dan-levy-lion-interview Interviews

Dan Levy thinks his new special “Lion” is not embarrassing

Dan Levy is a comedian, actor, writer, and producer. His credits include The Andy Dick Show, Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings, The Office, Chelsea Lately, Comedy Central Presents and the albums Running out of Minutes and Congrats On Your Success. His new special Lion is available now on Seeso. We caught up with […]

bobby-collins Interviews

Catching up with Bobby Collins

Comedian Bobby Collins has an ability to truthfully translate the human condition. Audiences across the country relate to his comedic characterizations as he exposes the humor of day-to-day situations as well as serving up resplendent rants on world events. Through precise physical timing and impeccable audience insight, he has honed his talents while performing from […]

jason-nash-fml Interviews

Jason Nash says “FML” in his new indie comedy

Jason Nash is a comedian, actor, writer, director, and Vine star. Nash created the web series Jason Nash is Married, a film version of which was released last year. Nash also created the web series How to Be a Man and The Shaman, and co-hosted and produced the long-running Guys With Feelings podcast. We recently […]

tony-rock-all-def-comedy-hbo Interviews

Tony Rock: From fly on the wall to the “All Def Comedy Special” on HBO

We are excited for the All Def Comedy Special coming to HBO. But before we dive in, let’s give everyone a history lesson on its Def Comedy Jam roots shall we? Def Jam is the premiere showcase of urban comedy in America. Def Jam was birthed out of necessity, kind of like hip-hop was born […]

sexy-liberal-comedy-tour Interviews

Hanging with Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour

One comedy tour is getting the last laugh just in time for the U.S. presidential election this November, as the hysterically funny Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour comes to big screens across the country. This event will be shown in U.S. cinemas for one night on Monday, November 7th at 7:30 p.m. local time […]

dee-bradley-baker Interviews

Dee Bradley Baker: The man of a thousand voices (Including his own)

Have you ever heard the voice of a character and thought, I wonder who’s doing that and how? Well, chances are that voice is coming from the one and only Dee Bradley Baker. Dee Bradley Baker is one of the most versatile and sought after A-list voice actors working today. His voice is seemingly everywhere, […]

chris-roach Interviews

Meet Chris Roach, the lovable gentle giant from “Kevin Can Wait”

When Kevin retires from the police force, he thinks life will be all about hanging out with his wife and kids and going on the occasional adventure with fellow retirees, Goody and Duffy, and his brother Kyle. A different narrative starts to take shape when he discovers his wife, Donna, has been protecting him from […]


Kevin Pollak brings the unbelievable story of “The Late Bloomer” to screen

The Late Bloomer is the story of Dr. Pete Newmans (Johnny Simmons), a successful sex therapist whose practice is devoted to helping people re-channel their sexual impulses. When his doctors discover a pituitary tumor that has delayed his onset of puberty for 15 years, Pete undergoes what would normally be years of puberty in a […]

now-were-talking Interviews

“Now We’re Talking” with Tommy Dewey and Tug Coker

The careers of former quarterbacks Tug Tanner and Tommy Arondall peaked early, and now they find themselves falling from the top of their game to the bottom of their class in sports broadcasting school. Now We’re Talking takes a comedic look at Tug and Tommy’s post-football relationship as they try to find success on a […]

Jeffrey Gurian Interviews

The continued comedy adventures of Jeffrey Gurian

If you even have a tertiary view of the comedy scene, chances are you’ve seen a man walking around who seems to know every comedian in the room. He’s dressed better than most, has a head of gray hair that sticks up higher than most, glasses, and a comically-oversized pencil. This man is Jeffrey Gurian; […]