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  • Mandatory Fun: The Laugh Button interview with “Weird Al” Yankovic


    “Weird Al” Yankovic is having a moment. With the recent release of his fourteen studio album, Mandadory Fun, the iconic comedian/musician/satirist has once again displayed his incredible chops as a spoof songwriter with his finger on what people find funny. We got the chance to speak with Al very briefly just days before Mandatory Fun would hit #1 on the Billboard music charts. A feat that Yankovic had never done in his 30+ years of performing and no comedy album had done in 51. We spoke about the new album, his marketing plan to release eight singles/videos in eight days, and how he’s he felt about the success of the release. Read More

    The Laugh Button interview with Jonathan Kite


    Jonathan KiteWe recently spoke with Jonathan Kite best known as the short order cook Oleg from the the popular CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. Kite is also an alum of the prestigious Second City. We got a few moments to speak with Kite about his his background in improv, his A.D.D., and well, because of these, he didn’t really answer any of our questions truthfully. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

    To begin, as the years go by on 2 Broke Girls, what do you learn from season to season?

    I am constantly learning what it takes to be successful. Success is measured in many different ways and is sometimes measured in failure. I’ve also learned that I can write fortune cookie papers if this whole acting thing doesn’t pan out. Read More

    Bonding through jokes: The Laugh Button interview with Ahmed Ahmed


    Ahmed Ahmed is living an interesting life. From stand-up comic, film and TV actor, to documentary maker, it’s chock full of fascinating moments. We recently sat down with Ahmed after his set at Gotham Comedy Club where he was on the NY leg of the Sullivan & Son stand-up comedy tour which features Ahmed and 3 of his co-stars/comedians – Steve Byrne, Owen Benjamin, Roy Wood Jr. all from the hit TBS sitcom of the same name. The comedian revealed about having bit parts in various shows and films, his work outside of comedy, Hollywood, how the guys have bonded on the show, touring life and much more! Read More

    It’s all about the hustle: The Laugh Button interview with Roy Wood Jr.


    Roy Wood Jr. is one hell of a hustler. We learned this from sitting down with the comedian and current co-star of the TBS sitcom Sullivan & Son. Roy was at Gotham Comedy Club recently for the Sullivan & Son stand-up comedy tour which features him and his co-stars from the show – Steve Byrne, Owen Benjamin, Ahmed Ahmed. Prior to his set at we spoke with Wood about his beginnings as a touring comedian in the South, his thoughts on Last Comic Standing, and that work ethic he deployed to get to where he is today. Read More

    Todd Glass talks about his book “The Todd Glass Situation”


    Comedian Todd Glass has been doing stand-up for 30 years, but he’s been an out man for less than two. In his new memoir The Todd Glass Situation: A Bunch of Lies about My Personal Life and a Bunch of True Stories about My 30-Year Career in Stand-Up Comedy, the comedian writes about “his decision at age forty-eight to finally live openly as a gay man—and the reactions and support from his comedy pals, from Louis C.K. to Sarah Silverman.” I talked to Todd about his cathartic experience writing the book, and doing the right thing by speaking up for others. Read More

    The amazing colossal interview with Gilbert Gottfried


    Gilbert GottfriedIf you’re not aware, famed comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried recently released a new podcast entitled Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast! where he and his co-host Frank Santopadre discuss old Hollywood with celebrities the likes of Dick Cavett, Larry Storch and many more. To get the scoop, we spoke with him about why he wanted to start a podcast, what he has in store for future episodes and much more!

    First off, congratulations on the success of the podcast, it’s doing great. What was the catalyst for wanting to do a podcast in the first place?

    Well it’s Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast and you can listen it on and subscribe to it on iTunes. I still am behind the times. I mean if you asked me what a podcast was, I would have a hard time telling you. I just knew that everyone else was doing them. I figured I wanted to talk about something that I had some interest in and my interest was always really old Hollywood, like old movies and TV shows and obscure facts about them and obscure actors. So I started doing that, and we got Dick Cavett because he’s interviewed John and Yoko, Groucho (Marx), Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, and Carlo (Rizzi) from the Godfather. According to him, he’s killed three people, or at least three that he can admit too. I guess the statute of limitations has run out on those murders and if he’s lying, I’m certainly not going to say it to his face. He claims he’s had sex with Marilyn Monroe and so far Marilyn Monroe hasn’t come forth to dispute it, so I have no reason to doubt it. The Kennedy’s haven’t spoken up about it, or Joe DiMaggio. Read More

    My First Time: Kevin Saucier does Crom Comedy Festival


    The road to becoming a great comedian is filled with many challenges and opportunities. There are certain milestones every comedians hopes to hit at various points of their journey. “My First Time,” is all about comedy firsts; those milestones from your first headlining gig, first tour, first festival, first TV appearance, first album or special, first time in a new city, to your first time performing high and everything inbetween. My First Time sits down (figuratively or literally) with comedians to talk about reaching their own personal career checkpoints, and their expectations vs experience.

    Kevin Saucier is an Atlanta-based comedian. He’s been doing stand-up for about 4 years and this May hit a comedy first: performing on his first comedy festival. I talked to Kevin about his experience performing at Crom Comedy Festival in Omaha, Nebraska. Read More

    Italian Bred: The Laugh Button interview with Candice Guardino


    Candice Guardino is a woman with many hats. Although we can’t find a picture of her wearing an actual hat, she’s still an actress, writer, singer, and comedian. A student of UCB and Second City, she’s also been trained in the areas of long and short-form improv. We recently spoke with Candice about her off-Broadway play Italian Bred which, just opened in LA but soon to return to its roots in New York, how drama comes easy for comedians and much more! Read More