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  • Howard Stern wack pack member Eric “The Actor” Lynch dead at 39

    Eric The ActorEric “The Actor” Lynch has died.

    Lynch was a regular on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show’s as a member of the show’s Wack Pack – a collection of regulars who call in/appear on the show, usually with a self-identifying feature about them – a unique voice, affliction, or ability. Lynch was known in the Stern universe as Eric “The Midget,” but always pushed to have his name changed to Eric “The Actor.”

    Lynch was rushed to a hospital in Sacramento Saturday after having heard problems and most of his organs gave out. An official from the hospital confirmed his passing Saturday afternoon. Read More

    Carving Your Own Path: A conversation with Sara Schaefer

    There’s no one right way to carve out a career in comedy. Going off the beaten path can be risky, but it also has the potential to be the most rewarding. Comedian Sara Schaefer has made a name for herself doing things her way. We talked to Schaefer about her recent move to Los Angeles, starting a production company, and ups and downs of taking the road less traveled. Read More

    The Laugh Button presents “SideOneDummy Storytellers: What Band Changed Your Life?” on November 7th

    Attention readers of The Laugh Button, we’re excited to announce that on Friday, November 7th we will be presenting the first-ever New York edition of SideOneDummy Storytellers. This show usually takes place in the offices of the LA Punk Rock label SideOneDummy where label co-founder and comedian Joe Sib invites his comedian and musician friends to come by and tell stories about growing up and music’s influence on them. Read More

    Baysides and musicals: The Laugh Button interview with Dustin Diamond

    It seems almost immediately after ending his runs of the hit tween 90s sitcom Saved By The Bell and two follow-up series, Dustin Diamond has been a wealth of controversy in the news. Most recently, his 2009 tell-all book Behind the Bell was adapted into the Lifetime movie The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story which furthered his infamy in the eyes of fans of the popular show. From TV to movies to books to comedy to reality television, Dustin has ridden the series almost everywhere. And now, he’s taking it to Broadway! Well off-Broadway that is. Dustin is now starring as himself in Bayside The Musical, which is “the unauthorized musical parody of TV’s Saved By The Bell.” Currently running at Theatre 80 in New York City. We recently spoke with Diamond after his opening night performance to get the scoop on why he wanted to be a part of the musical, why Saved By The Bell has stood the test of time all these years, and musicals vs stand-up. Read More

    “Saturday Night Live” hires comedian Pete Davidson as its newest featured player

    Pete DavidsonHere’s some awesome news to get your Monday morning going. We’ve heard from a few different sources that comedian Pete Davidson is the newest featured member of Saturday Night Live when season 40 begins in a few weeks. The 20-year-old comedian will not be the youngest cast member to ever join the show (that goes to a 17 year old Anthony Michael Hall) but he is absolutely one of the most promising. Ever since Davidson began his stand-up career he’s been a comedian to watch, catching the eye of others including Nick Cannon, who began putting him on stand-up shows and eventually the reboot of Wild N’ Out. Davidson is also a regular on the hit MTV2 show Guy Code. Read More

    9 Documentaries about comedians you can find on Netflix, and one you can’t

    There are a lot of comedy documentaries out there in the world. Some of them are endlessly fascinating and offer a behind the scenes look at what comedians think about a topic. Others focus on one comedian’s origin story/search/climb/obstacle overcoming something. While others sometimes are just fun because a bunch of your favorite comedians talk about favorite things.

    With that being said, we decided to come up with a list of comedy documentaries that specifically focus on a comedian instead of a topic in comedy. You can find Nine of these documentaries on on Netflix, one, you will not find (but its freely available on the internet). They’re worth putting in your queue and watching the next time you’d like to dive into comedian history. Read More

    All About Perspective: A conversation with Ben Kronberg

    Ben Kronberg is one of the most unique and innovative comics today. From clever puns, to rapping along with his iPhone beatbox app, I have time after time curled over from laughter watching him perform. Having recently performed at the High Plains Comedy Festival, I had the pleasure of chatting with Ben about his Denver roots, his most recent TV appearances, and why it’s important to not let the things you don’t have overshadow what you do have. Check it out. Read More

    Kurt Metzger “White Precious,” is can’t miss stand-up comedy (review)

    Kurt Metzger - White PreciousAt a certain point in his special White Precious, comedian Kurt Metzger homely refers to himself as “Uncle Kurt,” and he might be the kind of Uncle that you’d go visit on a regular basis to get away from the humdrum of everyday life. Erudite without being snobbish, while effecting an easygoing delivery style, Metzger manages to draw from a wild reliquary of scenarios and write extremely well about them – all of which makes the 36-year-old comedian’s first hour stand-up special good enough to share a named with an Oscar-nominated film.

    To clarify, the idea of “Uncle Kurt” is only mentioned one time in this album, so it’s barely even a moniker – let alone an alter ego. However, Metzger’s stage presence is split: the tells-it-like-it-is/no-nonsense Kurt Metzger-persona is, “not enchanted by your whimsy” and really doesn’t like the state of Alaska. However, the sarcastic/satirical Kurt Metzger-persona believes that homosexuals should be firebombed in “God’s drone strikes” and can’t seem to hail a taxicab in New York City despite using “all of his whiteness.” Read More