The Laugh Guide: Blue Humor

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  • The Laugh Guide: Blue Humor

    Chris RockThe Laugh Guide: Issue 2 – Blue Humor

    The ongoing series of exploring different styles of comedy.

    Colors don’t usually present themselves in explaining comedy yet it’s one of a few exceptions that cover a large field of humor. Blue Humor is based on heavy topics such as racism, sexism and homophobic viewpoints. This style of comedy is complimented with profane language that will immediately get and audience’s attention.

    Blue comedy is the form that is off-color, indecent or risqué. A “blue comedian” or “blue comic” refers to comedians who perform risqué routines covered in curse words and sexual references. These comedians usually shock and offend audiences, especially if they are not ready for this style.

    Those comedians who play family-friendly roles in television might choose to work blue when the cameras are off. Comedian and actor Bob Saget is a perfect example of this trend. Previously he played the fun loving Danny Tanner of the kid friendly Full House television show yet his stand-up routines are some of the most vulgar (and funny) sets around.

    Sarah Silverman is a great example of a blue comedian as she continually pushes the limits on what racist and sexist viewpoints can be referenced. Watch this funny ass clip that aired during the elections of Silverman trying to get old people to vote.

    Speaking of Bob Saget, watch the perfect example of how blue comedy can shock and aw the audience.

    One of the masters of blue comedy is Dave Attell as he is known for super sexual and racist stories. Check out his stand-up “Racist Dinosaur.”


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