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  • Learn the inside story about the new cartoon, “Prison Pit,” featuring James Adomian, Kyle Kinane, and Blake Anderson

    “It’s a cartoon about monster men beating the living sh*t out of each other.” That’s about the gist of the plot of the new ultraviolent cartoon, Prison Pit. The cartoon is an animated version of the popular graphic novel, Prison Pit: Book One by Johnny Ryan. For its voice cast, the crew enlisted the aide of comedians James Adomian for the main character, Cannibal F*ckface (yep, that’s his name), Kyle Kinane as Rabies Bloodbath and Rottweiler Herpes, Workaholics‘ Blake Anderson as Jizzra, and Rick Shapiro as the prison guards. This clip features all the inside sh*t you need to know about the cartoon. While censored chapters are available on Youtube, you can purchase the full uncensored movie at Read More

    Judd Apatow to produce a Lonely Island movie

    Get that diaper money.

    Judd Apatow Productions is set to team up with The Lonely Island for a movie. Universal has acquired the still untitled project from the comedy trio (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer) to put together a movie starring the comedy trio. They have more than their share of experience both on and behind the screens. The former SNL star Samberg is currently the lead in FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine which earned him a Golden Globe in the show’s first season. Schaffer and Taccone have extensive writing and directing credits that range from everything from commercials, SNL sketches, and movies.

    Apatow is set to produce the entire movie as Schaffer and Taccone with direct jointly. though all three members of the comedy trio will star in the film there’s no word on the plot of the film. Regardless, you can almost bet there will be some sweet, sweet raps laid down.

    Cool thing to buy this week: “Bad Words” on DVD

    There is a lot of stuff out there in the world vying for both your attention and your hard-earned dollars. The Laugh Button is here to help you make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing funny things. Here’s what’s cool to buy this week.

    Bad WordsBad Words
    Purchase: Amazon

    Jason Bateman makes his directorial debut in the very funny, Bad Words, out this week. Bateman stars in the film as well, playing 40-year-old Guy Trilby. Trilby is an eighth grade dropout who finds a loophole in the rules of The Golden Quill national spelling bee and decides to cause trouble by entering the competition. He takes no prisoners as he easily crushes the dreams of many eighth graders, angers the contest officials and pisses off parents on his journey to win. When he moves up the ranks, towards nationals, reporter Jenny Widgeon (Kathryn Hahn) tries to discover the true motivation behind Trilby’s fierce competition. As the bee moves on, Trilby befriends 10-year-old Indian contestant, Chaitanya (Rohan Chand). Trilby calls him Slumdog and introduces the awkward young boy to things like shoplifting, alcohol and hookers. This comedy is out on July 8 on DVD and Blu-ray. Read More

    Is Nick Cannon lined up to portray Richard Pryor in a movie biopic?

    Nick Cannon is feeding the rumor mill with the possible chance of playing the legendary Richard Pryor in an upcoming movie. The America’s Got Talent host stated that director Lee Daniels, who will be directing the movie, has sat down with Cannon to discuss future preparations for the role. Cannon has also stated that he’d been prepping for the role like growing out his hair and taking up smoking.

    Cannon went as far as sharing two photos on his Instagram account that that would imply he’s at least being heavily considered, posting a current a side-by-side of him and Pryor. Read More

    Watch the “Horrible Bosses 2″ teaser trailer, the gang is back together

    The first Horrible Bosses movie was a lot of fun. Mainly because of the enduring likeness of Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman. A teaser trailer for the inevitable sequel has hit the web. While the plot doesn’t reveal much except something about a kidnappin’ of Cristoph Waltz and Chris Pine brandishing a gun. It also appears the entire gang got back together including the bosses Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey. They even got Jamie “Motherf*cker Jones” Foxx to reprise his role. What’s important to remember about this teaser trailer most is that Jennifer Aniston is down to be pooped on. Just let that rattle ’round your brain for a bit.

