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  • Joan Rivers cause of death revealed

    Joan RiversJoan Rivers died of a therapeutic complication, according to the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office. Basically this means the official cause of death is lack of blood oxygen to the brain in a “predictable complication” of throat surgery.

    Rivers passed on September 4th after she was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC, a few days after she stopped breathing while undergoing a procedure and placed in a medically induced coma.

    The findings were released today in a statement by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner: Read More

    Revisiting the comedic mind of Richard Jeni

    “Going to war over religion is basically killing each other to see who’s got the better imaginary friend.”

    That’s one of my favorite Richard Jeni jokes. Probably because it’s the first I’ve ever heard of and was such a succinct and on-point summation to what an impressionable teen was discovering about religion.

    When it comes to Richard Jeni, there aren’t many comedians better on stage, he was a master at constructing a joke and even better acting it out on stage. Jeni was a driven man, haunted by his quest to be the best comic and to get mainstream recognition for it. This desire not only drove him to develop and harness an incredible presence and act on stage, but also the one that set him on the track to his demise. Read More

    My First Time: Jared Logan debuts his first album “My Brave Battle”

    The road to becoming a great comedian is filled with many challenges and opportunities. There are certain milestones every comedians hopes to hit at various points of their journey. “My First Time,” is all about comedy firsts; those milestones from your first headlining gig, first tour, first festival, first TV appearance, first album or special, first time in a new city, to your first time performing high and everything inbetween. My First Time sits down (figuratively or literally) with comedians to talk about reaching their own personal career checkpoints, and their expectations vs experience.

    Jared Logan is one of the most dynamic performers working today. He’s appeared on TV numerous with performances on Best Week Ever (for which he was a cast member), The Pete Holmes Show, Comedy Central’s The Meltdown, and in his own CC Half Hour special last year. Now, Logan has recorded his first comedy album, “My Brave Battle.” For many fans like myself, this has been a awaited album which (hits stores today). I had the opportunity to talk to Logan about his first album… and Dungeons and Dragons, of course. Read More

    All Jane No Dick comedy festival being protested by men’s right activist

    The universe has been handing us some real doozies recently, making it hard to figure out which stories in our newsfeed are real and which are satire. Take for instance the recent partnership between the Susan G. Koman foundation and Baker Hughes, one of the world’s largest oil and fracking companies, to create pink drill bits. Or when a University in Norwich, England announced this week their campaign called “Go with the Flow,” which encourages students to pee in the shower in order to save water. Seems real life is giving funny a run for it’s money as even The Onion couldn’t make this stuff up. In further news of the “WHAT THE,” for the first time in it’s three years, Portland, Oregon’s all-women comedy fest, All Jane No Dick, found out their promotional materials were being destroyed by a men’s rights activist group. Read More

    NYPD arrest audience member during Adam Newman’s stand-up set, heckle the comedian with a nice “Shut the f*ck up!”

    Adam Newman, UCBThis weekend comedian Adam Newman was doing a spot at UCB Theater in New York, when 4 New York Police Department cops came into the theater with flashlights in the middle of his set to arrest someone in the audience. When Newman directs his attention to the part of the room where the commotion is happening, he gets yelled at by the police officers telling him to, “Shut the f*ck up!” It’s a surreal moment where Newman isn’t 100% sure what’s going on and definitely not sure how to respond by being heckled by the police. Read More

    Bill Hader hosted “Saturday Night Live”: Stefon is pregnant

    …and Seth Meyers is the father!

    Whenever an SNL alum returns to the show there’s two things we can bet the farm on 1) 1 or their classic characters will be revived for nostalgia and 2) We’ll more than likely see another alum (usually from the same cast) show up and play along with them. Yes, we realize this comes on the heels of none of these happening last week when Sarah Silverman hosted, but that episode was the outlier to this phenomenon. Read More

    6 Great Tina Belcher moments on “Bob’s Burgers”

    The Belcher family on Bob’s Burgers is one of the best TV families ever to grace the small screen. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but since season 3, eldest Tina has stolen the show with no intention of giving it back. The definition of awkward, Tina is played by comedian Dan Mintz who’s voice at first may not seem right for a 13yr old girl. Fortunately, Mintz’ performances are a huge reason Tina has become one of the most beloved characters on television.

    In honor of Mintz’s recently released comedy album, The Stranger (available now), we picked out six of the greatest little Tina moments from the last four seasons. Read More

    Writer John Freiler accuses Geico campaign of ripping off his short film

    It is not terribly uncommon for people to steal and use ideas that are not their own. In high school and college they lectured us over and over about plagiarism, and threatened us with a strict zero-tolerance policy. Clear-cut: you get caught stealing, you’re gone. In the real world, plagiarism is much easier to get away with it seems. Even with a mountain of evidence, there rarely seems to be a just end (we saw E!News get away with it just earlier this year).

    Today, writer John Freiler took to Twitter to call out a large company, Geico Insurance, for ripping off a short film he made with Joe Nicolosi. The brilliantly done horror film parody trailer done by Freiler and Nicolosi isn’t some hidden web gem seen only by comedy and film nerds. The film was screened at SXSW 2013 and then later was posted on Youtube where it garnered a mighty 6.4 million views. Read More

    Vinnie’s Vices: That time I realized my obsession with sports cars

    Vinnie VitaleI’m comedian Vinnie Vitale, I’m 30 years old now. I have a steady job, a steady girlfriend, and recently moved into my own apartment.

    Life is going great, and I feel more uncomfortable than ever.

    Stability. It scares me. It’s like an unfamiliar guest that shows up at my door when I least expect. I’m never sure how to welcome him. I’m more inclined to bid him farewell in advance so I can get on with my unstable life.

    I’m accustomed to “instability”, the lingering pest that overstays his welcome and prevents you from ever getting you life together.

    He makes you stay out late at night, pushing you have another drink. When you get home, he raids all your cabinets. You wake in the morning on your couch – because instability “made you sleep there” — only to realize the motherf*cker cleared out your fridge too.

    Your apartment’s a mess; it’s a Tuesday; you don’t have time to brush your teeth because you’re already 30 minutes late to work – and f*ck, where are my pants?! Did instability take those too? I swear, I’m never inviting him over again. That guy’s a d*ck.

    If society has it’s way, instability and I won’t be hanging out much longer.

    And I think I’m okay with that.

    In fact, I’m even willing to give up a thing or two to prevent him from sticking around. At least for a month at a time…

    Sometimes I try to see what my life is like without certain vices. More often I develop new ones. After all, isn’t life meant for enjoyment? Last month I discovered my latest obsession: sports cars. Read More