godfrey-regular-black Features

Godfrey’s “Regular Black” goes deep on issues pertaining to identity

Some of the best comedy comes from the most complex places. Godfrey is black, and he is the son of Nigerian immigrants. On his new album, Regular Black, he shows that the standard is to be something different and layered. He defines this through observations and a range of voices. The album opens with an […]

Emma Stone SNL Bumpers Reviews

Emma Stone hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and taught math with hot dogs

Emma Stone has a pretty full range. She does both comedy and drama well and when she drops by Saturday Night Live it’s very obvious that she enjoys her time in studio 8H. She hosted the show two other times in 2010 and 2011. It’s actually hard to believe it’s been five years since. Save […]

nick-flanagan Features

Nick Flanagan’s “Wiped Privilege” is what stand-up needs

Comedy needs another single, straight white male stand-up like New York City needs more bed bugs. Nick Flanagan disputes this notion as well other comedic standards on his new album, Wiped Privilege. Flanagan is a white male with a raspy voice delivering more than just puns to create laughs. Prior to being a comic, he […]

lachlan-patterson-live-from-venice-beach Features

Lachlan Patterson confronts his stunted maturity on “Live From Venice Beach”

Lachlan Patterson passes as SoCal. On his new album, Live From Venice Beach, the comic fits as an area native. He is a forty something bachelor living the beach life and using words like “bro” and “dude,” while referring to women as “girls”. Though Canadian, he has absorbed Americana. This fits because Venice Beach is […]

amy-miller Reviews

Amy Miller’s debut “Solid Gold” is filled with treasure

Much of Amy Miller’s debut album is like an origin story. The album, Solid Gold, is filled with storytelling from the comedian’s past. She talks about her childhood and living in Oakland and Portland. She also touches on current events, making the punch, “If you are a black man and you see a lady you […]

Kristen Wiig - SNL Bumpers Reviews

Kristen Wiig hosted “Saturday Night Live,” delivering a night of Thanksgiving fun

We’re back with another edition of Saturday Night Live celebrates the holidays. SNL alum, and one of its most prodigal daughters, Kristen Wiig returns to host the show. Big holiday episodes like Thanksgiving or Christmas are always chock full of guest drop-ins and this episode was no different as we saw Jason Sudeikis, Steve Martin, […]

nathan-brannon Features

Nathan Brannon’s “Because” analyzes the rules of reality

Nathan Brannon’s second album, Because, proves his meticulous thinking makes sense. He plays with both nature and civilization. He analyzes the rules of reality, sometimes falling into the great absurd. Thus, he creates a deep onstage personality despite being judged as less than. The album opens with a sketch about self doubt. A scenario at […]

dan-levy-lion Reviews

Dan Levy is a “Lion” when it comes to comedy

Dan Levy clearly has done his work. He comes out and declares, “I be getting ready for this,” on his new special, Lion, and it shows. His high energy storytelling makes his everyday life seem engaging and entertaining. He is the family man persona for thirty somethings, and he fully utilizes his wife and kids […]