'I Love Lucy' Christmas special coming to CBS in color

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  • ‘I Love Lucy’ Christmas special coming to CBS in color

    I Love LucyIf there’s one thing Lucille Ball was known for aside from her comedic talent, it was her bright red hair. Unfortunately, since the widespread adaptation of color television was nearly a decade away, viewers of I Love Lucy had to watch the show, which ran from 1951-1957, in black and white. On December 20, CBS will be airing the Christmas episode of I Love Lucy – in color. Yahoo has a snippet of the special online, and it looks great. While some purists have already complained about a classic episode they grew up watching changed by the addition of colorization, it makes sense. For many viewers that might not have ever seen I Love Lucy, seeing any programming in black and white could be an instant channel-changer. Having a nearly 60 year-old TV show airing in prime time featuring timeless comedy is a win, and anything that the network can do to get more viewers, the better.

    “The I Love Lucy Christmas Special” will air on December 20 at 8pm on CBS.

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