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  • FXX’s late night animation block will premiere January 22nd

    FXX, the FX network’s comedy-centric sister channel, will be launching a new late night animation block in 2015. In an announcement today, the network revealed the new weekly hourlong block will premiere on Thursday, January 22nd at midnight.

    Along for the ride is the underrated series Lucas Bros. Moving Co. Created by and starring the voices of The Lucas Brothers (Kenny and Keith Lucas), the series follows a fictionalized version of the brothers as work-shy movers in Brooklyn. The show originally aired as part of Fox’s ADHD late night programming. After ADHD was axed, FXX swooped in and ordered two new seasons of the show.

    Also joining LBMC is the new series Stone Quackers from Ben Jones. The series follows the misadventures of two ducks, voiced by LA comedy group Power Violence’s Whitmer Thomas and Clay Tatum, and their friend Barf (voiced by Jones).

    “The Big Lebowski” gets his White Russian in the form of the National Film Registry alongside “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

    The Big LebowskiThe 1998 cult movie classic The Big Lebowski that has spawned its own annual festival, 12 years strong now and nationwide, will be going into the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry.

    It’s film’s version of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. 25 films a year get in and have to be at least 10 years old with cultural significance. Well, if you’ve got your own annual festival where cast members reunite, I’d say you’re significant. Another notable comedy making the grade this go-around is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Bueller. Bueller. Bueller.

    Broken Lizard gets a Pilot Order from TBS for their “Quality Time”

    broken lizardThe guys who gave us with Super Troopers, Beerfest, and Club Dread are going to be bringing their comedy chops to TV, TBS to be exact, who has ordered a pilot from the group currently titled “Quality Time”. There’s some room over there with the recent cancellations of Sullivan and Son as well as Men at Work. Quality Time has been described as centering around four college friends who kept their sophomoric ways throughout their 20’s but have now entered the world of fatherhood and the struggle between the two. If TBS is looking for something a bit edgier, they’re going to find it with the Broken Lizard gang.

    NYC Premiere of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s “The Interview” cancelled following threats

    The Interview PosterWhen does Comedy cross the line? What’s off limits? What isn’t safe, even if it’s living in the world of parody? Or in this case, the form of a comedic film. But is there always truth in jest? That’s the equivalent of the classic Chicken or the Egg dilemma for the comedy universe. It’s now known that tomorrow night’s New York Premiere of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new comedy The Interview has been cancelled. And some theaters are pulling the film and not showing it at all.

    Sony has reached out to movie theater owners stating they were going ahead with the release but will support theaters’ decisions not to show the movie. The hackers responsible for the Sony leaks have recommended for people to stay away. And all of this over a film, a comedy film. This is the dark side of technology and worldwide integration of content via global communication and availability. Unfortunately, this has become a real threat with personal information being leaked into the internet graveyard to live forever. The movie poster doesn’t do itself any favors with translations found to read “We will begin a war”, “Do not trust stupid Americans!”, and “War will begin” throwing fuel to the fire. This situation reminds me of all the instances at live comedy shows where someone laughs uncontrollably until a joke hits a little too close to home or is taken personally, resulting in them storming out of the show. “It’s always funny until it’s about you”. I remember learning that in early grade school. I also learned how to shrug it off. It’s comedy. The stakes are much bigger in this instance however. The Interview is due to hit theaters Dec. 25th.

    Bon Qui Qui’s “Gold Plated Dreams” about to become a reality Jan. 20th

    BonQuiQuiOn Jan. 20th, 2015 Bon Qui Qui’s Gold Plated Dreams become a reality with the release of her debut album on Warner Music Nashville. Anjelah Johnson-Reyes takes her alter-ego from the nail salon to the recording studio to deliver us eight tracks including “I’m a Cut You”, already at 3 million views on YouTube.

    Bon Qui Qui has been viewed and replicated by 65 million people worldwide. Anjelah has come a long way from being a professional cheerleader with the Oakland Raiders. She was a MadTV cast member, released 2 hour long specials, and starred in the feature Enough Said, lent her voice to The Book of Life, and appeared on The Shield, Ugly Betty, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. All while touring the stand-up circuit nationwide.

    You can pre-order here: Gold Plated Dreams

    Robin Williams appears one last time in “Night at the Museum” this weekend, but not the last time he’ll be heard

    Robin WilliamsThis weekend’s release of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is a bitter sweet one. It’s the last time we’ll be seeing Robin Williams on film in a comedy, but not the last one we’ll hear him in. Robin has voiced Dennis the Dog in the British comedy Absolutely Anything which stars Simon Pegg and is directed by Monty Python legend Terry Jones due out in February next year in the UK. We were fortunate enough to spend some time recently with the cast of Night at the Museum and they all echoed the same thing. Robin was a special talent. He was like no other and couldn’t have been any more supportive and kind. This movie marks the third in the series and stars comedic staples Ricky Gervais, Ben Stiller, and Owen Wilson alongside some of today’s brightest and upcoming talent in Rebel Wilson and Skyler Gisondo. Skyler is a part of the cast rebooting the Vacation series alongside Ed Helms, Charlie Day, Keegan-Michael Key, and Nick Kroll coming out next year. When we asked Skyler about Robin, he simply shared this video, which pretty much sums up Robin and how great he was on a personal level.

    Skyer’s promposal video with Robin Williams, Ben Stiller, and Crystal the Monkey. Read More

    The Lonely Island close out season three of “Comedy! Bang! Bang!” with a song about hustlin’

    This Friday marks the end of season three of Comedy Bang! Bang! to go out on a high note, The Lonely Island swing by the studio to give us this holiday performance about husltin. Don’t worry though, the show is returning for a fourth season but unfortunately without Reggie Watts.

    Monroe Martin, Byron Bowers, and more join fifth season of “Guy Code”

    Guy CodeMTV2′s Guy Code comes back for a fifth season on Wednesday January 14th. In addition to regulars, Andrew Schulz, Charlamagne tha God, Chris Distefano, Damien Lemon, Jon Gabrus, Jordan Carlos and Lil Duval returning the network also announced there will be 13 new faces joining the ranks of the show. That’s right, 13 new cast members and in addition to web celebs and attractive model types, they’ve also enlisted the help of some great new comedic talent, including Monroe Martin, Byron Bowers, Fahim Anwar, and Aksaash Singh.

    And for the completionists in your life, here’s all thirteen new cast members. Read More

    Ryan Beck, Greg Stone, and Yamaneika Saunders slay at Sweet Wine Productions Showcase

    Sweet Wine ProductionsDecember 11th 2014 A.D. I spent the evening at Stand Up NY for the Sweet Wine Productions Showcase. On display were 9 comics from their current roster. This next wave of comedians were ushered in by Last Comic Standing Alum Monroe Martin who took care of hosting duties for the evening. Monroe made it feel more like a hang at a friend’s house than a showcase at a comedy club, which added to the charm as the comics watched supportively in the wings for their 6 minutes. Stand out performances included Ryan Beck, described as the Bradley Cooper of stand-up comedy by Monroe and who’s written for three Comedy Central Roasts to date. Greg Stone, who enlightened us with his stories from time spent working in the emergency room. And Chris Laker who garnered a rousing applause-break with his take on gay marriage. Closing out the night was comedienne Yamaneika Saunders who we hear may be appearing on the currently titled Funny Girls. A docu-series showcasing up-and-coming female comediennes in L.A. for the Oxygen Network.

    Info on Sweet Wine Productions and their current roster: Sweet Wine Productions Website

    Here’s the complete list of the evenings performers: Read More