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  • “Summahtology” with comedian Howard Kremer: The Laugh Button Interview

    Howard Kremer

    Comedian Howard Kremer, also know as Dragon Boy Suede, has released six albums and has had a half-hour special on Comedy Central. He has written on Austin Stories (which he co-created), The Goode Family from Mike Jedge, Human Giant and more. He has also made regular appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Comedy Bang Bang, @midnight and The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail. His podcast, Who Charted?, is a weekly countdown of the top charters in music, movies and more and has featured guests such as Sarah Silverman and Zach Galifianakis. He is also featured in the upcoming Nat Geo show Now We Know. He performs stand-up and “Summah” summits at clubs all over the U.S. as well as overseas. Howard is the founder of the “Have a Summah!” lifestyle movement celebrating everything summer. The “Have a Summah” movement has lead to the release of four full length albums, and video starring Zooey Deschanel and Summahfest, an annual summer celebration at the Nerdist Showroom in Hollywood. We caught up with the comedian in support of his latest album Summahtology and talked about his roots in music and comedy, developing characters, and what it was like being a part of the west coast alternative scene explosion. Read More

    A behind-the-scenes look into Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition with creative director Mark Lach

    Mark Lach

    Saturday Night Live is not only one of the most influential institutions in the comedy universe, but one of the most important and longest running, having woven itself into the fabric of our culture over the last 40 years. We’ve all seen what happens on screen and remember our favorite characters and sketches, but rarely have we been able to peek behind the curtain to experience what brings this extraordinary show to life each and every week. Well that is exactly what Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition offers us. A once-in-a-lifetime look into the unique process documenting not only its history, but how it gets on air every Saturday at 11:30pm whether they are ready or not. To be impressed would be an understatement. In this exhibition, you will be “Wowed!” by artifacts you get to see, touch, and read about. From Lorne Michaels’ office desk to the actual costumes used on the show. There are behind-the-scenes photos and actual transcripts and props. You will get to live out your biggest SNL fantasies when you step on to the set of Jeopardy, or sit on Wayne and Garth’s couch. And what SNL experience would be complete without a photo at the Weekend Update desk. We recently had the opportunity to spend some time after our tour with the man responsible for bringing it all to life. The man who got us as close as one could be without actually stepping on to the stage as a cast member in Rockefeller Studio 8H. That man is Mark Lach. Read More

    It’s all good news for Russell Howard: The Laugh Button Interview

    Russell Howard

    British comedian Russell Howard is wrapping up a brief tour of North America, hitting the United States and wrapping things up with an appearance at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival. We caught up with the extremely busy comedian to catch up and get his thoughts on what its like traveling the states, comedy influences, his upcoming scripted comedy, who could be the next female action star, and how he became big on social media by deploying a really simple strategy. Read More

    Host of Got UR # on Fuse Timothy Dunn : The Laugh Button interview

    Timothy Dunn Photo

    Timothy Dunn is a New York City-based comedy-maker. A Northwestern University grad, Tim moved to New York from his native Chicago and was thrilled to join the company of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in January 2008. He’s been an actor on three house sketch comedy teams (Maude Teams), a line producer and performer on three internet sketch comedy teams (Beta Teams), and he’s currently the Senior Producer and an actor on UCBComedy Digital Team, Pocketwatch, making topical sketch comedy for the internet and beyond. Outside of his company teams’ shows, Tim’s been in a dozen sketch comedy shows with runs at the theatre. A few highlights include Waiting for Obama: A Night at the Disney Hall of Presidents, The Bachelor: Romance, Roses, and Romance and Brad Sacks Gets a Handjob. Tim also co-hosts a weekly improv-storytelling comedy podcast, produced by UCBComedy, called So, You’re Going Through a Break-Up…, with comedy partner and good buddy, Caitlin Bitzegaio. Outside of the UCB World, Tim’s made appearances on Conan, MTV, VH1, Logo, Animal Planet and in commercial and voiceover spots around the world. We headed over to Fuse headquarters and sat down with Dunn to catch up on his latest show and project, Got UR #. Read More

    Touring, politicians wearing shorts, and quitting stand-up: an interview with Kyle Dunnigan

