Duncan Trussell

Live On The Road: Duncan Trussell believes you are God

If you’ve ever felt that you were being lied to, or possessed a healthy level of skepticism about the world and what people are telling you, chances are, you’ve encountered Duncan Trussell somewhere in your travels. Trussell, a thought partner with the one and only Joe Rogan, often finds himself heading down roads that are […]

Wet Hot American Summer Streaming Video

Netfilx orders another season of “Wet Hot American Summer,” set 10 years later

When it was announced that Netflix was going to revive Wet Hot American Summer, the show’s creative team decided to set the new season up as a prequel of sorts, allowing the older actors to play even younger versions of themselves, ya know, for comedy purposes. Now Netflix has officially ordered another season of the […]

Clooney and Murray News

How Bill Murray plays it when he visits George Clooney in Italy

Who doesn’t love a good Bill Murray Story? In a recent interview with Esquire, George Clooney – who became friends with Murray while shooting Fantastic Mr. Fox together – told a great story about how Murray visits him in Italy every summer. It’s just how the visit plays out is what ads to the lore. […]

Dave Chappelle, Prince Music

Dave Chappelle breaks his silence about Prince, “This is Black 9/11”

Dave Chappelle is in the middle of a string of sold out shows at the Chapel in San Francisco. Last night Chappelle – whose most legendary sketch from Chappelle’s Show involves his portrayal of Prince – broke his silence about the purple unicorn. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Chappelle took to the stage around […]

Michelle McNamara, Patton Oswalt News

Michelle McNamara, writer and wife of Patton Oswalt, passes away at 46

Hearing news like this just breaks our hearts. Today should’ve been an extremely joyous event for Patton Oswalt, as the comedian just released his new stand-up special Talking For Clapping was just released on Netflix. Yet that’s not the case. Late in the day today, word started to spread that Oswalt’s wife Michelle McNamara, a […]

Comedy Cellar Video

truTV’s “truINSIDE” takes a look at the legacy of the Comedy Cellar

If you haven’t yet started watching the truTV series truINSIDE you should do yourself a favor and rectify that. Each week, the show takes an in-depth look at the legacy of a comedy institution, up until this point it’s been iconic films like Airplane!, Election, or Heathers. Yet this week, it takes a look at […]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus SNL Reviews

Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted “Saturday Night Live” with VEEPs and Seinfeld homages

Well Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns for the 3rd time hosting Saturday Night Live and the first since she became Selena Meyer. Her hosting job this week came with high expectations, particularly after last week’s dismal episode with Russell Crowe. While this evening put out more laughs, it wasn’t the full 180 episode it potentially could’ve been. […]