The Grammys Need Comedy: "Seaman 1st Class" by Kathy Griffin

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  • The Grammys Need Comedy: “Seaman 1st Class” by Kathy Griffin

    Kathy GriffinThe 55th Grammy Awards take place Feb. 10 at Staples Center in Los Angeles and allegedly the comedy segment will not be televised. What bullshit! The six badass comedians who are nominated for the Best Comedy Album include Jimmy Fallon, Margaret Cho, Lewis Black, Kathy Griffin, Jim Gaffigan and Tenacious D. These artists are leading the next wave of comedy, making millions laugh, yet the snobs at CBS are choosing not to air the comedy portion of the Grammys. Screw you man, or woman. Screw you both equally!

    Each day leading up to the Grammys we are providing breakdowns and our favorite moments each nominated comedian’s albums. If you haven’t heard their newest album, don’t be scared. In each post we will provide links to free videos and songs from your favorite funny people.

    Kathy Griffin Seaman 1st ClassKathy Griffin
    Seaman 1st Class
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    One of the nominees for best comedy album is Kathy Griffin: Seaman 1st Class as this is the fifth consecutive year for Kathy to be nominated for a Grammy. The talk show host and foul mouthed comedian continues to kick ass and take names as she continues to achieve great milestones… being nominated for her fifth straight Grammy being one of them.

    Kathy Griffin is a hard working entertainer who is accomplished across multiple media platforms. Always energetic and ready to scream the tangents in your face, Kathy is a modern day powerhouse who continues to appear everywhere we look.

    For New Years Eve she hopped on live air with Anderson Cooper wearing nothing more than her bra and underwear. She brought in the new year with a bang as she opening ripped on Cooper during the CNN broadcast.

    “I don’t know what Anderson has been doing this past year. I assume he has been sitting, eating Bon Bons in his mother’s apartment watching reality TV, while I was helping spread democracy in Egypt or Syria or whichever. Oh, and did I mention we’re giving away puppies at midnight?” – Kathy Griffin

    Kathy always likes to share her point of view especially when it comes to Ryan Seacrest or Justin Beiber. This is a great clip of Kathy clearly sharing her humorous observations and insights. Damn she’s funny.

    The 55th Grammy Awards  will air Sunday, February 10, 2013 on CBS yet don’t plan on seeing Kathy or any of the comedians receive their award, as it’s said that the comedy segment will not air.

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