Details About The Marc Maron 9/11 Documentary

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  • Details About The Marc Maron 9/11 Documentary

    As this Sunday marks ten years since the 9/11 attacks, many will take a moment to reflect on a time that changed America, and surely, New York City.

    After the collapse of the Two Towers, a time of emotional uncertainty arose. NY-based actress and filmmaker, Jodi Lennon, decided to take out a video camera. She then followed a day in the life of comedian, wit, and social commentator Marc Maron as he returned to stand-up work while living in New York City. Ten years later, the footage is going to be released as Marc Maron: The Voice of Something, a short documentary, shot/directed by Lennon and edited by Nick Mougis (Human Giant, Ugly Americans, Funny or Die Presents).

    Known for his social and political commentary on stage, Maron would have been an interesting guy to see at the time. Obviously, Maron’s profile has been upped dramatically since the film was first recorded. So the perspective of the comedian at a younger age is of great interest to see how he handled the events just days after the attacks unfolded. Maron’s podcast and latest album, This Has to Be Funny [TLB Review], reveal him to be a passionate and thoughtful person. Nonetheless, whether you’re a fan of Maron’s stand-up or not, the film will hopefully shed light on the place of comedy within tragedy.

    In a recent discussion with, Maron commented on the film:

    “I was a little nervous to see the footage now because I didn’t know if my response was appropriate at the time…But it was my response and it was me. The film shows me trying to deal with what happened and address it onstage. I forgot how quickly we went back to work. It was a week after and we were going onstage.”

    Jodi Lennon’s website has some screening times for the doc:
    9/12/11 – Whiplash UCBNY
    9/19/11 – WTF @ The Bellhouse NY
    9/27/11 – The P.I.T. NY tix
    10/04/11 – UCBLA
    11/08/11 – The Annoyance Theatre CHGO tix
    11/09/11 – The Annoyance Theatre CHGO tix

    What do you think?