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  • It Won’t Always Be This Great and Seinfeld writer Peter Mehlman: The Laugh Button Interview


    Peter Mehlman became a writer for the Washington Post after college. He then found his way into television in 1982 working on SportsBeat with Howard Cosell. From 1985-90 he wrote for The New York Times Magazine, GQ and Esquire. Then it was time for the left coast. While out there, he ran into Larry David, whom he’d met back in New York. David invited Mehlman to submit a sample script for his show Seinfeld. Mehlman elected to send in a humor piece he’d written for the Times Magazine instead and landed the gig as a freelance writer for the show. It would be the first Seinfeld freelance episode, The Apartment. Over the eight-year run of the show, Mehlman rose to executive producer and coined such Seinfeld-isms as Yada Yada spongeworthy, shrinkage,. and double-dipping. In 1997, Mehlman joined DreamWorks and created It’s like, you know…, a scathing look at Los Angeles. Recently, Mehlman received praise for his first novel, It Won’t Always Be This Great, which was released in 2014. The Washington Post named it “One of the top five comedic books of 2014″ and the only novel to make that list. In It Won’t Always Be This Great, Mehlman shows how one man’s story is never really his story alone including his hopes, failures, dreams, and realities. And how one man’s moment of rage snowballs into an entirely new life for him and those around him. Read More

    Demetri Martin and the persistence of jokes

    Demetri Martin

    About five years into his stand-up comedy career, Demetri Martin landed a writing job on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Daily Show soon after. It was around that time he wrote his first one-man show and began exploring the idea of screenwriting and acting. Then he continued on from there. A restless creative spirit with the will to be challenged; stand-up comic, writer, director and actor, Demetri Martin is taking to the road on The Persistence of Jokes Tour to revisit his passion from which it all came, stand-up comedy. Read More

    10 questions for 10 years: Early podcasters Keith and The Girl hit the decade anniversary mark

    Keith and Chemda

    Keith and The Girl, abbreviated as KATG, is a comedy podcast that began in March of 2005. It is hosted by Keith Malley and Chemda Khalili in Queens, New York. The hosts are known for interacting with their audience live via chat rooms, web cam and phone calls. In the show, Malley and Khalili discuss their lives and current events in humorous and unrestrained fashion. Simply put and well stated, the show’s tagline sums it all up, “Keith and his ex-girlfriend talk shit”. These two were, and still are, at the forefront of what we now know as the current podcast universe that has been filled to the brim with shows so specific in genre, that there are podcasts podcasting about podcasts. Read More

    Lonelygirl48 is not buying it: The Laugh Button interview with Kendra Cunningham

    Kendra Cunningham

    Kendra Cunningham is juggling more projects than you can fit into a tweet: two award winning web series’, a television pilot, and a killer blog. Plus, she’s producing and co-starring in a feature film and working on a screenplay. I haven’t even mentioned her ever-growing list of stand-up credits that helped land her a prestigious invite to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. We met up with this Boston transplant to talk about her ongoing to-do list and to find out if we’re ever going to meet her fabled mom. Read More

    Gilda’s LaughFest 2015: The Laugh Button interview with festival director Joanne Roehm

    Gilda's LaughfestGilda’s LaughFest, the nation’s first-ever community-wide festival of laughter, has quickly earned a reputation for being one of the nation’s marquee events for both participants and artists. This major 10- day Midwest festival is based in Grand Rapids is going on March 5-15 and includes events throughout West Michigan. Created by Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids and launched in March 2011 to celebrate laughter for the health of it, the festival features stand-up, improv , film, authors, community showcases, and a variety of seriously funny stuff. In addition, each year of LaughFest has attracted more than 50,000 attendees to West Michigan! We had the chance to catch up with Festival Director Joanne Roehm to discuss this year’s fest, World Record attempts, Hi-Fives, and of course the line-up. Read More

    In Ruins with the Bitter Buddha: The Laugh Button interview with Eddie Pepitone


    Eddie Pepitone has become one of the most respected comedians in the comedy community and a cult favorite in L.A. And in recent years, he’s taken on the moniker of the “Bitter Buddha”. Recently, he’s explained to us why this world is In Ruins, his latest effort now available on iTunes. You may recognize his voice from WTF with Marc Maron, or witnessed his victory last year on @midnight, or saw one of his many guest appearances on comedy programs such as Bob’s Burgers, The King of Queens, Chapelle’s Show, Monk, Community, Childrens Hospital, Happy EndingsFlight of the Conchords, 2 Broke Girls, or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Here’s our latest time spent with Mr. Pepitone. Read More

    Dan Cummins shows us Chinese Affection: The Laugh Button interview


    Today, Dan Cummins new comedy EP Chinese Affection has become available to the universe. In addition, he’s recently become the new host of The Playboy Morning Show. And to top it off, he’s just announced his next hour long comedy special taping with Warner Bros. that will take place Saturday, April 25th at the Depot in Salt Lake City. You can grab tickets here. Cummins got his first taste of stand up back in 2000 then in 2001, he entered the Seattle Comedy Competition, finishing as runner-up. Now with 15 years in the books, 3 albums behind him along with specials, a brand new EP, and the new special in April, it’s clear Dan has chosen wisely leaving his small town in Idaho behind for the life of a comedian. We had the chance to catch up with him in New York City in celebration of his new EP, Chinese Affection, and he explains to us why we all need to buy laser rockets, how we should re imagine Bill Cosby’s comedy catalog via Skrillex, and his upcoming special. Read More

    A James Dean type: The Laugh Button interview with Sean O’Connor

    Sean O'Connor

    Chances are, stand–up Sean O’Connor is having a better year than you. He’s worked on not one, but two pilots that were picked up by FXX, released a stand-up album, went on tour with Norm Macdonald and now holds a coveted seat at the writers table for The Late Late Show with James Corden. Oh and Comedy Central’s CC: Studios just announced they’re developing a digital series from Sean titled: How to be Friends with Everyone on Earth. To most that sounds like a fulfilling career but that’s just what Sean has been up to in the past twelve months and he doesn’t plan on stopping. Read More

    In the belly of the beast: A conversation with John F. O’Donnell

    The news is just depressing. Combine that along with harsh political bias, and you get a lot of people turning to satirical news programs, such as The Daily Show and Colbert Report, as a means of getting information. Comedian John F. O’Donnell recently relocated to Washington D.C. to be a correspondent for  a new comedy news show, Redacted Tonight. Reporting from the belly of the beast, O’Donnell and crew tackle the important stories and angles mainstream media ignores. I had the opportunity to talk to O’Donnell about his new job, D.C.’s comedy scene, and how humor can be both entertaining and eye-opening.  Read More

    Big Dumb Animal hunting with Matt Braunger: The Laugh Button interview

    Matt Braunger

    Matt Braunger is a busy guy. He travels the nation as a headlining comedian that’s traveled the world in addition to various stints on television. Bur perhaps the best thing about Matt, is that he’s a devastatingly funny stand-up comedian. A skill he’s about to show off once again with the release of his third stand-up special, Big Dumb Animal. Braunger taped the hour this past summer and on February 6th at midnight it will premiere on Comedy Central, being released on CD just a few days later on the 10th. Matt is a pal of The Laugh Button, performing on a few shows of ours in the past, so he was gracious enough to catch up with us on the phone to talk about his new special as we get down to just who actually is the “Big Dumb Animal” in question. Read More