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  • Kyle Kinane tells the story about how he became a Screeching Weasel fan

    Anyone familiar with Kyle Kinane’s comedy isn’t surprised that he’s a fan of music. He often discusses it in his act and has been known to do projects involving bands over the years. So when he was asked to take the stage for SideOneDummy’s Storytellers and talk about an album that changed his life, he recalled the story about the first time that he navigated Chicago’s streets as a younger, smaller bearded version of himself and attended his first Screeching Weasel concert.

    Artie Lange gives some really unqualified advice to fans of “The Tonight Show”

    Artie Lange was the guest comedian on The Tonight Show last night, before he took to the stage he offered up some advice about relationships to people writing into the show in the latest segment of The Tonight Show’s feature Unqualified Advice. Lange then went on the show and participated in a game of catchphrase with Fallon and guest chef Giada De Laurentiis. While we initially thought Lange might not be down for playing the game, he ended up being great at it as De Laurentiis pronounced Italian food items like our grandma from the old country. Read More

    David Letterman pays tribute to Robin Williams, his friend of 38 years

    One week after the passing of Robin Williams, David Letterman returned from a week hiatus. During the show, Letterman spent 10 minutes of the show recalling the early stand-up days at The Comedy Store when they first saw the late comedian take the stage declaring, “it was nothing we’ve ever seen before… we were like morning dew, he was like a hurricane.” Letterman recalled Williams’ kind spirit, and willingness to help other comedians joking about an early appearance on Mork & Mindy. Letterman then played clips from some of Williams’ 50 appearances on late night with the host. Letterman wrapped the segment saying goodbye to his friend of 38 years as he held back tears and stated how, like others that he was sorry he, “had no idea that the man was in pain, and that the man was suffering. What a guy, Robin Williams.” Read More

    Don Pardo, longtime “Saturday Night Live” Announcer, dead at 96

    Don PardoThe voice of Saturday Night Live has died.

    Dominick “Don” Pardo, longtime radio and TV announcer has left us. Pardo was best known as the voice of Saturday Night Live, reading off the names of the cast members at the top of the show on all but one season (season 7), Pardo was 96.

    Amid rumors this was an internet hoax, Pardo’s daughter Paula confirmed the news to CBS Radio.

    Pardo officially retired from NBC in 2004, but continued to provide the introductions for SNL through its most recent season. Upon first retiring, he pre-recorded intros for the show but that didn’t last long as SNL producers insisted he’d be present, so they flew him out to NYC for tapings. However, as he got older, Pardo went back to pre-record the intros from his home in Arizona. He missed only two announcements and that was during the 2013 season when he suffered a hip injury. Lorne Michaels (who hired Pardo for SNL in 1975) once stated, “Every year the new cast couldn’t wait to hear their name said by him.” Michaels also once stated, “I can’t imagine the show without Don… and as long as he’s there, I stay young.”

    Pardo was a member of the Television Hall of Fame, and has worked for NBC since 1944, including announcing for early versions of shows like The Price Is Right, Jackpot, Jeopardy!, Three on a Match, Winning Streak, and NBC Nightly News. He was one of the first announcers to deliver the news to the world that President John F. Kennedy had been shot. He’s also one of two people that had lifelong contracts with the network, the other being Bob Hope.

    Here’s a fun Pardo clip. When he turned 90, the cast of SNL brought Pardo on stage to give him birthday wishes.

    Rest in peace Don, heaven has one hell of an announcer amongst its ranks.

    Jerrod Carmichael’s “Love At The Store” HBO special premieres October 4th, watch a teaser

    Jerrod Carmichael’s first HBO special was directed by Spike Lee. We learned this news earlier this year that not only was HBO would be investing in the young comedian, but the acclaimed director would be as well. This weekend after the debut of Katt Williams’ stand-up special Priceless… Afterlife, HBO ran a quick teaser for Carmichael’s new special, Love At the Store. It features Carmichael narrating the clip, explaining his decision to tape his first special at LA’s Comedy Store and what that room means to him. We were fortunate to see Carmichael run through his act in NYC for Lee just before taping it, then as luck would have it, we attended the taping out in LA as well. Its a masterful hour of comedy and those that don’t know Carmichael’s name now, are going to quickly learn it.

    “Last Comic Standing” winner Rod Man performs stand-up on “The Tonight Show”

    Last night Rod Man was declared the winner of Last Comic Standing. In addition to winning some money and a development deal with NBC the comedian was also given a guest appearance on The Tonight Show. So right after LCS ended we got the chance to see Rod Man in action in late night and he didn’t disappoint, delivering is his casual, new to the world delivery talking about everything from immigration, public restrooms, to self checkout lines.

    And the winner of “Last Comic Standing” season 8 is… Rod Man!

    Rod Man was elected as the winner of Last Comic Standing season 8. Judges Keenan Ivory Wayans, Roseanne Bar, and Russell Peters narrowed it down to one tonight and after two rounds of performances and deliberation Rod Man took it home over the other two finalists, Nikki Carr and Lachlan Patterson.

    After the three judges were unable to narrow the three down to two, they decided that all 3 perform would perform for the top spot and then selected Rod Man as the winner. Read More