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  • On Tour with Dave Ross: Week 2, ‘Sh*t hits the fan’

    LA based comedian and storyteller Dave Ross is traveling across the country for a two month tour encompassing the full spectrum of comedy shows; house shows, weekends featuring at clubs, a live podcast recording, headlining independent shows, all culminating in his biggest show yet: headlining the Hollywood Improv on May 30th. As Dave treks his way across the US, The Laugh Button will be pulling up the rear, documenting every stop, every show. We’ll be checking in with Dave every week to hear about all the highs and lows and crazy sh*t that comes his way. Godspeed Mr. Ross!

    WEEK 2

    Boy, I thought the first week on the road was eventful for Dave, that is until he filled me in about last week’s… festivities. I checked in with Dave after completing his second week on tour, headlining (and crushing) shows in Albuquerque, NM, Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma City, OK, and Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, TX. To say his week was rough would be putting it lightly. From nasty food poisoning, a second new car (so long, Doris), homophobic cooks, and the opposite of fun in a 7/11 parking lot, week two was a doozy.

    Find out for yourself and read our conversation. Read More

    Update: Artie Lange hospitalized after going into diabetic shock, Hospital trying to commit him to mental ward

    Artie LangeUPDATE 4/16- 5:53pm ET Things have just gotten worse for Artie. Just moments ago Artie posted to his Facebook page that the hospital is not allowing him to be released from the hospital where he was checked into. Officials at the hospital apparently want the comedian to remain under their care and are trying to place Lange into a mental ward because he’s trying to leave their care. Lange stated, “Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak Michigan is forcing me into a mental ward just cause I want to leave. I need your help. Calls. Radio. Love u.”

    Artie Lange is a comedian whose had his share of health issues the last few years. However, since he mounted a return to radio with then co-host Nick DiPaolo, Lange appeared to have turned a corner. Today, he was reminded that there’s still some work to be done as he was hospitalized for going into diabetic shock. Diabetic shock can be a big deal, it’s usually too much insulin in a person’s system causing them to faint, requiring immediate medical attention.

    Today, Lange released an image of him in a hospital bed stating, “In the hospital outside of Detroit after going into diabetic shock. Trying to get better. Sorry for missing gigs.” Forcing him to cancel some scheduled shows. It appears he’s canceled all of his shows through this week as the next date currently listed on his show is for the 19th in LA. Read More

    We put on our tightest pants and hang with Steel Panther

    We got gangbanged by Steel Panther! Just the other day the band released their new album, All You Can Eat to the masses and in normal Steel Panther style, it rips. On album release day, the band invited The Laugh Button to visit them in the Gibson Studios in NYC to spend some time with them. There, they performed some acoustic songs and let us tape it exclusively to share with our readers (that’s you). Before they left, we played a round of “Three Minutes With” and even tossed in the most ridiculous fan-submitted question we could find via Twitter.

    The band was hilarious for the entire two-hours we were with them. We watched them count down guitar riffs, in which drummer Styx Zadinia accidentally caught a guitar in the face from Satchel, but Styx recovered, and informed us that the Japanese version of a Les Paul guitar is a “Res Paul,” it literally made us snort. Read More

    Thank You Internet! It’s ‘Time to Dye’ (video)

    This week is Easter, the holiest of holidays for those of the Christian faith. But if you think about it, Easter is probably the most metal of holidays as well. A crucifixion, followed by the guy coming back to life a few days later? Pretty intense, especially if you’ve seen Mel Gibson’s torture porn film The Passion of the Christ. Writer/director Ansel Wallenfang disagrees, however. Read More

    Don Jamieson Twitter Reviews ‘Game of Thrones,’ episode 4:2

    Welcome to my Twitter reviews of the new season of Game Of Thrones. I had so much fun NOT watching The Walking Dead and reviewing it I decided to NOT watch this show too. I may be a nerd, but at least I’m a music nerd. On That Metal Show I get to interview my hard rock & heavy metal idols like Ace Frehley from Kiss and Geddy Lee from Rush. That’s like fans of this show meeting a Dungeon AND a Dragon. Possible spoilers ahead. Read More

    Otto Peterson of Otto & George passes away suddenly at 53

    Well, this sucks.

    Otto Petersen, the comedian who is the raunchy ventriloquist act Otto & George, passed away yesterday afternoon, he was 53 years of. As of now, there’s no reason given to what he passed away from but he had been hospitalized last year after contracting bacterial meningitis and forced into a coma.

    His friend and comedian Jim Norton made the announcement this morning on The Opie & Anthony Show where Peterson had been a longtime recurring guest. Norton was noticeably shaken as he received a call from Peterson’s girlfriend while on the air he wrote it down for O&A who were also shocked by the news and cut to commercial break. After the break, Norton delivered the news to O&A and listeners, still very shaken by the news he just heard. “I don’t know what he died of. But apparently he took a nap, and never woke up.” Norton added, “No one made me laugh harder than him.” Read More

    Dave Attell’s cringeworthy comedy is perfectly captured on ‘Road Work’

    Dave Attell, Road WorkIt’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since we’ve last seen a Dave Attell stand-up comedy special. Yeah, do the math, it was 2007 when Captain Miserable was released. It’s a very long time for hands-down one of the best comedians in the game to produce something he’s so incredibly great at doing. While he’s had some projects in the time between, the stage of a comedy club is where Dave Attell shines brightest. It’s a giant flaming ball of crude, rude, cringe-worthy, and devastating stand-up. Did you expect anything else?

    Road Work is the best representation of the comedy and style of Dave Attell we’ve seen to date. Past Attell stand-up specials have seen him suited up in a well-lit theater telling jokes. Road Work strips away any formalities and tapes Attell working where he’s best, in comedy clubs on stages close to the crowd where he can talk to them, hear their reactions, and toss out in-the-moment tags to jokes. There’s a sped up flow to the special, which benefits Attell and his rapid-fire delivery. Exaggerated with the club location changing every 10 minutes or so (perfect for commercial breaks). It’s also shot guerrilla style, with a few cameras, including one on stage that Attell often bumps into and interacts with, there’s a shaky audience camera and as Attell states at the beginning of the party, it’s a “filthy, dirty mess of a show.” Read More

    Seth Rogen hosted Saturday Night Live, there were guest stars and fart jokes

    Seth Rogen SNLSeth Rogen returned for another hosting session of Saturday Night Live. An episode that can only be described as weird and uneven. This back half of this season of SNL has really started to focus on weird rather than totally funny. Rogen’s episode should’ve flown high (see what I did there?) but was mostly failures. The always solid Weekend Update was ho-hum and led into a second half of an episode that really wasn’t worth the time to watch.

    Rogen isn’t a very musical guy so this episode contained virtually none what last week had, but that also allowed for the next day internet crowd to see more of the episode than they did last week. He’s a fun gentlemen and provides for fun times usually but this episode wasn’t really something I’d put in the “win” column. Weed jokes or not. Read More