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  • Too offensive on stage? Houston Baptist University calls cops on comedian Samuel J Comroe during stand-up performance

    Samuel J ComroeLast night, comedian Samuel J. Comroe was performing stand-up at a college, something he’d done “hundreds and hundreds” of times before. But this time was a bit different for the comedian, he was a Houston Baptist University. The night appeared routine enough, Comroe arrived early and struck up a conversation with the folks in charge to talk about any restrictions they had on stand-up material. Something many comedians choose to do as a courtesy at college and corporate gigs to make sure the evening goes smooth and limit the chances of offending at such gigs.

    Comroe was asked by the woman in charge (whose name he does not remember) to not curse during his act. Makes sense they’d have this request as a Baptist College. According to his statement, Comroe followed up some more topics that might be taboo including sex and he was given the green light on that topic as long as he was not extremely vulgar about it.

    Comroe, has Tourettes Syndrome and it manifests itself as visual tics, it’s also something he addresses in his act. Comroe did his show and after about a half hour of performing stand-up he held a Q&A with the college audience. It was there things started to go wrong for the comedian. Read More

    Joan Rivers hospitalized in after she stops breathing during surgery

    The iconic Joan Rivers was rushed to a Manhattan hospital Thursday morning after she stopped breathing during an operation.

    Reports state Rivers was undergoing throat surgery at a clinic on the Upper West Side when a problem occurred, she stopped breathing, and was rushed to Mount Sinai Medical Center.

    The 81-year-old comedian is currently in critical condition. We will share more news as it becomes available. Read More

    Mark Normand, “Still Got It” and never lost it

    Mark Normand, Still Got ItWho is Mark Normand? Well, he won Caroline Comedy Club’s March Madness competition, and he was voted the Village Voice’s “Top Comedian of 2013″ – yes, THAT Village Voice – the first alternative newspaper in the United States; the one that Norman Mailer co-founded.

    You might be thinking, “Ah, so he’s probably a club comic. That’s why I haven’t heard of him.” Why you may be thinking that is your business, but you should know that Mark has made television appearances on (among others), Conan, John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, Inside Amy Schumer, Last Comic Standing, and most recently a Half Hour special on Comedy Central.

    You might be thinking, “Oh, wow. He must have mass appeal.” You’re correct, and it’s because he jokes about everything. Normand’s first album, Still Got It, serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet of jokes about race, sexism, homophobia, religion, trying to relate to the opposite sex, alcohol, drugs, sex, animals, the elderly, and generally being a social outlier – the last of which he manages to apply to just about everything, even day jobs. Read More

    The 2014 Emmys, 12 favorite funny moments

    Louis C.K. wins an Emmy

    Tonight’s Emmy Awards were loaded with a lot of surprises, well, that’s when Breaking Bad wasn’t nominated in the category. Because they won them all and DGAF what you have to say about your potential EGOT Matthew McConaughey! Seth Meyers hosted night, fitting as a man with serious writing creds led a night where writers were being thanked left and right.

    Here are 12 of our favorite funny moments from the 66th Annual Emmy Awards. Read More

    Dave Chappelle returns to Hartford stage with standing ovation nearly a year after incident with unruly crowd

    A year ago this week, Dave Chappelle stopped a stand-up performance in front of an unruly Hartford, CT crowd during the Oddball Comedy Festival. A widely reported on event that Chappelle would later state he’d not so much as “return to Hartford for gas” again. Even the mayor of the city weighed in on the event and picked on the comedian.

    Well, it appears that Chappelle got the last surprise as the comedian buried the hatchet and dropped in on last night’s Hartford stop of the Oddball Festival unannounced. He performed for the surprised crowd, who responded with a standing ovation rather than jeers, drunken heckles, or shouting “I’m Rick James bitch.” What a difference a year makes. Read More

    Embracing the Absurd: A conversation with Kate Berlant

    Kate Berlant is an enigmatic performer. Her unique brand of stand-up is delightfully absurd and hilarious. She recently was invited to Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival this year as one of their “New Faces of Comedy,” where she was one of the fest’s stand outs. I caught up with the LA native to talk about her recent trip to Canada, her videos with John Early, touring with musicians, and dancing in her underwear to Sinead O’Conner. Give it a read. Read More

    Tickets are on sale for the Maui Comedy Festival, happening Halloween weekend in Hawaii

    Maui Comedy FestivalThe inaugural Maui Comedy Festival just put individual tickets on sale for its shows during this October’s festival. It’s all happening over Halloween weekend in the town of Lahina in Maui, HI. That’s right, a holiday weekend on a tropical island, hosting about 35 terrific comedians to entertain you. There’s not much of a need to put on the hard sell here for it will hands down be the comedy trip of the year.

    The roster of talent is terrific! Comedians like Hannibal Buress, Kyle Kinane, Reggie Watts, Aisha Tyler, Eddie Pepitone, Greg Proops, Paul Provenza, Tig Notaro, Ron Funches, Nate Bargatze, Todd Glass, Jonah Ray, Morgan Murphy, Ari Shaffir, and Hari Konobolu will all be in town performing shows.

    As previously mentioned, tickets for individual shows are now available, in addition you can get passes for access to all the shows, or do it up in style and take advantage of an All-Access VIP Pass which gets you into parties and lounges. If you go to www.mauicomedyfestival.com you can even take advantage of some hotel packages the festival has set up. All that you have to do now is click away and we’ll see you in Maui in October.

    Tickets are for sale at mauicomedyfestival.com, on Laughstub, or you can browse The Laugh Button’s ticket page.