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  • The Rumor Mill: “Last Comic Standing” cancelled by NBC

    Last Comic StandingWe’re hearing rumblings from sources that NBC has axed the summer reality comedy series Last Comic Standing… again.

    The comedy competition show had new life injected into it this past summer when Wanda Sykes and her production team revived the show for an 8th season hosted by JB Smoove with judges Russell Peters, Roseanne Barr, and Keenan Ivory Wayans. The rebooted show was met to mixed reviews from people who criticized the application process in which producers hand-selected comedians to audition for the show. Once it aired, response was fairly well from the comedians involved and community in general. Read More

    Cameron Diaz hosted “Saturday Night Live”: Turkey time in New York City

    Cameron Diaz was the host of Saturday Night Live and Mystical was a drop in musical guest. Yes, you read those words and its not 2002. Diaz is hosting the show to promote her starring in the upcoming Annie movie, so there’s a guarantee we’ll see a spoof sketch of that. But, if there would be a sketch of her wearing Ben Stiller’s “hair gel,” now that’s something that would surprise me.

    As for the show itself, it appeared the writers had already checked out for the long holiday weekend, because this night brought as few laughs as an episode could get. There wasn’t much to the evening really, the cold open was a simple, “how ’bout we throw Kenan down some steps?” joke, then Diaz opened the monologue with a clunky Thanksgiving joke and things didn’t really move more from them.

    Aside from a fun revisiting of the all girl song, “Back Home Baller,” there wasn’t much that really hit on the episode. The monologue was a bit half-assed and that was the best we got throughout the entire evening. A far cry of the classic vintage episode NBC ran earlier that same evening. Let’s run it down. Read More

    Guess what we learned about the Impractical Jokers during a Tenderloins Podcast taping…

    Most people likely know Sal, Joe, Murr and Q as the maniacs behind the hit TruTV show, Impractical Jokers. Also known as The Tenderloins comedy troupe, what makes Impractical Jokers so lovable aren’t just the pranks they pull on each other in front of unbeknownst strangers (as hysterical as they are), but rather the chemistry shared between the four (they have, after all, been friends since high school). It’s clear that this bond seen on screen is purely genuine within seconds of seeing the four perform together onstage (something I had the joy of witnessing last year at the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square). That’s why it was especially extraordinary to see them perform one of four shows at New York’s Highline Ballroom this weekend. While the Jokers’ signature ribbing on each other was in full effect during the night, the four were specifically testing out new material in the intimate setting for their upcoming tours (revealing stories that even their fellow troupe members never heard before). It was a rare opportunity to witness a group beloved for their seamlessly quick wit further generate humor on the whim. Read More

    Woody Harrelson hosted “Saturday Night Live” there were pot jokes and The Dudleys

    Woody Harrelson SNLThe last time Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live it was 1989. That seems like an eternity ago. It’s also an entire Taylor Swift ago. Something the host acknowledges in the opening monologue. It’s and impressive feat for anyone to remain in the entertainment biz for so long. With the release of the latest installment of The Hunger Games and the rave reviews from this summer’s True Detective, Harrelson has managed to plug into an entirely new audience. Now, if he just could’ve gotten that attention off Zombieland.

    How did Harrelson do as host of SNL this week? In a nutshell, pretty great. Sometimes the best SNL episodes are the ones where you aren’t sure of the host (Josh Hutcherson) and sometimes the slam dunk just isn’t (Chris Rock). Harrelson’s episode fell in the latter. It was the first time in a long time this season where it appears the new cast and writers seem to gel and feel totally confident about delivering both pre-recorded and live sketches. Now can we stop using the phrase “transition” and haters hating? Harrellson was placed in sketches that played up his goofy demeanor, straight man ability, and affinity for “alternative” recreation, each providing for quirky moments and fun times. There was good social commentary on current events, sports, politics, and drugs. We had True Detective spoofs, awkward makeout scenes, and the Dudleys! Read More

    Maui Comedy Festival: A behind the scenes look (photos)

    Maui Comedy Festival

    Well, it’s a few days since we were in the beautiful 90-degree weather of Maui for the inaugural Maui Comedy Festival. To say it was an unbelievable experience is an understatement as we were afforded the opportunity to see not only great stand-up comedy shows, but to get a truly behind-the-scenes look at the festival. From flights in, ceremonial blessings, snorkeling, to the green room, The Laugh Button was offered all access on the grounds in paradise watching comedians kill it. Read More

