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  • Billy Eichner and Joel McHale’s hilarious yelling match as they compete in the Mo’Lympics (video)

    I think Billy Eichner has outdone himself this time. On the next episode of his hilarious shows, Billy On The Street Eichner and guest Joel McHale play the game of Mo’Lympics which is a series of challenges based around the life of comedian/actress Mo’Nique. The good sported McHale pretty effortlessly handles the obstacle course with relative ease but the best part of the clip is what happens afterward as McHale and Eichner get start to trade verbal jabs. Making this clip and probably the entire episode of the show totally worth it.

    It is hardly Mr. Seinfeld’s fault that he’s less of a common man than he was before…

    “It is hardly Mr. Seinfeld’s fault that he’s less of a common man than he was before. What is telling is that his uncommonness is not marshaled on the show to help comedy’s commoners. Mr. Seinfeld, more than most, could use his show to give a platform to comics needing discovery. Instead, he packs it with fellow stars. They reminisce together about the days when they were nobodies and given glorious breaks, and seem almost unaware that there are nobodies today who could benefit from breaks of that very kind.”

    - The New York Times penned an article comparing the difference of Jerry Seinfeld’s TV show to his new web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee basically stating that Jerry is now rich, and not the the everyman he portrayed on the show. Read More

    Maya Rudolph’s variety show special, ‘The Maya Rudolph Show’ gets premiere date

    Maya RudolphNBC has been developing a new variety show for Maya Rudolph ever since her sitcom Up All Night crashed and burned a few years back. Now the network has announced that the The Maya Rudolph Show, a variety special will premiere on Monday, May 19th at 10pm.

    Rudolph will host an hour and be joined by a slew of celebs including some of her SNL alums Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, and Chris Parnell. In addition Craig Robinson, Sean Hayes, and Kristen Bell are slated to appear. Raphael Saadiq is said to be the house bandleader and Janelle Monáe will be the musical guest.

    As expected, Lorne Michaels will executive produce the hour long special. Depending on how ratings/response is for the special, the show could become an ongoing series.

    Bonnaroo announces its full comedy lineup, includes Hannibal Buress, Rory Scovel, Craig Robinson, and Bridget Everett

    BonnarooThe big summer shindig known as Bonnaroo already announced its usually impressive festival lineup. But we noticed at the time that it was a little light on the comedy. Over the years the fest had definitely done well by comedy with it’s large comedy tent and even hosting a travelling comedy show.

    Today festival promoters revealed that the comedy tent is alive and well this year and will once again make a return to Manchester, TN. Comedians performing this year are Bridget Everett and the Tender Moments, Sasheer Zamata, Seth Herzog, Emily Heller, and Brad Williams. Also in the mix are Craig Robinson, Taran Killiam, Hannibal Buress, Neal Brennan, TJ Miller, and Rory Scovel.

    So there you have it, Bonnaroo now officially has a killer comedy lineup. Get tickets here.

    Dan Soder on Conan, ‘She talks about death with an ease that rattles my bones’

    Dan Soder, one of our favs made his second appearance on Conan last night for another round of stand-up comedy jokery. Soder took swings at the generational gap between children and their grandparents and why he doesn’t trust 2 year olds and their technological prowess. If I follow the logic bestowed upon Dan when he’s on the YKWD podcast, he didn’t have to pull out the Russian accent, so he pretty much nailed it.

    Update: Artie Lange hospitalized after going into diabetic shock, Hospital trying to commit him to mental ward

    Artie LangeUPDATE 4/16- 5:53pm ET Things have just gotten worse for Artie. Just moments ago Artie posted to his Facebook page that the hospital is not allowing him to be released from the hospital where he was checked into. Officials at the hospital apparently want the comedian to remain under their care and are trying to place Lange into a mental ward because he’s trying to leave their care. Lange stated, “Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak Michigan is forcing me into a mental ward just cause I want to leave. I need your help. Calls. Radio. Love u.”

    Artie Lange is a comedian whose had his share of health issues the last few years. However, since he mounted a return to radio with then co-host Nick DiPaolo, Lange appeared to have turned a corner. Today, he was reminded that there’s still some work to be done as he was hospitalized for going into diabetic shock. Diabetic shock can be a big deal, it’s usually too much insulin in a person’s system causing them to faint, requiring immediate medical attention.

    Today, Lange released an image of him in a hospital bed stating, “In the hospital outside of Detroit after going into diabetic shock. Trying to get better. Sorry for missing gigs.” Forcing him to cancel some scheduled shows. It appears he’s canceled all of his shows through this week as the next date currently listed on his show is for the 19th in LA. Read More

    We put on our tightest pants and hang with Steel Panther

    We got gangbanged by Steel Panther! Just the other day the band released their new album, All You Can Eat to the masses and in normal Steel Panther style, it rips. On album release day, the band invited The Laugh Button to visit them in the Gibson Studios in NYC to spend some time with them. There, they performed some acoustic songs and let us tape it exclusively to share with our readers (that’s you). Before they left, we played a round of “Three Minutes With” and even tossed in the most ridiculous fan-submitted question we could find via Twitter.

    The band was hilarious for the entire two-hours we were with them. We watched them count down guitar riffs, in which drummer Styx Zadinia accidentally caught a guitar in the face from Satchel, but Styx recovered, and informed us that the Japanese version of a Les Paul guitar is a “Res Paul,” it literally made us snort. Read More