Like Father, Like Son Lists

11 best body swap comedies of all-time

With the new Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, and Christopher Walken “body swap” cat comedy Nine Lives coming to theaters August 5th, we decided to take a look at and rank the 10 best “body swap” comedies of all-time. P.S. What was in the drugs in the 80s? Body swappin’ in film was as common a […]

David Cross Lists

The 11 best beards in comedy

Beards have been associated with everything from Vikings to Hipsters, Politicians to Musicians, as well as Actors and Comedians. And after our recent podcast taping with David Cross for The Laugh Button (he was sporting what we’ve been calling “The Rubin”, as in Rick), we thought it would be fun to rank the best beards […]

Peyton Manning SNL Lists

The best and worst athlete hosts of Saturday Night Live

“Live From New York” – it’s Ronda Rousey? Hey, it’s been done many times before over the show’s 41 seasons. Actors with a hit movie or television series to promote aren’t the only ones who take the stage. Musicians, politics and even athletes have hosted. So will Ronda Rousey kick some ass this weekend (in […]

Chewbacca Lists

6 awesome stand-up bits inspired by Star Wars

So there’s this new movie out and everyone is kind of going to go and see it. They’re talking about it quite a bit as well. This made us think, what are our favorite Star Wars themed comedy bits of all-time? We narrowed it down to 6, or should we say VI, (We haven’t seen […]

6 Grammys Features

6 records that should’ve been nominated for Best Comedy Album Grammys

As someone whose spent the majority of their professional life working in entertainment, I cannot honestly remember the last time I felt like The GRAMMYs knew anything about the world of stand-up comedy. Though interest in the genre has continued to boom in recent years, with more and more comedians becoming theater and arena headliners, […]

Woody Allen Lists

80 Woody Allen quotes for his 80th Birthday

Neurotic comics are a staple in comedy just as much as superheroes are in film these days. Neuroticism is the precise reason many pick up a mic and speak to buzzed patrons in the dim corners of bars in the first place. After all, you have to be a little different to do something crazy […]

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Ranking the catalog of Doug Stanhope

There are only a few comedians who are viewed as true originals. They may never be the most popular comic in the world, and they may never sell out arenas, but their legend will live on forever thanks to the fact they’re your favorite comic’s favorite comic. They’re the envelope pushers, charging beyond the so-called […]

Jim Gaffigan Lists

6 essential Halloween themed bits in stand-up comedy

If you think you’re too old to go trick-or-treating, well then you probably are. So instead, grab some candy and laugh off your sugar high with some of these hilarious Halloween themed bits in stand-up comedy.

Photo Credit: Fin Costello Lists

Everyone has a day job: Comedians who had interesting careers before comedy

A few weeks ago, we previewed Anjelah Johnson’s new Netflix special, Not Fancy. Before Johnson became a comedian and cast member on MADtv, she was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. Here are a few other comedians who had former careers that were not even closely related to making people laugh.

Sarah Silverman Lists

Comedians who dabbled in serious acting and succeeded

They aren’t always just for laughs. When you think about comedians who dabbled at a career in serious acting (and succeeded), a few come to mind- Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Murray. Though it’s not always easy, every now and then an actor known for comedic characters ends up getting acknowledged for a dramatic performance. […]