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  • Blake Shelton hosted Saturday Night Live: he brought a wishing boot and spread some magic

    Blake Shelton SNL Bumpers

    Blake Shelton seems like a nice guy which is one of the reasons we found ourselves rooting for him when he hosted Saturday Night Live last night. Considering we aren’t too familiar with his music or his time as a judge on The Voice but damn that guy has a nice smile! Blake came into studio 8H to with some of his guitar and Southern charm, and put it on heavy. While Shelton was his charming self, some of the sketches felt like half-baked premises rather than fully realized sketches, but we did however get to see Leslie Jones laugh, a wishing boot, tested Pete Davidson’s sexuality, and Riblet, Riblet forever! Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast: Pawnography with Christopher Titus and Rick Harrison

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    The Laugh Button Podcast is up and running! We’re happy to announce that we’ve joined up with our pals at Riotcast and will be delivering you a weekly podcast where we cover all the news in the comedy world. For this episode our pal Christopher Titus stopped by the studios to discuss the news of the day. After the his FOX show ended, Titus has forged a stand-up career that’s worked mostly outside of the comedy mainstream. He’s maintained the rights to his specials and along the way made decisions to keep creative control of his art. Titus’ currently hosts the History Channel TV show Pawnography which also stars the cast of Pawn Stars. Titus brought along Rick Harrison from the popular TV show. We discussed everything from comedy heroes, new, and scotch. Rick just launched a new app, Rick Harrison’s Trivia Challenge that he filled us all in on. Titus is currently on tour to promote his new special, Angry Pursuit of Happiness and his tour. All of which can be found on his website. Read More

    The Birthday Boys quit their IFC TV Show [UPDATE]

    The Birthday BoysThis morning, the sketch comedy troupe, The Birthday Boys announced that they are stepping down as hosts and not returning for a third season of their sketch comedy show on IFC. In a taped message to their fans, the crew stated that putting together the show was a lot of work and they’re really proud of what they did, but are not continuing. They also said they’re not sure of the status of the show’s future, offering up scenarios that maybe they’ll be replaced if IFC didn’t simply cancel the show. The pessimist in us believes maybe it’s a preemptive move to save face ahead of cancellation? But the optimist in us knows that sketch comedy is difficult and The Birthday Boys are by no means the first to end a sketch show because of the grind of creating it (see Nick Swardson or Nick Kroll). Read More

    Neko White, “Introducing… Me” (review)

    Neko WhiteMaking a strong first impression can be intimidating. Meeting a potential employer, the future in-laws, casting agents, business partners, etc. is cause for countless hours of preparation. If your mirror could talk back to you, you would hope it had words of encouragement before you stepped out of the door. If not, you may become a wicked queen and give away poison apples. When comics are prepping their debut album, they know every last joke has to be polished like your grandfather’s Cadillac. Harlem’s own Neko White has been building towards his debut album Introducing… Me since his first time on stage seven years ago. What’s most impressive is the fact that seven years ago, White was only 14! As far as first impression go? If this album were a first job interview, White would be hired before an employor sees the other candidates. Read More

    Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live: with Bieber spoofs, dungeons, and dragons

    Kevin Hart SNL

    This weekend Kevin Hart managed to do two things – 1) achieve his forth straight $20 million-plus box office opening and 2) convince us that the’s a good Saturday Night Live host. It’s the comic’s second time hosting SNL and he’s exactly what you want from a host in a live sketch show – excited to be there, down for anything in the name of a laugh, and quick on his feet (which he fully executed when there was a technical problem in one sketch).

    Hart has paid his dues to make his climb to the top of the comedy ladder and he seems to be staying there. Over the course of the night Hart was able to pull the fun out of lesser sketches through sheer excitement and Kevin Hartness, introduced us to his social media violation dungeon, encountered dragons, and leather… he wore a lot of leather. Read More

    Liz Miele, “Emotionally Exhausting” (review)

    Liz Miele Emotionally ExhaustingIt’s always amazing in today’s non-stop world how we can get through the day. The morning commute and rush hour traffic squeeze a 9-to-5 into the worst sandwich since KFC put bacon and heart disease between two slabs of fried chicken. Evenings after work deal with bad dates, text message fights, broken plans, short bank accounts, and of course laundry (I hate doing laundry). The week can be a marathon and exhausting. If you’re Liz Miele, you beat stress by reworking life’s bumpy road into a solid comedy act. Her debut album Emotionally Exhausting proves your day doesn’t have to suck if you can laugh.

    I completely forgot I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic while listening to Miele’s album. I didn’t mind getting cut off because I was laughing the whole ride home. And if I didn’t laugh, it was only because I was too amazed how smart her routines were. The album made me want pull over start rewriting my own material. The Brooklyn comic’s bits are well constructed like a Park Slope brownstone. With topics ranging from riding the late-night subway, relationships based on couch access, and even the disadvantages of health food, Miele’s perspective is relatable while staying original. Read More

    Comedian and actor Taylor Negron dead at 57 after battle with cancer

    Taylor NegronIt’s unfortunate to report that comedian and actor Taylor Negron has passed away at the age of 57. Negron was taken after along batter with cancer. Chuck Negron, Taylor’s cousin (and of the band Three Dog Night broke the sad news today telling the world, “I want to inform you that my cousin Taylor Negron just passed away. His mother, his brother Alex and my brother Rene and his wife Julie were all there with him. May he rest in peace.”

    Negron began performing stand-up comedy when he was in high school, workshopping under the iconic Lucille Ball before he started to perform stand-up. He’d eventually get spots at The Comedy Store where he honed his comedy act. Read More

    Live at the Village Underground: The Laugh Button Interview with Robert Kelly (part 2)

    Tonight is the TV premiere of Robert Kelly’s new stand-up special, Live At The Village Underground. It debuts on Comedy Central at 12 midnight and you should absolutely make it a point to watch it. In the second part of our video interview with Kelly, we discuss what it was like taking the special to a film festival, how he conquered his abundance of material and what it meant to him taping it in his home comedy club. Read More

    Satirists respond to the Charlie Hebdo tragedy

    Charlie HebdoIt’s been a very surreal few days for comedy, first a comedian is viciously attacked on stage followed shortly after the senseless terrorist attack on the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo killing 12 and critically wounding 11 others while the attackers, who are thought to be Islamic extremists and 2 of the 3 suspects are still at large. By now, most of social media has shared many of the great responses other news organizations and political cartoonists, linking through #JeSuisCharlie which translated means, “I Am Charlie.” The slogan showed up in Times Square, the Eiffel Tower went dark in the victims’ honor. Hell, even Fake Banksy felt appropriate to weigh in.

    Last night comedian Louis C.K. wore a handmade red Charlie Hebdo t-shirt on stage, a stark departure from his usual black-toned tee. But Louis wasn’t the only one, here’s how the comedy community weighed in on the situation. Read More

    Go ahead and mock Staten Island, Jon Stewart; this native Staten Islander approves

    Jon Stewart, Staten IslandStaten Island is often a joke that needs not a punchline. Forever known by the world as being the literal dump that breeds bright orange, fist pumping Guidos, The Forgotten Borough has more recently been at the center of darker and more serious attention. Bipartisan separation has been at an all-time high as island natives are grievously divided by their opinions on Eric Garner, the NYPD, District Attorney Dan Donovan and his grand jury, and former Congressman Michael Grimm. As these dark clouds loom over Shaolin, Jon Stewart manages to shine a light on all of these landmark events with the perfect touch of sardonic humor that the island so desperately needs during these trying times. Read More