    Kyle Dunnigan

    After a jaunt down the West coast and a plethora of dates with Amy Schumer down South, comedian and writer Kyle Dunnigan is packing up his bags once again to make his way across the country. The Midwestern leg of his tour includes stops in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and St. Louis and then in his words, “I’m retiring.” Thankfully Kyle doesn’t have a backup plan so it’s doubtful it’ll stick. We caught up with the Professor Blastoff co-host while he was working on Caitlyn Jenner material for Howard Stern. So we pick his brain about that, an upcoming tour and well, things just carried on from there. Read More

    Maui Comedy Festival co-founder Paul Chamberlain talks to The Laugh Button about his new summer comedy series

    Paul Chamberlain

    Imagine your favorite comedy festival. Now imagine taking that festival to one of the best vacation destinations in the world with one of a kind experiences. That about sums it up. The Maui Comedy Festival burst onto the scene in 2014 with some of the hottest acts in comedy today including Craig Robinson, Reggie Watts, Greg Proops, Hannibal Buress, Aisha Tyler, Tig Notaro and Kyle Kinane. With the immense success of the first year of the fest, it called for changes and demanded more. Thus, The Maui Comedy Festival Summer Series of Comedy in the Summer (Which is currently being debated in The Laugh Button offices as the best fest name yet). Read More

    Vans Warped Tour and Warped Comedy Tent creator Kevin Lyman: The Laugh Button Interview

    Kevin Lyman

    Just off celebrating the 20th anniversary of its existence, the Vans Warped Tour welcomes a new addition to its scene. Comedy. This year will mark the start of a new tradition with the 2015 Vans Warped Tour Comedy Tent and we are psyched to be the official sponsor for its entirety this year. This is the brain child of Warped Tour creator Kevin Lyman and SideOneDummy Records founder Joe Sib, whose SideOneDummy Storytellers Show has been a success on both coasts. I recently had the chance to talk with the festival founder and comedy fan Kevin Lyman about the new endeavor, why the music and comedy worlds are more similar than you think, other attempts at comedy tours and what comedy legend he used to drive around while in college. Here is The Laugh Button Interview with Kevin Lyman. Read More

    It Won’t Always Be This Great and Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman: The Laugh Button Interview


    Peter Mehlman became a writer for the Washington Post after college. He then found his way into television in 1982 working on SportsBeat with Howard Cosell. From 1985-90 he wrote for The New York Times Magazine, GQ and Esquire. Then it was time for the left coast. While out there, he ran into Larry David, whom he’d met back in New York. David invited Mehlman to submit a sample script for his show Seinfeld. Mehlman elected to send in a humor piece he’d written for the Times Magazine instead and landed the gig as a freelance writer for the show. It would be the first Seinfeld freelance episode, The Apartment. Over the eight-year run of the show, Mehlman rose to executive producer and coined such Seinfeld-isms as Yada Yada spongeworthy, shrinkage,. and double-dipping. In 1997, Mehlman joined DreamWorks and created It’s like, you know…, a scathing look at Los Angeles. Recently, Mehlman received praise for his first novel, It Won’t Always Be This Great, which was released in 2014. The Washington Post named it “One of the top five comedic books of 2014” and the only novel to make that list. In It Won’t Always Be This Great, Mehlman shows how one man’s story is never really his story alone including his hopes, failures, dreams, and realities. And how one man’s moment of rage snowballs into an entirely new life for him and those around him. Read More

    Demetri Martin and the persistence of jokes

    Demetri Martin

    About five years into his stand-up comedy career, Demetri Martin landed a writing job on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Daily Show soon after. It was around that time he wrote his first one-man show and began exploring the idea of screenwriting and acting. Then he continued on from there. A restless creative spirit with the will to be challenged; stand-up comic, writer, director and actor, Demetri Martin is taking to the road on The Persistence of Jokes Tour to revisit his passion from which it all came, stand-up comedy. Read More

    10 questions for 10 years: Early podcasters Keith and The Girl hit the decade anniversary mark

    Keith and Chemda

    Keith and The Girl, abbreviated as KATG, is a comedy podcast that began in March of 2005. It is hosted by Keith Malley and Chemda Khalili in Queens, New York. The hosts are known for interacting with their audience live via chat rooms, web cam and phone calls. In the show, Malley and Khalili discuss their lives and current events in humorous and unrestrained fashion. Simply put and well stated, the show’s tagline sums it all up, “Keith and his ex-girlfriend talk shit”. These two were, and still are, at the forefront of what we now know as the current podcast universe that has been filled to the brim with shows so specific in genre, that there are podcasts podcasting about podcasts. Read More