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  • It Won’t Always Be This Great and Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman: The Laugh Button Interview


    Peter Mehlman became a writer for the Washington Post after college. He then found his way into television in 1982 working on SportsBeat with Howard Cosell. From 1985-90 he wrote for The New York Times Magazine, GQ and Esquire. Then it was time for the left coast. While out there, he ran into Larry David, whom he’d met back in New York. David invited Mehlman to submit a sample script for his show Seinfeld. Mehlman elected to send in a humor piece he’d written for the Times Magazine instead and landed the gig as a freelance writer for the show. It would be the first Seinfeld freelance episode, The Apartment. Over the eight-year run of the show, Mehlman rose to executive producer and coined such Seinfeld-isms as Yada Yada spongeworthy, shrinkage,. and double-dipping. In 1997, Mehlman joined DreamWorks and created It’s like, you know…, a scathing look at Los Angeles. Recently, Mehlman received praise for his first novel, It Won’t Always Be This Great, which was released in 2014. The Washington Post named it “One of the top five comedic books of 2014″ and the only novel to make that list. In It Won’t Always Be This Great, Mehlman shows how one man’s story is never really his story alone including his hopes, failures, dreams, and realities. And how one man’s moment of rage snowballs into an entirely new life for him and those around him. Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast #18: Big Jay Oakerson and Ralph Sutton from The SDR Show

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    Big Jay Oakerson and Ralph Sutton, co-hosts from The SDR Show just celebrated their one year of podcasting. They joined Mark and Matt to talk about their trip up until this point. As you’d imagine, it involves a lot of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Read More

    I Had To Follow That! Pete Lee has to take the stage after seeing literally the worst thing ever

    Pete Lee

    Think about the worst thing ever… go ahead, we’ll give you a minute. Did you think of it? Well Pete Lee had to follow it. We asked him to tell us about the worst performance he ever had to take the stage after and, it’s a pretty damn horrific thing. Pete Lee being the eternally optimist handles it about as well as one would expect. Read More

    John Leguizamo, Judah Friedlander, Robert Kelly, Lizz Winstead to perform at The Laugh Button Live! on May 30 at BookCon

    TLB Live BookCon

    The Laugh Button is returning to the stage live! After our incredibly successful live comedy show at SXSW in March, we got the bug to once again to host a live stand-up comedy show. We wanted to go big this time around (is there any other way?) so we teamed up with our friends at BookCon bring a live comedy show at their convention at the end of May in the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. If you aren’t familiar BookCon is that place where storytelling and pop culture collide. Authors, celebrities, podcasters, publishers, and fans all converge in the city to celebrate storytelling. You may learn about your next favorite literary work, comic book or story that will be the next blockbuster motion picture. See, we said we wanted to go big! Read More

    Sean White laughs in the face of death on his debut album Dead & Gone (review)

    Sean White - Dead And GoneMany comedians come to a point in their lives when they have to decide whether to relocate to New York or LA. The move is considered an inevitable and necessary step to advance their careers. While it’s not impossible to achieve big things in a smaller, secondary scene, it’s not terribly common. Sean White, however, is one of those people who’s talent is bigger than his zip code.

    Originally from Alabama, Sean White is an emerging comedian based out of Chicago, IL. He’s been called a “Gem” by RE:Com Chicago Comedy magazine, “Killing it” by the Chicago Tribune, and was named one of the top 16 comics in Chicago by Chicago Magazine. Despite not having an LA or NYC address, White was recently able to catch the eye of A Special Thing Records who released his debut album Dead & Gone. It goes without saying White’s album has to be pretty amazing to earn a spot in the AST library next to Guy Branum, Bob Odenkirk, Jared Logan and many more hilarious comedians, but let’s elaborate anyway. Read More

    Louis C.K. hosted Saturday Night Live: Season 40 ended on a high note

    Louis C.K. SNL Bumper

    Season 40 of Saturday Night Live must’ve been a particularly grueling one for the cast and writers of the show. Not only managing to actually churn out the show every week, but the super grand SNL 40 episode that by the time this season came to an end, it’s very easy to see them gas out in the final episode. Rather than do that, they knocked it out of the park with easily one of the strongest episodes of the season. The relied on Louis C.K. who has been a super strong host in the three times he’s helmed the wheel. Last night was no different, delivering a monologue most thin skinned will be groaning about the next day and some of the edgiest moments we saw all year. Read More

    Nightmare Gig: Big Jay Oakerson performs at Sweet Cheeks

    Big Jay Oakerson

    Every working comedian has at least one of those moments in their career. That moment when they take the stage and things just do not go as they wanted. Weather it be a bad venue, audience, or bad jokes, the show turns from bad show to a nightmare. Nightmare Gig is when The Laugh Button asks a comedian to describe their most horrific stand-up moment. We asked Big Jay Oakerson to tell us about the story we heard about Sweet Cheeks, a comedy show in Atlantic City that Kevin Hart used to run that had notoriously tough to impress crowds. Jay and his comedy peers (particularly Kurt Metzger) have spoken about this show before. So we asked Jay to tell us about his nightmareist encounter at the show. Read More

    Has Dane Cook been permanently banned from The Laugh Factory?

    Dane Cook

    It’s a story we’ve heard rumblings off for the last few days. That story is that Dane Cook has been permanently banned from The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Cook has been a constant at the club for a long time, performing there and drawing crowds during the club’s lean years and remaining a fixture ever since. Basically helping keep things afloat during the lean years. Because of this, he had a special relationship with the club and its owner Jamie Masada. The club repaid Cook with plenty of time on stage and what seemed like permanent promo on the club’s exterior amongst other perks. In many ways, it was the house that Dane Cook built, well at least for the last decade or so. Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast episode 17: So underground, you can’t find it, with Aparna Nancherla

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    On this week’s podcast Mark and Matt are all over the upfront news as networks decided the fates of future sitcoms this week. We also dove into the rest of the comedy news about live stand-up shows that may or may not have included a few Brian Regan impressions. After the news we welcome comedian/writer Aparna Nancherla to talk about the taping of her debut stand-up comedy album, what it’s like to audition for TV shows, and then Mark Mark decides to one-up the rest of the gang and discuss films no one can find and words nobody can define. That guy! Read More

    Harry Shearer is leaving The Simpsons and a 14 million dollar deal

    Harry Shearer

    Nothing can stay forever. Harry Shearer, an original voice actor and cast member of The Simpsons is leaving the show after contract negotiations didn’t come together. According to statements from the show’s reps, Shearer was, “offered the same deal the rest of the cast accepted, and passed.” A deal that is reportedly worth 14 million dollars. Exec producer Al Jean also told the NY Times that his characters will be “recast with the finest voiceover talent available.” Read More