Greer Barnes Features

Greer Barnes is not in the Army

Greer Barnes has a joke about a horse—auspiciously, seeing that his last name connotes a place to keep one. Depending upon the room, or his mood, the horse can gallop down a number of paths. The animal is always carrying a cop: sometimes the two are posing for pictures, sometimes they’re attempting to thwart a […]

Andree Vermeulen The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #71: Andree Vermeulen from “Angie Tribeca”

Matt and Mark address the Ghostbusters backlash. Is it overzealous fanboys, sexism, a vocal minority, or should all of us mouthbreathers just relax and laugh at what will potentially be just a fun movie. Also, actress Andreee Vermeulen from the TBS comedy Angie Tribeca sits down with us to talk about what we can expect […]

David Cross - Nightmare Gig Features

Nightmare Gig: David Cross has a run in with a local at a venue

Every working comedian has at least one of those moments in their career. That moment when they take the stage and things just do not go as they wanted. Weather it be a bad venue, audience, or bad jokes, the show turns from bad show to a nightmare. Nightmare Gig is when The Laugh Button […]

Manifesto Features

A look at the time comedians were oddly name-dropped in a killer’s manifesto

There is a terrific podcast hosted by three comedians Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski called The Last Podcast on The Left. Each week, the hosts break down everything in the horror genre, from true crime, to unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, and even the occult. On a recent episode they discuss Manifestos left by […]

Rick and Morty Reviews

Rick and Morty get schwifty with season 2 blu-ray this June

This June, Adult Swim’s new flagship show will teleport into homes when Rick and Morty: The Complete Second Season debuts on blu-ray and DVD June 7th. The release features all 10 of the hilarious inter-dimensional episodes with guest stars Stephen Colbert (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert), Keith David (Community), Tom Kenny (Adventure Time), and […]

Kevin Hart What Now Lists

The 10 highest grossing stand-up films of all time

This Fall, Kevin Hart will be heading back into theaters. But not as an actor, as a stand-up comedian. On October 14th we will be witness to his third concert film titled, Kevin Hart: What Now? This upcoming installment sees Hart perform in front of a crowd of 50,000 people at Philadelphia’s outdoor venue, Lincoln […]

Saturday Night Live Sketches 41 Lists

The 14 best sketches from season 41 of “Saturday Night Live”

This weekend put wrap on Season 41 of Saturday Night Live. After a major anniversary, we got ourselves a cast that went through some major overhaul and finally began to gel on many fronts. Lorne Michaels made no major cast shakeups during the off season, promoting Beck Bennett, Colin Jost, Kyle Mooney, and Sasheer Zamata […]

Tim Meadows Sketchy MVPs

Sketchy MVPs: Tim Meadows from “Saturday Night Live”

We all love Amy Schumer, everyone knows how brilliant Key & Peele are, and you’ve watched Will Ferrell’s classic SNL sketches countless of times. But in this weekly column Sketchy MVPs, The Laugh Button shines a light on comedians from our favorites shows and troupes who don’t often get rightful credit for their contributions to sketch comedy. Plenty […]

Reformed Whores The Laugh Button Podcast

The Laugh Button Podcast #70: Reformed Whores beat around the bush

Matt is back! Thanks for filling in Billy Yost. It’s upfront season so Mark dropped in to see what’s new. Then the comedy music duo known as Reformed Whores join us on the podcast to talk about how they met, recording funny songs in legendary studios and touring with Dweezil Zappa. New episodes of The […]