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  • Matthew McConaughey hosted Saturday Night Live: Alright, Alright, Adele

    Matthew McCugnaheysnlbumpers SNL

    It’s always fun when a host appears on Saturday Night Live just for the love of the show. Holiday episodes of the show always bring out the specialness of the holiday too. Particularly the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes, they just make us all warm and fuzzy for New York and SNL. While it’s not required for them to be plugging a new movie, show, play, etc. a lot of them host SNL when they need that exposure. Matthew McConaughey was just around to be himself. He pulled off an admiral hosting job that featured a top notch Weekend Update, and a top notch musical guest. Let’s run it down. Read More

    Elizabeth Banks hosted Saturday Night Live: it was nearly Pitch Perfect

    Elizabeth Banks SNL bumpers

    Let’s start this week off by declaring that we’ll make no more references to last weeks’ abysmal Donald Trump episode. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen and hope this week they hope to get the show back on track with Elizabeth Banks. To combat this, the show dipped into some of its greatest hits to wash out the ol’ Trump taste. Banks came out to lead the charge and interject some spirit into the evening and it worked. Banks was fun, energetic, and down for a night of comedy. Let’s go to the tape. Read More

    Nathan Fielder keeps the delivery dry and the bits inventive at NYU’s Skirball Center: New York Comedy Festival

    Photo: Ben FraternaleIn case you hadn’t noticed, The Laugh Button staff is comprised of some serious comedy fans, or “comedy nerds” if you want to get technical. Wit matched with unrivaled confidence behind a microphone makes for a perfect evening in our minds. Needless to say, it’s a great time of the year for us because New York Comedy Festival kicked off on Tuesday. We’ve enjoyed the Comics to Watch Showcase, the musings of Kliph Nesteroff and Robert Smigel, and even managed to catch a few notable comedians for interviews (be on the lookout for those). On Thursday we stopped by Nathan Fielder’s “Sneak Peak and Q & A” at NYU’s Skirball Center. Fielder delivered a show that honored the dry, comedic sensibility of Nathan for You, while still giving the audience moments of spontaneity.

    Some consider fireworks to be a great start to a show, but a Lana Del Rey cover sung in the driest manner is equally enjoyable, at least when Nathan Fielder performs. In Kaufman-esque fashion, he subjected the audience to something considered painful in any alternate setting. But with his vocal tone rivaling Steven Wright, it was a riot. This comedic stunt showcases what Fielder does best, and that’s making people as uncomfortable as possible. Discomfort returned throughout the night, but never without laughs. Read More

    Season 3 of “Inside Amy Schumer” gave us judge, jury, and butts

    Inside Amy Schumer Season 3 DVD

    Inside Amy Schumer has officially been woven into the fabric that is not only pop culture, but political culture by flawlessly shining light on the hot button issues of today. Comedy more so now has become the gateway that allows us to tackle such issues reflecting back on society the truth of what really is in front of us. The need and timing for Amy Schumer and her voice, perspective, and show couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. With the release of season 3 right around the corner, let’s take a deeper look into what made this season so special and give you the inside scoop on all the extras included in the new DVD set. Read More

    Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live: Sometimes politics and comedy shouldn’t mix

    Trump SNL Bumpers

    It’s no surprise that Donald Trump is a polarizing character. Some think he’s a breath of fresh air into the dank air of the political system. Some think he’s a blowhardy mess. Hell, some even think a possibility he’s trolling us all. Whatever that reality might be, when it comes to politics, a swing by swing by Saturday Night Live is often a must stop when it comes to running for high office. Trump’s recent comments about immigration have come under fire, prompting planned protests at 30 Rock and even more vowing to boycott the show altogether. Well, if you were to judge the show based on just on merit alone, well the Donald was a real loser. Nary any of the laughs came from the host and it was frustrating to watch a cast that was frustrated with the circumstances they had for the week. Word got out that Trump had vetoes some sketches they had planned because they wouldn’t work for him politically. So rather than try to make the show funny and memorable, the job of a host, Trump went safe. Cranking out one of the lousiest episodes of the show we’ve seen in a long time. Read More

