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  • 11 possible successors to David Letterman’s late night throne

    It’s been less than 24 hours since David Letterman announced his retirement from late night television. While it’s an iconic moment from a true television icon and we should respect that, it’s at the same time the perfect chance to think who could potentially replace his seat. The late night landscape has changed a lot this last year, Letterman represents the last of the “old guard.” While it’s perfectly natural for these moves to happen, it can’t be denied that the competition of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, who not only skew younger, but have really helped capitalize on the social/internet aspect of late night. Once Fallon took over The Tonight Show and his ratings boomed, Letterman all of a sudden appeared old and unhip; two descriptions he’s never been labeled. Leno was that guy, that safe bet, Letterman was edgy and was cool. While it can only be rumored that these factors played any part in Letterman’s decision, it’s still his time and he’s still the king.

    Here’s a list of people we think would be worthy successors to his throne. Read More

    A few recommendations for Saturday Night Live’s ‘First Timers’ Club’

    SNLSaturday Night Live will return on March 29th with Louis CK performing the hosting duties for his second time. While excited to see C.K. back at Studio 8H, there’s a long list of people I’d rather see. The thing is, one of the reasons SNL is great and stays fresh is its weekly implementation of an outside host.

    I like to see different people try their hand at live sketch comedy, and if they shine on that stage, I like to see them back… to an extent. For the same reason reruns can bore you, having a guest reappear every season (or close to) gets very tiring. SNL has the “five timers club,” and even that I feel unnecessary. I know Justin Timberlake can host, but I don’t want to see him reference “Sexy Back” and other outdated songs of his every. single. time. While Lorne Michaels clearly loves Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, fifteen hosting gigs is pushing it. Again, it just feels like a rerun (something they must be aware of since they joked about his during Baldwin’s last stint).

    A few times a year, SNL‘s Twitter page asks its followers for host suggestions. Well fellas, let’s share a few ideas. Read More

    8 Presidential sketches, bits, and jokes for you on President’s Day

    President's DayIt’s President’s Day! While some of you are taking the day off in remembrance of some of our nation’s greatest leaders, others of you are probably in the office taking care of business. Whether you are still in your pajamas and on the couch or if you happen to have yourself a super-easy commute into work you can enjoy the fact that politics and Presidents in particular make good subject matter for humor. Every President has been mocked at some point as its part of the job to take a satirical look at the position.

    With that in mind, here are 8 Presidential themed sketches, bits, and jokes to make you laugh no matter where you find yourself on this holiday. Read More

    Rolling Stone picked its 50 Greatest ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketches of All Time

    Rolling Stone SNLRolling Stone put together a list. While it’s not a list of songs about things like your favorite Miley Cyrus moments or other music-related things, this is a list we’d actually want to read. It’s their 50 Greatest Saturday Night Live Sketches of All Time. While no list is going to be perfect to anyone other than the person that made it, it’s always fun to read these because it sparks debate. And this is a list you can debate because there are lots of omissions and lots of sketches that should’ve been ranked higher/lower. Read the list and argue about it with your friends… in a van down by the river.

    31 Comedy shows, stand-up specials, festivals, wishlists, and other things we’re excited about in 2014


    It’s a new year in comedy (and the rest of the world too, cause that’s how that works)! 2014 is looking like an exciting year with comedians helming sitcoms, producing stand-up albums, and showing off their best five on more stand-up shows the industry’s had in years. There is so much to look forward to, here’s a rundown of what’s new for the new year. Read More

    The Laugh Button’s most popular stories of 2013

    Stories of The YearThe new year is upon us! Before we all head out into night, drink way too much alcohol and then head out into the cold night where we will on doubtedly blow sparkly things up and kiss someone at midnight we thought we’d take a look at the most popular stories that we covered in the year 2013.

    A lot has happened over the last 12 months and we were there for about 80% of it. In case you happened to miss them, here’s a rundown of The Laugh Button’s stories of 2013. Read More

    The Laugh Button’s best comedy albums of 2013

    2013 Best Comedy AlbumsAny list we make is subjective and as there was last year it seems this year was just an embarrassment of riches when it came to available comedy specials. We saw first time specials come from the next wave of voices like Kumail Nanjiani, Chris D’Elia, Bo Burnham, Moshe Kasker, and Rory Scovel. Established acts like Anthony Jeselnik, Aziz Anseari, Tammy Pescatelli, Jimmy Pardo, Kevin Nealon, Bob Saget, Tom Papa, Sarah Silverman, Kathleen Madigan, Jim Norton, and Todd Glass continued to show us just how funny they really are. We got a second posthumus release by a new legend in Patrice O’Neal who left us just as the masses were starting to realize just how funny he was. Comedic innovators like Louis C.K., Marc Maron, and Lewis Black continued to show the world just how good comedy is and how differently it can be done. And finally, we saw a certified comedy legend Bill Cosby return with his first special in nearly 30 years that was not only incredibly hilarious but every bit as resonant today as it was when he first started performing comedy. This year was an incredible year for comedy and any of the above names could top this list.

    The following list were the ones that had us buzzing about this year. First, some parameters as to how we picked them – the special had to be available in a widely available medium. Meaning just self-released albums weren’t heavily considered. They needed to be available via a digital streaming service (like Netflix), aired on a TV channel of note (like HBO, Comedy Central, etc.) or have a proper DVD, CD, or digital release that could be easily found on a major retailer (like Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes etc.). Some of these specials hit all marks of this criteria, some aired on TV or Netflix but will not be released on CD/DVD until 2014.

    With these basic parameters in mind here are our favorite comedy specials of 2013. Let us know what specials made your list in the comments. Read More

    10 of the most iconic mustaches in comedy

    Groucho MarxToday, November 1st, is more than Halloween walk of shame day and/or All Saint’s Day. It also marks the start of Movember, a month in which men are encouraged to grow out their mustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues. While we’re on board with this, and this author even participated in it one year, for many, a mustache is a way of life. And while there are plenty of iconic people with mustaches that demand to be taken seriously, many funny people have them as well.

    This is a by no means complete list of some of the funniest people and/or funniest mustaches in comedy. We’ve ranked them on a scale of one to five on how legendary their ‘staches are, as well noting whether or not they’re real. Read More