    New York Comedy Festival: Maria Bamford at Town Hall

    NYCF - Maria Bamford

    Comedian of Comedy and actress Maria Bamford took the stage at Comedy Central’s New York Comedy Festival this past weekend at Town Hall NYC. Known for openness in her material about depression, she’s also been seen in Target commercials, on season four of Arrested Development and countless other TV shows and specials. Starting off the night was Joyelle Nicole Johnson. Read More

    Vinnie’s Vices: Copycatcalling (my night as Soshana Roberts)

    Vinnie VitaleFor NJ based comedian Vinnie Vitale, the comedy lifestyle isn’t always pretty. Late nights, binge eating, excessive drinking; these are not healthy habits for a guy entering his 30s. On the path to success sometimes you’ve got to make a few sacrifices along the way. Join him each month as he discovers the challenges of conquering his ultimate vice: comedy.

    For some reason, nearly every Halloween I cross-dress. We won’t delve into varying degrees of psychoanalysis as to “why” at this time; just know that this Halloween was no different.

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock since last week, at this point you’re familiar with the catcalling video. To summarize, a fairly curvaceous woman filmed walking through the streets of NYC wearing jeans and a crewneck shirt is subject to degrading behavior from nearly every male encounter with whom she crosses paths. Albeit at first I thought she was wearing spandex, nevertheless her experience opened the world’s eyes to a widespread problem many women* face on a daily basis. As a man, surprisingly this video struck a chord with me too; and it wasn’t just because she had great knockers. I couldn’t believe all the attention—and tangential publicity on the web—she was getting from simply walking! Of course I couldn’t resist an opportunity to use her recent exposure for my own self-exploitation, which is why I went out dressed as her for Halloween. Read More

    New York Comedy Festival: Bill Cosby at Carnegie Hall

    Bill CosbyThere’s something to be said about watching a comedy legend like Bill Cosby perform in such a legendary venue as Carnegie Hall. While many comedians have performed the famed concert hall in its 123 year old history, Cosby’s connection to Carnegie goes way back. That was made evident within the first few seconds of Cosby’s Saturday night performance when he kicked off the evening by placing his ill friend Norman (who he said helped book him at Carnegie over 52 years ago) on speaker phone so he could hear the entire audience cheer for him to get better.

    Ok, so it was less of a stand-up set and more of an intimate evening of storytelling with Cosby (who remained seated for most of the evening). Yet that made the show feel even more special and unique. From describing his uncle’s response (or lack thereof) to infant Bill’s inquiries about The Stork and where babies come from, to demonstrating how he was able to pull off a “snapback” at a benefit show for Temple University’s Men’s Gymnasts program (a physical bit that proved only Cosby could get away with laying down on Carnegie’s famed stage), Cosby’s strong delivery was in full form. Forget for a brief second the resurfaced scandals Cosby has found himself in (as awful and unforgivable as they are if the accusations are true). Even just for that one night, Cosby became the grandfather who was beloved for always telling the funniest stories during family gatherings.

    New York Comedy Festival: Chris D’Elia “Under No Influence” at Town Hall

    Chris D’Elia delivered one of the most anticipated sets of this year’s New York Comedy Festival to a sold out crowd at Town Hall Saturday night. Joining the likes of Bill Cosby, Marc Maron, Amy Shumer and so many others that have been filling NYC venues all week. Coming off the success of White Male, Black Comic as well as roles on sitcoms Whitney and Undateable, D’Elia has become one of the most sought after comedians after being named one of Variety’s “10 Comedians to Watch.” From the time D’Elia took the stage to when the house lights came up there was nothing but laughs in Times Square. Read More

    The Laugh Button presents SideOneDummy Storytellers (photos)

    On Friday night, we were fortunate enough to host the first East Coast edition of SideOneDummy Storytellers. A show that LA punk rock label SideOneDummy puts on monthly at its offices. The premise is simple, label co-owner and comedian Joe Sib hosts some comics and a musical guest to come on and tell a story about a topic/theme each night. On our night in the Vintage Lounge at the Gotham Comedy Club, Sib asked the performers, “what band changed your life?” Leaving guests, Jesse Malin, Greg Behrendt, Janeane Garofalo, and Kyle Kinane to tell us their story about music and bands. The answers ranged from bands like The Ramones to Michael Jackson. Hell, even Ray Parker Jr’s “Ghostbusters” theme song hilariously reared its head. Read More