuno’s Dad, J Jonah Jameson, drum teacher, oscar nominee, J.K. Simmons will host Saturday Night Live on January 31st and the musical guest will be D’Angelo. Which, to certain neighborhoods of Brookly, make this literally the most exciting SNL guest lineup we’ll probably get this year. ‘Cept for maybe Taylor Swift holds down the music with Kanye.

    Feel free to prep for a night of tight buttholes.

    Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live: with Bieber spoofs, dungeons, and dragons

    Kevin Hart SNL

    This weekend Kevin Hart managed to do two things – 1) achieve his forth straight $20 million-plus box office opening and 2) convince us that the’s a good Saturday Night Live host. It’s the comic’s second time hosting SNL and he’s exactly what you want from a host in a live sketch show – excited to be there, down for anything in the name of a laugh, and quick on his feet (which he fully executed when there was a technical problem in one sketch).

    Hart has paid his dues to make his climb to the top of the comedy ladder and he seems to be staying there. Over the course of the night Hart was able to pull the fun out of lesser sketches through sheer excitement and Kevin Hartness, introduced us to his social media violation dungeon, encountered dragons, and leather… he wore a lot of leather. Read More

    Kurt Braunohler’s “Roustabout” premieres on January 26th, watch the trailer

    Last summer, Kurt Braunohler rode a jetski from Chicago to New Orleans in order to raise money goats for charity. The event, Roustabout was documented and turned into a web series that will premiere on January 26th. Watch the first trailer which will show you a bit of the hijinks Braunohler experienced on the high seas.

    Weed caused some problems for Ralphie May in Colorado, comedian escorted out of his show by police

    Ralphie MayLast night in Colorado Ralphie May was escorted out of his own stand-up show by police. Turns out the comedian over-indulged and was a bit too high and wasted according to some fans in the audience. The show started off well enough but when it was May’s time to take the stage things slowed down. May was reportedly so under the influence he took a longer than normal time to take to the stage and mic. Then when he got on stage, he reportedly couldn’t string words together, finish jokes, or remember what he just said.

    The frustrated audience started to yell at the comedian, demanding he tell jokes, some then asked for refunds. May was able to finish the show amongst the complaints, but in the end, police had to be called to keep the order. They later escorted the comedian out of the venue.

    Representatives for the comedian stated, “He was like a kid in a candy store, being in Colorado for the first time since pot became legal.” They then joked about conspiracy theories and suggested the comedian might’ve been drugged by Bill Cosby. Read More