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  • The Laugh Button Presents: On Tour with Dave Ross

    Dave_Ross_Illustration_D 50

    LA based comedian and storyteller Dave Ross is traveling across the country for a two month tour encompassing the full spectrum of comedy shows; house shows, weekends featuring at clubs, a live podcast recording, headlining independent shows, all culminating in his biggest show yet: headlining the Hollywood Improv on May 30th. As Dave treks his way across the US, The Laugh Button will be pulling up the rear, documenting every stop, every show. We’ll be checking in with Dave every week to hear about all the highs and lows and crazy sh*t that comes his way. Godspeed Mr. Ross!

    WEEK 1
    Dave Ross has only been doing stand-up for five years, but you wouldn’t know it from his resume. His videos with sketch group WOMEN have been featured on Tosh.0, he’s performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the Laughing Skull Festival, and the San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival, and he is a MOTH GrandSlam Winner. Dave is also the host of the Nerdist Network’s Terrified podcast.

    Now Dave is hitting the road for his biggest tour ever; a two month stint comprised of 59 shows in 40 cities throughout the US. It’s jam packed full of crazy. I caught up with Dave on the road to see how his first official week on tour went. Long story short, it went off with a bang. From car disasters, to Just For Laughs, it was quite the eventful week.

    For long story long, check out our conversation: Read More

    The Laugh Button interview with ‘Sirens’ star Kevin Bigley

    Kevin BigleyIf there’s one thing that should be known about the USA Network it’s that when they pick up a show, they put their all into it for years without abandoning it at first sign of low numbers like most networks. So when a new show gets picked up, God willing, it’s around for a long time. One of those new shows, Sirens, is a comedy series following around three Chicago EMTs. We recently spoke with one of the show’s stars Kevin Bigley about that USA Network loyalty, what it was like working with Denis Leary (Executive Producer of the series), and much more!

    I looked at your extensive resume of acting you have a lot of comedy experience in films, what’s your background with comedy?

    With comedy, I’d say with non-professional I was short as a kid and from a rural town.  When you’re short, you get picked on a lot of course, I ended up getting into some fights and they kept telling me I had to figure out another way to handle my problems. So I used comedy a lot to get out of situations usually just by mouthing off to kids. That’s really where my experience in comedy started, I was just trying to defend myself and I used to watch a lot of Saturday Night Live. Saturday Night Live kind of took the place of Saturday morning cartoons me. They used to air a lot of re-runs on Comedy Central and I used to watch all of those episodes. They’d have John Belushi and [Chris] Farley and Will Ferrell. All of those guys would show all the different eras of the show. That’s how it started non-professional for me. Read More

    Hell Bent For Laughter: 3 Minutes with Don Jamieson

    Don Jamieson just released his new stand-up album Hell Bent for Laughter. It’s Jamieson’s second album for Metal Blade records and if you are a metalhead you might recognize the joke about the album title. If not, well we’ll let Don explain. We caught up with Don a few weeks back after a taping of That Metal Show to pick his brain. It was a terrific time and he’s one of the nicest guys out there. So don’t be a schmuck, spend your hard earned money and pick up Hell Bent for Laughter now. Read More

    SXSW 2014: Nate Bargatze talks about his ‘Tonight Show’ debut

    This Thursday, March 13th our pal Nate Bargatze will make his debut on The Tonight Show. Any time a comedian can get TV time is a victory in the comedy world, but The Tonight Show has always held a special place in the hearts of many comics as Johnny Carson would often be credited for kickstarting the careers of many comedians who appeared. We grabbed Nate 3 days before he’s to tape his spot to see how he feels about it. Nate will officially be the third comedian (behind Jerry Seinfeld and Hannibal Buress) to appear on the show since it moved back to New York City. Best of luck Nate.

    Be sure to tune into The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, March 13th at 11:30pm and catch Nate. Read More

    Ophira Eisenberg in her own words (audio)

    Ophira EisenbergIf you’re not aware of the NPR show Ask Me Another then you’re not listening to the latest craze sweeping the nation. Part game show, part concert, part celebrity interview; this weekly podcast has had guests ranging from RL Stine to Justin Long.

    Shepherding the ship is host and comedian Ophira Eisenberg. The first comic ever to be called back to the desk at The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Eisenberg is a mainstay in the New York comedy scene. We caught up with her after a live taping of Ask Me Another at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY to talk about everything from comedy, hosting a show for NPR as well as the podcast is heading to Sketchfest this year where the show will host Danny Pudi (Community) and Adam Savage (Mythbusters) live on stage. Here she is, Ophira Eisenberg, in her own words. Read More

    Anjelah Johnson in her own words (audio)

    Anjelah JohnsonAnjelah Johnson is more than just a fantastic stand-up comedian. She’s also a terrific sketch comic who has created many memorable characters during her stint on MadTV. In fact perhaps her most popular character is Bon Qui Qui a character who happened to sign a record deal this past summer. That’s right, a character with her own record deal.

    We caught of with Johnson to dive into the details about Bon Qui Qui to find out what we can expect from the forthcoming record. And how she might’ve become more popular than Anjelah Johnson herself. Here she is, Anjelah Johnson in her own words. Read More

    A Manchild conversation with Steve Rannazzisi

    Steve Rannazzisi - photo by Anastasia Nora-Lee

    I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with comedian Steve Rannazzisi to talk about his first hour long comedy special Manchild. Steve is probably most known as his role of Kevin MacArthur, from The League in addition to being a terrific stand-up comic. We met up at a midtown cafe for a bit of conversation. An interview earlier in the day crammed his schedule so while I could’ve spend the entire afternoon with the comic, we got right down to the brass tacks to find out about how he prepared for his debut stand-up special Manchild and how it all came to be.

    Rannazzisi started in stand-up comedy back in 2000, from there he moved to LA and got his start at The Comedy Store. As years when by he kept building his arsenal of jokes refining material that would help hone his style of stand-up and lay the foundation for his special. Read More

    What is ‘what.’ a conversation with Bo Burnham

    Bo BurnhamBo Burnham has just released his new special, what., a theatrical comedy piece he spent three years developing. This labor of love is also a labor of self-actualization, an autobiographical piece set at a safe distance. Burnham is sure to create art not for his fans, but for himself. What he is left with is something he is truly proud of, and marks his maturity and ability in the world of theatrical comedy. what. is available digitally via Comedy Central Records as well as YouTube and on Netflix.

    Here, Bo talks about the new special, the relationship between theater and comedy, and reconciling his sixteen-year-old self. Read More