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  • Kyle Kinane proves he’s in a class of his own with “I Liked His Old Stuff Better” (review)

    Kyle Kinane "I Liked His Old Stuff Better"One of the first major comedy specials of the year was released on Friday when Comedy Central debuted Kyle Kinane’s second hour special. Very tongue-in-cheek, Kyle Kinane released the special under the title, I Liked His Old Stuff Better. Every comedian has to find their voice, carve out a place for themselves. They spend years creating an hour, stacking up joke brick after joke brick until they’ve got something built they can proudly show off. Once that’s finished, they gotta knock it over, create new bricks and start building something new.

    Kinane’s previous 2012 special (and second release, following the album Death of the PartyWhiskey Icarus is a personal favorite. Kinane is one of my favorite comedians, a popular opinion for sure. He’s a comic that I’m willing to travel for, and I did so not too long ago because (luckily for me) Kinane decided to film this special at the wonderful 40 Watt in Athens, GA. Just a skip and a jump from good ole Atlanta, GA, I spent one night in August in Athens witnessing one of the greatest stand-up shows I’ve ever witness, and I’ve been excitedly waiting to see the final product. Read More

    Blake Shelton hosted Saturday Night Live: he brought a wishing boot and spread some magic

    Blake Shelton SNL Bumpers

    Blake Shelton seems like a nice guy which is one of the reasons we found ourselves rooting for him when he hosted Saturday Night Live last night. Considering we aren’t too familiar with his music or his time as a judge on The Voice but damn that guy has a nice smile! Blake came into studio 8H to with some of his guitar and Southern charm, and put it on heavy. While Shelton was his charming self, some of the sketches felt like half-baked premises rather than fully realized sketches, but we did however get to see Leslie Jones laugh, a wishing boot, tested Pete Davidson’s sexuality, and Riblet, Riblet forever! Read More

    Neko White, “Introducing… Me” (review)

    Neko WhiteMaking a strong first impression can be intimidating. Meeting a potential employer, the future in-laws, casting agents, business partners, etc. is cause for countless hours of preparation. If your mirror could talk back to you, you would hope it had words of encouragement before you stepped out of the door. If not, you may become a wicked queen and give away poison apples. When comics are prepping their debut album, they know every last joke has to be polished like your grandfather’s Cadillac. Harlem’s own Neko White has been building towards his debut album Introducing… Me since his first time on stage seven years ago. What’s most impressive is the fact that seven years ago, White was only 14! As far as first impression go? If this album were a first job interview, White would be hired before an employor sees the other candidates. Read More

    Kevin Hart hosted Saturday Night Live: with Bieber spoofs, dungeons, and dragons

    Kevin Hart SNL

    This weekend Kevin Hart managed to do two things – 1) achieve his forth straight $20 million-plus box office opening and 2) convince us that the’s a good Saturday Night Live host. It’s the comic’s second time hosting SNL and he’s exactly what you want from a host in a live sketch show – excited to be there, down for anything in the name of a laugh, and quick on his feet (which he fully executed when there was a technical problem in one sketch).

    Hart has paid his dues to make his climb to the top of the comedy ladder and he seems to be staying there. Over the course of the night Hart was able to pull the fun out of lesser sketches through sheer excitement and Kevin Hartness, introduced us to his social media violation dungeon, encountered dragons, and leather… he wore a lot of leather. Read More

    Liz Miele, “Emotionally Exhausting” (review)

    Liz Miele Emotionally ExhaustingIt’s always amazing in today’s non-stop world how we can get through the day. The morning commute and rush hour traffic squeeze a 9-to-5 into the worst sandwich since KFC put bacon and heart disease between two slabs of fried chicken. Evenings after work deal with bad dates, text message fights, broken plans, short bank accounts, and of course laundry (I hate doing laundry). The week can be a marathon and exhausting. If you’re Liz Miele, you beat stress by reworking life’s bumpy road into a solid comedy act. Her debut album Emotionally Exhausting proves your day doesn’t have to suck if you can laugh.

