Jeffrey Gurian Interviews

The continued comedy adventures of Jeffrey Gurian

If you even have a tertiary view of the comedy scene, chances are you’ve seen a man walking around who seems to know every comedian in the room. He’s dressed better than most, has a head of gray hair that sticks up higher than most, glasses, and a comically-oversized pencil. This man is Jeffrey Gurian; […]

uproarious Interviews

“Uproarious” to usher in next generation of comedic talent

Uproarious is set to bring the biggest internet stars and the funniest comedians across the U.S. to the forefront. Check out breakout talent like Joey Bragg, Liza Koshy, Janelle James, Timothy DeLaGhetto, GloZell, and host Jimmy Tatro in a night of stand-up and cutting-edge sketches. This is your chance to be the first to connect […]

jeannette-rizzi Interviews

Jeannette Rizzi’s “Blindsided” uses comedy as the cure

Comedy isn’t the first thing you think of when it comes to suicide. And vice versa. It’s also a topic that’s just not easily discussed. Well, comedian Jeannette Rizzi is out to change all of that with her incredible journey she’s compiled into her one-woman show Blindsided. She’s bringing her talents and the show to […]

dan-cummins Interviews

Dan Cummins says “Don’t Wake the Bear”

Dan Cummins is quite the prolific comedian. Writing, hosting, and stand-up are all in his arsenal. It’s quite amazing how far he’s come considering how late he started stand-up, let alone how late he discovered it. Cummins’ unique point of view has earned him spots on The Tonight Show (both Conan and Leno have invited […]

justin-sayre-interview Interviews

It’s time for our “Meeting” with Justin Sayre

Justin Sayre is an audacious writer, comedian, performer, and is currently a staff writer on the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. He’s also appeared opposite Lisa Kudrow on HBO’s The Comeback. Well, he’s got a mission and he’s destined to complete it. He dissects issues of the LGBT community with what the New York Times […]

Drew Michael Features

Drew Michael is “Funny to Death”

I first became aware of Drew Michael when I was a cocktail server at a comedy club in Chicago. Very quickly I realized when Michael took the stage, a couple of things were going to happen. One, he was going to talk about some dark and possibly uncomfortable things like incest. And two, people were […]

Rhea Butcher Interviews

It’s been the year of debuts for Rhea Butcher

This has been quite the year for comedian, actor, and writer Rhea Butcher. Lucky for us, we get to join her for the ride. From her marriage to her new show, new album to late night appearances, we were able to catch up and discuss what this year has been like for her. We also […]

Kevin Murphy, Mike Nelson and Bill Corbett in the recording studio. 
(Photo Credit: RiffTrax) Interviews

Taking on “Mothra” with Kevin Murphy of Rifftrax

A live never-before-seen riffing on Toho’s Japanese monster classic, Mothra, from the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, TN will be taking place August 18th and you can be a part of it. Fathom Events and® are excited to bring Toho’s Mothra to the big screen for a live riff on Thursday, August 18th followed by […]

Photo: Mindy Tucker Interviews

“American C*nt” with Jena Friedman

Jena Friedman is a stand-up comic who has written for Late Show with David Letterman and was a field producer at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Now she’s about to offer up a probing examination into the US body politic and a couple of dick jokes in her new critically acclaimed solo show, American […]

Joshua D. Fischer Features

It’s time to “Meet the Regulars” with Joshua D. Fischer

Originally an interview series on the New York magazine partner Bedford + Bowery, Meet the Regulars is a book that captures a previously unseen and entertaining portrait of the people of Brooklyn and the places they love. In talking with the regulars at bars, restaurants, and shops in the world-famous borough, author Joshua Fischer delivers […]