    Watch the trailer for the Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader dramedy “The Skeleton Twins”

    It’s a very special SNL reunion as former beloved cast members Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader reunite to co-star in The Skeleton Twins. The pair have always been very close at Studio 8H, and have played a couple in  the film Adventureland. Now they will play estranged siblings that re-examine why they’re estranged after surviving a near death experience. The film was quite a hit at Sundance and will be coming to theaters September 19th.

    Watch the trailer for Aubrey Plaza’s new zombie flick “Life After Beth”

    Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan star in the new zom-com, Life After Beth. Plaza plays DeHaan’s recently deceased girlfriend, Beth, who is resurrected by her parents (John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon). Everything seems to be going pretty great, that is until Beth goes from dream girl to zombie, flesh-eating monster. Beth becomes a girl only April Ludgate could love. The film also stars Anna Kendrick, Cheryl Hines, Paul Reiser, and Matthew Gray Gruber. Life After Beth hits theaters August 15th.

    Comedy Central’s CC: Studios releases its first full-length movie “Jason Nash is Married”

    Comedy Central’s CC: Studios makes history today with the release of their first full-length film, Jason Nash is Married. The film, originally conceived as a web-series, stars comedian Jason Nash who also wrote and directed the film.

    “Jason is stuck living in the shadows of his more successful wife (Busy Philipps) and two young kids. When debt threatens to destroy his family, he jump-starts his career, a move that sends him down of a rabbit hole of nefarious characters and sociopaths. Along the way, he must confront a pedophiliac movie star, a chauvinistic therapist, a trust-fund cokehead and a painful discussion about who his wife would marry if he died. Yet when Jason finally finds success he realizes there’s more to marriage than just paying the bills.”

    Nash has amassed more than a millions fans on Vine, hosts the Guys With Feelings podcast, wrote for the cartoon Supernews, and produced and starred in the CC: Studios web-series The Shaman. The film also stars Busy Philipps, H. Jon Benjamin, Rob Corddry, Andrew Daly, David Koechner, TJ Miller, Patton Oswalt, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Andy Richter, Paul Scheer, Nick Swardson, Paul F. Tompkins, Matt Walsh and Casey Wilson.

    Jason Nash is Married is available now on Vimeo, iTunes, and Amazon. Read More

    “Think Like A Man Too” opens #1 at the box office, Kevin Hart strikes gold again

    Think Like A Man TooOnce again moviegoers show that they like Kevin Hart.

    The comedian’s latest film, Think Like A Man Too has taken the #1 spot at the box office this weekend. A move that should be reassuring to studios that Hart is one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood.

    Hart has opened three movies in 2014, the lowest he’s ever opened at the box office is #2 with the February release of About Last Night. Man Too joins and January’s Ride Along at the top. both opened tops at the box office.

    While Ride Along raked in the dough Man Too did have a smaller opening, earning $29.2M, About $4M down from the the original Man which is less than the $33M of the first movie’s opening. In addition, Man Too also cost more to make due to salaries.

    In second place, the bromantic duo of Jonah Hill and Channin Tatum were barely beaten out with 22 Jump Street earning $28M in its second week. Positive reviews and word of mouth seem to be propelling this one. Bros.

    Rounding out the top 5 are How to Train Your Dragon 2 at #3 earning $26M. Jersey Boys took #4 with a $13M weekend. As Disney’s Malificent at #5 earning $13M.

    2014 has been a good year for comedies which means that studios will hopefully start making more flicks to make people laugh. Read More

    Watch Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr. in the red band trailer for “Let’s Be Cops”

    Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. re-unite to be fake cops in the new comedy film Let’s Be Cops. Wayans was originally cast on the Fox sitcom New Girl alongside Johnson before Lamorne Norris took Wayans place when he opted to return to ABC’s Happy Endings. Side-by-side again, check out the duo masquerade around town as cops and become neighborhood sensations in the new red band trailer. Let’s Be Cops hits theaters August 13th.