David Spade, Rob Lowe News

David Spade is the Roastmaster for Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe

Comedy Central has found its Roastmaster for the upcoming roast of Rob Lowe and it’s a guy that knows Lowe really well, we’re talking about David Spade. Spade and Lowe go way back to the days of when the two both starred in the film Tommy Boy and Lowe hosted some episodes of Saturday Night […]

Kyle Kinane This Is Not Happening

Kyle Kinane reveals just how sad his bar sex was in “This Is Not Happening”

We can’t seem to say more about Ari Shaffir’s terrific storytelling series, This Is Not Happening. It has pretty much any great comedian you could think of telling true stories that happened to them. This week, Kyle Kinane’s uncensored clip hit the web. In it, Kinane lays out a true scenario that involved a drunken […]

Colbert Stewart News

Jon Stewart to return to Late Night with Stephen Colbert to cover RNC

For those who are in need of a Jon Stewart injection this election cycle, make sure to tune into Monday night’s edition of Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Stewart is reuniting with his pal Stephen Colbert to cover Late Show’s two week coverage of both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Stewart’s role in the […]

Comic Khan Conan

Khaaaaan! For Comic Con, Khan from Star Trek performs stand-up comedy

Always down for a good pun, Conan decided to celebrate his show’s coverage of the San Diego Comic Con by having Kahn from Star Trek perform stand-up. Making him the comic, Khan. Get it? Conan’s writer and comedian Andres DuBouchet dressed up as the classic Star Trek villian, rolled out to Conan’s studios and delivered […]

Marc Maron Maron

Marc Maron is ending “Maron” after four seasons

Marc Maron is ending his show, effective, well immediately. The comedian broke the news today via his WTF Podcast that season 4 would be the last for the IFC show Maron. “I’ve decided that this is it,” Maron said. “It’s done. There‚Äôs ways to do more, but this was the vision. This season was the […]

Ari Shaffir - Karma Stand-Up

When Karma caught up to Ari Shaffir and got him sued by The Holy Spirit

Ari Shaffir’s terrific storytelling series, This Is Not Happening recently wrapped its second season. The show has already been renewed for a third season and has even already taped the new round of comedic stories. Just this week, Comedy Central released a clip of one of Shaffir’s best stories of the season. The time he […]