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  • 9 things you never saw or only heard Will Ferrell do

    Will Ferrell Old MilwaukeeWith Will Ferrell’s latest movie Get Hard hitting theaters this weekend, we thought it would be fun to share some Ferrell rarities. Over the years, the Saturday Night Live alum has made some unexpected appearances and done some pretty random things. Some that we’ve never been able to see, only heard about, or simply just forgot about. Until now. He’s read the starting line-ups at NBA games. He’s played for 10 different teams in 10 different positions all in one day during MLB’s spring training, and he even claimed to be the Jeff Vuvuzela, inventor of the musical instrument, the vuvuzela, made famous in soccer stadiums around the world. Like the hardcore fans of a band that claim the b-sides are always the best tracks, here are some of Ferrell’s best b-sides, rarities, and unreleased antics. So let’s get to it… Read More

    6 Great Tina Belcher moments on “Bob’s Burgers”

    The Belcher family on Bob’s Burgers is one of the best TV families ever to grace the small screen. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but since season 3, eldest Tina has stolen the show with no intention of giving it back. The definition of awkward, Tina is played by comedian Dan Mintz who’s voice at first may not seem right for a 13yr old girl. Fortunately, Mintz’ performances are a huge reason Tina has become one of the most beloved characters on television.

    In honor of Mintz’s recently released comedy album, The Stranger (available now), we picked out six of the greatest little Tina moments from the last four seasons. Read More

    9 Documentaries about comedians you can find on Netflix, and one you can’t

    There are a lot of comedy documentaries out there in the world. Some of them are endlessly fascinating and offer a behind the scenes look at what comedians think about a topic. Others focus on one comedian’s origin story/search/climb/obstacle overcoming something. While others sometimes are just fun because a bunch of your favorite comedians talk about favorite things.

    With that being said, we decided to come up with a list of comedy documentaries that specifically focus on a comedian instead of a topic in comedy. You can find Nine of these documentaries on on Netflix, one, you will not find (but its freely available on the internet). They’re worth putting in your queue and watching the next time you’d like to dive into comedian history. Read More

    10 Comedy albums that do cover art right

    album picPilot season may be over, but album season seems to be in full swing with a heavy line-up of new comedy albums being recorded and released over the next few weeks.

    With Andy Haynes‘ debut album release yesterday, it was a great reminder that comedy album artwork doesn’t have to be bad. Haynes’ album Greatest Hits was created by comedian Scott Moran is a breath of fresh air. It’s great when comics put as much attention to what goes onto a CD as much as what goes in it. Sadly, most comedy album’s cover art looks like something you’d find on a DVD you’d buy at the gas station. You shouldn’t have hacky jokes on your album, and your cover art shouldn’t be hacky either.

    This is a salute to ten comedy albums that do cover art right. Read More

    5 best pieces of “Bob’s Burgers” fan art

    Bob’s Burgers is one of the best animated shows on TV right now. The Belcher gang is quickly becoming America’s favorite family. Like any cult show, Bob’s has inspired many artists to create their own Belcher family fan art and the results have been amazing.

    The writers of the show curate their own Tumblr, entitled Behind Bob’s Burgers, where they share script sneak pieces, storyboard shots, and more. One of their features is a fan art submission page, where fans can submit… well, fan art. Every once in a while, a handful are picked to be featured on the blog.

    After scouring their pages, we’ve found five pieces that stand out above the rest. Read More

    6 Comedy albums everyone should own on vinyl

    George Carlin, JerseyA lot has been written about the resurgence of vinyl in recent years. It seems everyone from hipsters to parents who actually purchased vinyl non-ironically as children are getting hip to big discs once thought too large to remain relevant. Still, even with all the attention being given to wax in recent months, very few people have talked about the renewed interest in stand-up on vinyl.

    People will tell you music sounds best on wax, and I like to think the same goes for stand-up comedy. Live albums in particular, which makes up the vast majority of comedic albums being released today, pop and crackle with an energy on vinyl that simply does not translate to CD or digital file. The act of sitting down and engaging in a comedy show that took place months or even decades before you decided to listen to it is unlike any other experience you can have with a turntable, and in the paragraphs below I am going to highlight five releases that are guaranteed to leave you and those you share your records with in stitches. Read More

    Fifteen can’t-miss acts at the 2014 Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival

    Moontower Comedy FestivalAustin is ready for some of the biggest names in comedy to take over this weekend April 23-26, at the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. A great comedy festival currently celebrating its third year in existence.

    With an unforgettable and original lineup of over 100+ acts performing at ten different venues it’s tough to make a schedule. Try to mix it up, see some names you know. Catch a new face or two. Maybe some improv to go with your stand-up? It’s a tough decision to make. So, in an effort to help you out, here’s a list of fifteen comedians you don’t want to miss. If you don’t recognize a name or two have some faith in the power of comedy. Read More

    11 possible successors to David Letterman’s late night throne

    It’s been less than 24 hours since David Letterman announced his retirement from late night television. While it’s an iconic moment from a true television icon and we should respect that, it’s at the same time the perfect chance to think who could potentially replace his seat. The late night landscape has changed a lot this last year, Letterman represents the last of the “old guard.” While it’s perfectly natural for these moves to happen, it can’t be denied that the competition of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, who not only skew younger, but have really helped capitalize on the social/internet aspect of late night. Once Fallon took over The Tonight Show and his ratings boomed, Letterman all of a sudden appeared old and unhip; two descriptions he’s never been labeled. Leno was that guy, that safe bet, Letterman was edgy and was cool. While it can only be rumored that these factors played any part in Letterman’s decision, it’s still his time and he’s still the king.

    Here’s a list of people we think would be worthy successors to his throne. Read More

    A few recommendations for Saturday Night Live’s ‘First Timers’ Club’

    SNLSaturday Night Live will return on March 29th with Louis CK performing the hosting duties for his second time. While excited to see C.K. back at Studio 8H, there’s a long list of people I’d rather see. The thing is, one of the reasons SNL is great and stays fresh is its weekly implementation of an outside host.

    I like to see different people try their hand at live sketch comedy, and if they shine on that stage, I like to see them back… to an extent. For the same reason reruns can bore you, having a guest reappear every season (or close to) gets very tiring. SNL has the “five timers club,” and even that I feel unnecessary. I know Justin Timberlake can host, but I don’t want to see him reference “Sexy Back” and other outdated songs of his every. single. time. While Lorne Michaels clearly loves Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, fifteen hosting gigs is pushing it. Again, it just feels like a rerun (something they must be aware of since they joked about his during Baldwin’s last stint).

    A few times a year, SNL‘s Twitter page asks its followers for host suggestions. Well fellas, let’s share a few ideas. Read More

    8 Presidential sketches, bits, and jokes for you on President’s Day

    President's DayIt’s President’s Day! While some of you are taking the day off in remembrance of some of our nation’s greatest leaders, others of you are probably in the office taking care of business. Whether you are still in your pajamas and on the couch or if you happen to have yourself a super-easy commute into work you can enjoy the fact that politics and Presidents in particular make good subject matter for humor. Every President has been mocked at some point as its part of the job to take a satirical look at the position.

    With that in mind, here are 8 Presidential themed sketches, bits, and jokes to make you laugh no matter where you find yourself on this holiday. Read More