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  • In Ruins with the Bitter Buddha: The Laugh Button interview with Eddie Pepitone


    Eddie Pepitone has become one of the most respected comedians in the comedy community and a cult favorite in L.A. And in recent years, he’s taken on the moniker of the “Bitter Buddha”. Recently, he’s explained to us why this world is In Ruins, his latest effort now available on iTunes. You may recognize his voice from WTF with Marc Maron, or witnessed his victory last year on @midnight, or saw one of his many guest appearances on comedy programs such as Bob’s Burgers, The King of Queens, Chapelle’s Show, Monk, Community, Childrens Hospital, Happy EndingsFlight of the Conchords, 2 Broke Girls, or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Here’s our latest time spent with Mr. Pepitone. Read More

    Dan Cummins shows us Chinese Affection: The Laugh Button interview


    Today, Dan Cummins new comedy EP Chinese Affection has become available to the universe. In addition, he’s recently become the new host of The Playboy Morning Show. And to top it off, he’s just announced his next hour long comedy special taping with Warner Bros. that will take place Saturday, April 25th at the Depot in Salt Lake City. You can grab tickets here. Cummins got his first taste of stand up back in 2000 then in 2001, he entered the Seattle Comedy Competition, finishing as runner-up. Now with 15 years in the books, 3 albums behind him along with specials, a brand new EP, and the new special in April, it’s clear Dan has chosen wisely leaving his small town in Idaho behind for the life of a comedian. We had the chance to catch up with him in New York City in celebration of his new EP, Chinese Affection, and he explains to us why we all need to buy laser rockets, how we should re imagine Bill Cosby’s comedy catalog via Skrillex, and his upcoming special. Read More

    A James Dean type: The Laugh Button interview with Sean O’Connor

    Sean O'Connor

    Chances are, stand–up Sean O’Connor is having a better year than you. He’s worked on not one, but two pilots that were picked up by FXX, released a stand-up album, went on tour with Norm Macdonald and now holds a coveted seat at the writers table for The Late Late Show with James Corden. Oh and Comedy Central’s CC: Studios just announced they’re developing a digital series from Sean titled: How to be Friends with Everyone on Earth. To most that sounds like a fulfilling career but that’s just what Sean has been up to in the past twelve months and he doesn’t plan on stopping. Read More

    In the belly of the beast: A conversation with John F. O’Donnell

    The news is just depressing. Combine that along with harsh political bias, and you get a lot of people turning to satirical news programs, such as The Daily Show and Colbert Report, as a means of getting information. Comedian John F. O’Donnell recently relocated to Washington D.C. to be a correspondent for  a new comedy news show, Redacted Tonight. Reporting from the belly of the beast, O’Donnell and crew tackle the important stories and angles mainstream media ignores. I had the opportunity to talk to O’Donnell about his new job, D.C.’s comedy scene, and how humor can be both entertaining and eye-opening.  Read More

    Big Dumb Animal hunting with Matt Braunger: The Laugh Button interview

    Matt Braunger

    Matt Braunger is a busy guy. He travels the nation as a headlining comedian that’s traveled the world in addition to various stints on television. Bur perhaps the best thing about Matt, is that he’s a devastatingly funny stand-up comedian. A skill he’s about to show off once again with the release of his third stand-up special, Big Dumb Animal. Braunger taped the hour this past summer and on February 6th at midnight it will premiere on Comedy Central, being released on CD just a few days later on the 10th. Matt is a pal of The Laugh Button, performing on a few shows of ours in the past, so he was gracious enough to catch up with us on the phone to talk about his new special as we get down to just who actually is the “Big Dumb Animal” in question. Read More

    Live at the Village Underground: The Laugh Button Interview with Robert Kelly (part 2)

    Tonight is the TV premiere of Robert Kelly’s new stand-up special, Live At The Village Underground. It debuts on Comedy Central at 12 midnight and you should absolutely make it a point to watch it. In the second part of our video interview with Kelly, we discuss what it was like taking the special to a film festival, how he conquered his abundance of material and what it meant to him taping it in his home comedy club. Read More

    Live at the Village Underground: The Laugh Button Interview with Robert Kelly (part 1)

    Robert Kelly Live at the Village Underground interview

    This Friday, January 9th at midnight Comedy Central will debut Robert Kelly’s new stand-up special, Live At The Village Underground. This special is the culmination of a lot of hard work from Kelly and his management company, Apostle. The two joined forces to self-produce and self-release the special. He taped the special at The Comedy Cellar at The Village Underground. The Cellar is a home club for Kelly and and he fought for an intimate and authentic comedy feel for his special, wanting to showcase what he does night after night in the places he worked on material. After trying to get these results to happen with production companies and labels, he and his team just did it themselves. Comedy Central later agreed to air the special. Here’s the first part of our two part interview with Kelly about the work he did the last few years to make his stand-up special a reality. Read More

    Artist Obsessed: The Laugh Button interview with Comedy Dynamics’ Brian Volk-Weiss

    Brian Volk-Weiss

    Comedy Dynamics is North America’s top independent producer of stand-up comedy and the comedy arm of production company, New Wave Entertainment. This past July, Comedy Dynamics officially launched online, allowing its extensive archives of stand-up comedy available for streaming on a variety of services such as Hulu and Roku. With plans to roll out on many other streaming platforms in the very near future, Comedy Dynamics is making waves in the comedy business by focusing on talent and comedians themselves. You could call them artist obsessed. We spoke with President of Production, Brian Volk-Weiss about how Comedy Dynamics came to be, and plans current and future. It turns out that George Lucas had a bit to do with it. Read More

    My First Time: Jared Logan debuts his first album “My Brave Battle”

    The road to becoming a great comedian is filled with many challenges and opportunities. There are certain milestones every comedians hopes to hit at various points of their journey. “My First Time,” is all about comedy firsts; those milestones from your first headlining gig, first tour, first festival, first TV appearance, first album or special, first time in a new city, to your first time performing high and everything inbetween. My First Time sits down (figuratively or literally) with comedians to talk about reaching their own personal career checkpoints, and their expectations vs experience.

    Jared Logan is one of the most dynamic performers working today. He’s appeared on TV numerous with performances on Best Week Ever (for which he was a cast member), The Pete Holmes Show, Comedy Central’s The Meltdown, and in his own CC Half Hour special last year. Now, Logan has recorded his first comedy album, “My Brave Battle.” For many fans like myself, this has been a awaited album which (hits stores today). I had the opportunity to talk to Logan about his first album… and Dungeons and Dragons, of course. Read More

    Trailers and Swearnets: An interview with The Trailer Park Boys

    The Trailer Park Boys are very busy. On top of just releasing their new film Swearnet, which broke the record for most cuss words in a movie, they recently released season 8 of their popular television series on Netflix on top of currently being in production of season 9. On top of that they’re launching an online platform based off of Swearnet while also gearing up to release a few more films and go on tour. It’s exhausting even typing all this. In the midst of all this craziness Mike Smith (Bubbles), John Paul Tremblay (Julian) and Robb Wells (Ricky) took the time to speak to us about all this and much more (it was mainly Mike). I need a nap. Read More