    The “Indie Mom of Comedy” Meshelle showcases her unique voice at Gotham Comedy Club

    MeshelleIn recent years stand-up comedy has become cluttered with hackneyed voices and perspectives that grow duller by the day. Lenny Bruce graced New York City stages over sixty years ago. Since then we’ve seen just about every style of comedy. We’ve enjoyed the neuroticism of Woody Allen and the biting counter culture satire of Pryor and Carlin. We’ve witnessed the observational humor of Seinfeld and the anti-humor of Kaufman. Hell, there’s even been a comedian who smashes watermelons on stage. Point being, it is very difficult for new comedians to break through with a fresh point of view. This is the triumph of comedienne Meshelle, who deems herself “The Indie-Mom of Comedy” after her primary role as the loving mother of four. She only has three kids, but she jokingly considers herself the parent of her longtime husband. There has yet to be a stand-up who is happily married with children. Meshelle uses this to her advantage, which we noticed during a recent show at Gotham Comedy Club’s Vintage Lounge. Read More

    Breaking down Eugene Mirman’s colossal 9-volume, 7-LP comedy compendium “I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome)”

    Eugene Mirman - I'm Sorry (You're Welcome)Stand-up comedians find success by following in the footsteps of proven comedy giants or choose to tear down the conventions of the medium all together. Regardless of approach, they must satisfy one vital criterion – they have to be funny. Eugene Mirman falls in line with the latter of the aforementioned comedy camps, bringing to the stage a blend of absurdest zingers and unique prop humor. With the release of his 2004 debut album, The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman, he solidified his status as the comedic purveyor of all things weird. Fully embracing this identity, Mirman brings to the comedy world I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome), a colossal 9-volume, 7-LP comedy compendium. Read More

    Mike O’Brien’s, “Tasty Radio” is a comedy treat that dives deep into his rolodex

    Mike O'Brien - Tasty RadioKey & Peele, Inside Amy Schumer, and Portlandia have skyrocketed the comedic art to new found levels of appreciation, while Saturday Night Live celebrated its 40th year on the air. As more audiences embrace the genre, the country becomes saturated with sketch, which means it’s difficult for performers to stay original. Saturday Night Live alum Mike O’Brien is a writer/performer who consistently offers refreshing material. Such is the case with his new album Tasty Radio released this week by Comedy Dynamics and just to be clear, we love it. Those who know O’Brien from his work on Saturday Night Live or his fantastic web series, 7 Minutes in Heaven will enjoy the ride back into his surreal comedic world once again. New listeners are sure to revel in the comic’s inventiveness. Before you bust out your wallet (like you should), let’s unpack this album and at the very least, make you a more informed consumer. Read More

    Tracy Morgan hosted Saturday Night Live: And he triumphantly returned

    Tracy Morgan - SNL

    Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live was a big one for Tracy Morgan. About 16 months after a fatal accident that left Morgan and comedians in his entourage in a coma and one of them dead. Morgan’s recovery was long and tough on many levels. Hosting SNL isn’t the easiest ways to dip your feet back into the pool. Hosting SNL is diving in the deep end. Morgan pulled it off and he did it with a smile, plenty with drop ins from some of his celebrity friends. He didn’t just get by, he thrived. Way to go Tracy! Read More

    Amy Schumer hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time but hopefully not the last

    Amy Schumer SNL Bumpers

    We have high expectations for Amy Schumer hosting this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Not only is she one of the hottest comedians right now, she also seemed to be psyched about the opportunity. From social media revealing her jiving with the cast to the funny text from Kevin Hart wishing her luck.

    Schumer is not only extremely funny but she also vowed to help support of gun control legislation, the timing of her hosting on the heels of the recent events in Oregon created an opportunity for SNL to take some shots at the issue of gun control. Addressing the issue in 3 separate moments of the evening. Maybe Schumer and the recent events in Oregon shook something loose, or maybe SNL just decided to start tackling some heavier issues as the political season heats up.

    Turns out Schumer pulls off sketch comedy well, vibing with the cast as if they knew each other forever and it made for a fun night of comedy. Read More