    I completely forgot I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic while listening to Miele’s album. I didn’t mind getting cut off because I was laughing the whole ride home. And if I didn’t laugh, it was only because I was too amazed how smart her routines were. The album made me want pull over start rewriting my own material. The Brooklyn comic’s bits are well constructed like a Park Slope brownstone. With topics ranging from riding the late-night subway, relationships based on couch access, and even the disadvantages of health food, Miele’s perspective is relatable while staying original. Read More

    No beats are missed on season four of IFC’s “Comedy Bang! Bang!”

    Comedy Bang Bang season 4A new year means new comedy, and the good folks at IFC are proud to present Season Four of Comedy Bang! Bang!. Premiering Friday, January 9th at 11PM (ET/PT), the surreal and hilarious talk show returns with host Scott Aukerman and music director Reggie Watts. Coming off the big news that Watts will be the music director for The Late Late Show with James Corden, new audiences can tune into CBB to see what they have been missing. After previewing the first two episodes of the season, it seems that Aukerman, Watts, and the gang haven’t missed a beat. Read More

    Amy Adams hosted “Saturday Night Live”: It’s Christmas time in studio 8H

    Amy Adams SNL

    The Christmas episode of SNL is a tough one to hate on. Because no matter what happens we’re guaranteed a fun live vibe to the evening. To us it’s always felt the most live and “New York” episode of the show we get each year. The city plays a big part in the spirit of the show and with the exterior of 30 Rock outside looking like Santa’s balls exploded all over the place, it’s tough for that spirit to not permeate studio 8H just a few feed away. Read More

    Lavell Crawford: a big, hilarious man in Montclair

    Lavell Crawford

    Last Friday, I had the pleasure of watching Lavell Crawford from front row seats at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ. To put it lightly, he brought the house down. From the moment he took the stage, it was a rare moment the audience wasn’t laughing.

    There aren’t many comics who can make an audience laugh nonstop from start to finish; even the greatest have tame moments amidst their set. Crawford was an exception. His act evoked more laughs than anyone I have ever seen, which includes my favorites Louis C.K., Bill Burr, and Dave Chappelle. I’ve seen them all and none of them got the amount of laughs Lavell got. Admittedly I have seen Reggie Watts destroy on several occasions, but his performance is a different model from stand up altogether, and typically I’m in a different state of mind too. Read More

    Ryan Beck, Greg Stone, and Yamaneika Saunders slay at Sweet Wine Productions Showcase

    Sweet Wine ProductionsDecember 11th 2014 A.D. I spent the evening at Stand Up NY for the Sweet Wine Productions Showcase. On display were 9 comics from their current roster. This next wave of comedians were ushered in by Last Comic Standing Alum Monroe Martin who took care of hosting duties for the evening. Monroe made it feel more like a hang at a friend’s house than a showcase at a comedy club, which added to the charm as the comics watched supportively in the wings for their 6 minutes. Stand out performances included Ryan Beck, described as the Bradley Cooper of stand-up comedy by Monroe and who’s written for three Comedy Central Roasts to date. Greg Stone, who enlightened us with his stories from time spent working in the emergency room. And Chris Laker who garnered a rousing applause-break with his take on gay marriage. Closing out the night was comedienne Yamaneika Saunders who we hear may be appearing on the currently titled Funny Girls. A docu-series showcasing up-and-coming female comediennes in L.A. for the Oxygen Network.

    Info on Sweet Wine Productions and their current roster: Sweet Wine Productions Website

    Here’s the complete list of the evenings performers: Read More

    Martin Freeman hosted “Saturday Night Live” and there was a Hobbit in The Office

    Martin Freeman - SNL

    When it was announced that Martin Freeman was going to host SNL we thought he’d handle the job really well. Particularly because he has an everyman-type of quality that would make him a great straight-man in sketches (and he did). Freeman delivered a great performance and we didn’t have much of a doubt. The night turned out some sketches that will go down as best of the year and introduced a new Weekend Update character to the world. Freeman and co turned in one of the strongest episodes of the season, which makes it back-to-back solids. Can we get three this month? Read More