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  • Live at the Village Underground: The Laugh Button Interview with Robert Kelly (part 2)

    Tonight is the TV premiere of Robert Kelly’s new stand-up special, Live At The Village Underground. It debuts on Comedy Central at 12 midnight and you should absolutely make it a point to watch it. In the second part of our video interview with Kelly, we discuss what it was like taking the special to a film festival, how he conquered his abundance of material and what it meant to him taping it in his home comedy club. Read More

    Live at the Village Underground: The Laugh Button Interview with Robert Kelly (part 1)

    Robert Kelly Live at the Village Underground interview

    This Friday, January 9th at midnight Comedy Central will debut Robert Kelly’s new stand-up special, Live At The Village Underground. This special is the culmination of a lot of hard work from Kelly and his management company, Apostle. The two joined forces to self-produce and self-release the special. He taped the special at The Comedy Cellar at The Village Underground. The Cellar is a home club for Kelly and and he fought for an intimate and authentic comedy feel for his special, wanting to showcase what he does night after night in the places he worked on material. After trying to get these results to happen with production companies and labels, he and his team just did it themselves. Comedy Central later agreed to air the special. Here’s the first part of our two part interview with Kelly about the work he did the last few years to make his stand-up special a reality. Read More

    Artist Obsessed: The Laugh Button interview with Comedy Dynamics’ Brian Volk-Weiss

    Brian Volk-Weiss

    Comedy Dynamics is North America’s top independent producer of stand-up comedy and the comedy arm of production company, New Wave Entertainment. This past July, Comedy Dynamics officially launched online, allowing its extensive archives of stand-up comedy available for streaming on a variety of services such as Hulu and Roku. With plans to roll out on many other streaming platforms in the very near future, Comedy Dynamics is making waves in the comedy business by focusing on talent and comedians themselves. You could call them artist obsessed. We spoke with President of Production, Brian Volk-Weiss about how Comedy Dynamics came to be, and plans current and future. It turns out that George Lucas had a bit to do with it. Read More

    My First Time: Jared Logan debuts his first album “My Brave Battle”

    The road to becoming a great comedian is filled with many challenges and opportunities. There are certain milestones every comedians hopes to hit at various points of their journey. “My First Time,” is all about comedy firsts; those milestones from your first headlining gig, first tour, first festival, first TV appearance, first album or special, first time in a new city, to your first time performing high and everything inbetween. My First Time sits down (figuratively or literally) with comedians to talk about reaching their own personal career checkpoints, and their expectations vs experience.

    Jared Logan is one of the most dynamic performers working today. He’s appeared on TV numerous with performances on Best Week Ever (for which he was a cast member), The Pete Holmes Show, Comedy Central’s The Meltdown, and in his own CC Half Hour special last year. Now, Logan has recorded his first comedy album, “My Brave Battle.” For many fans like myself, this has been a awaited album which (hits stores today). I had the opportunity to talk to Logan about his first album… and Dungeons and Dragons, of course. Read More

    Trailers and Swearnets: An interview with The Trailer Park Boys

    The Trailer Park Boys are very busy. On top of just releasing their new film Swearnet, which broke the record for most cuss words in a movie, they recently released season 8 of their popular television series on Netflix on top of currently being in production of season 9. On top of that they’re launching an online platform based off of Swearnet while also gearing up to release a few more films and go on tour. It’s exhausting even typing all this. In the midst of all this craziness Mike Smith (Bubbles), John Paul Tremblay (Julian) and Robb Wells (Ricky) took the time to speak to us about all this and much more (it was mainly Mike). I need a nap. Read More

    Carving Your Own Path: A conversation with Sara Schaefer

    There’s no one right way to carve out a career in comedy. Going off the beaten path can be risky, but it also has the potential to be the most rewarding. Comedian Sara Schaefer has made a name for herself doing things her way. We talked to Schaefer about her recent move to Los Angeles, starting a production company, and ups and downs of taking the road less traveled. Read More

    Baysides and musicals: The Laugh Button interview with Dustin Diamond

    It seems almost immediately after ending his runs of the hit tween 90s sitcom Saved By The Bell and two follow-up series, Dustin Diamond has been a wealth of controversy in the news. Most recently, his 2009 tell-all book Behind the Bell was adapted into the Lifetime movie The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story which furthered his infamy in the eyes of fans of the popular show. From TV to movies to books to comedy to reality television, Dustin has ridden the series almost everywhere. And now, he’s taking it to Broadway! Well off-Broadway that is. Dustin is now starring as himself in Bayside The Musical, which is “the unauthorized musical parody of TV’s Saved By The Bell.” Currently running at Theatre 80 in New York City. We recently spoke with Diamond after his opening night performance to get the scoop on why he wanted to be a part of the musical, why Saved By The Bell has stood the test of time all these years, and musicals vs stand-up. Read More

    A conversation with Natasha Leggero

    Natasha Leggero exudes elegance, clearly. The comedian and actor will be bringing glamor and more to Comedy Central soon with her new series, Another Period, she created with Garfunkel and Oates’ Riki Lindhome. We had the opportunity to chat with Leggero before she departs for Las Vegas to headline Lipshtick at the Venetian. Check it out. Read More

    All About Perspective: A conversation with Ben Kronberg

    Ben Kronberg is one of the most unique and innovative comics today. From clever puns, to rapping along with his iPhone beatbox app, I have time after time curled over from laughter watching him perform. Having recently performed at the High Plains Comedy Festival, I had the pleasure of chatting with Ben about his Denver roots, his most recent TV appearances, and why it’s important to not let the things you don’t have overshadow what you do have. Check it out. Read More

    Embracing the Absurd: A conversation with Kate Berlant

    Kate Berlant is an enigmatic performer. Her unique brand of stand-up is delightfully absurd and hilarious. She recently was invited to Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival this year as one of their “New Faces of Comedy,” where she was one of the fest’s stand outs. I caught up with the LA native to talk about her recent trip to Canada, her videos with John Early, touring with musicians, and dancing in her underwear to Sinead O’Conner. Give it a read. Read More