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  • Veep returns and it’s “Future Whatever”

    VEEP Season 4

    As the Vice President of the United States, Selina Meyer was a woman on a mission. Any mission, in fact. Of (the most awkward) sorts. Disjointed ventures barely purported to win votes and carelessly undermined by P.O.T.U.S. (the President Of The United States) from episode one. And by her own staff, no less. Communication breakdowns due to office rivalries made for speeches that regularly needed last minute re-writes and that were not always delivered on time. So, what happened in those situations? The show must go on is everybody’s menu du jour and Selina’s was no different. She was forced to improvise – with embarrassingly results. Read More

    Taraji P. Henson hosted Saturday Night Live: Cookie came out to play

    Taraji P. Henson

    You know it’s hard out there for a pimp. Taraji P. Henson has waiting many years to be an overnight success. From starring in Academy Award winning movies to critically acclaimed CBS dramas. But it wasn’t until the seemingly overnight success of her current project, Empire where Henson became a household name. And when that happens, the folks at Saturday Night Live came knocking and asked her to host the show and, it turns out, drop some killer Nicki Minaj and Wanda Sykes impersonations, that’s right, Henson has some moves. Let’s get to it. Read More

    Louie season five: Louie is as Louie does

    Louie Season 5

    If you found the “forced kiss” scene with commitment-phobe Pam uncomfortable in season four (where she tells him “This would be rape if you weren’t so stupid”), you probably squirmed and melted into your seat towards the end of last night’s first episode of Louie. Season five fired off on all cylinders, and that’s not in a good way – but in a “Louie” way. Read More

    Michael Keaton hosted Saturday Night Live: It’s showtime for Birdman, Batman, and Beetlejuice

    Michael Keaton SNL

    Michael Keaton has hosted Saturday Night Live three times with some pretty hefty times in between. First in 1982, then in ’92, and now. So a lot happened in between those times. Like a new generation of people got a new Batman and Keaton is currently known more as Birdman. So, to say this might be the only time this current cast will be able to interact with Keaton could be accurate. That would be a shame, because Keaton was quite the natural in the hot seat. So let’s break down just how he did it. It’s showtime! Read More

    Dwayne Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live: Could he be the best host of season 40?

    The Rock SNL

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returned for the forth time as the host of Saturday Night Live. While we wouldn’t call him a great comedic force, the man does posses a tremendous amount of charisma that can be traced all the way back to his camera promos in the WWE all the way to his current and highly enjoyable Instagram account. Last night on SNL, he might’ve added another notch on his belt, that that’s best host of the Saturday Night Live season 40. It’s pretty obvious Johnson enjoys hosting and he’s so damn good at it. Hell, with a man with the amount of charisma he deployed on us last night, we need to seriously start mentioning him when we talk about SNL all time great hosts. Let’s go to the tape. Read More

    Chris Hemsworth hosted Saturday Night Live: there was avenging and a chicken romance

    Chris Hemsworth, SNL Bumpers

    Here we are people! Chris Hemsworth is our host. Thor himself is on hand to do Thor things. Obviously Hemwsworth does other things so if we were to guess the themes of this episode going in, chances are we’ll see at least one sketch about his good looks, one about his accent, something related to The Avengers, and at least one moment where he’s shirtless (please, not in the Californians!). While this recap is being written after the fact and we know these sketches happened we can assure you, those guesses were legit. What also was legit was that Hemsworth turned in a great night, sometimes when hosts like him are announced we really have no clue how they’re going to do, but that, as they say, is why you must play the game. In Hemsworth’s case, his game involved a chicken. Read More

    Dakota Johnson hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and it was 50 Shades of… something punny

    Dakota Johnson

    Alright, here we have it, our first episode of Saturday Night Live since SNL 40 turned the world on its head, and the Dakota Johnson (at her first time hosting) continues to appear all over the place to plug 50 Shades of Grey as the guy who played the film’s title character continues to grow his beard and show up almost nowhere. Johnson, who up until this movie was probably best known for the title role on the short-lived FOX sitcom, Ben & Kate and for having famous parents, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffin. So, after the hugeness that was SNL 40, the writers and cast had to get back to work with Johnson in the driver’s seat. How did she do? Well, kinda sorta alright, maybe, I can’t even… Read More

    J.K. Simmons hosted “Saturday Night Live”: whiplash and teacher snow days

    J.K. Simmons SNL

    J.K. Simmons is one hell of an actor. The guy is funny, he’s dramatic, he’s the dad, he’s the everyman. He’s an Oscar nominated actor who also does a TV commercials. While we can’t compare J.K. to Matthew McConaughey (Matt never was J. Jonah Jameson) we can say that he’s capable of everything. So taping him to host SNL is a terrific idea. Simmons was terrific, he didn’t get frazzled nor appear to be reading cue cards all night. He even took off his pants in the name of a joke. Simmons was truly a great host who hit some sketch speed bumps that were either because of 3rd show writing fatigue or a lot of blizzard jokes needing to be scrapped last minute. Let’s break it all down. Read More

    Kyle Kinane proves he’s in a class of his own with “I Liked His Old Stuff Better” (review)

    Kyle Kinane "I Liked His Old Stuff Better"One of the first major comedy specials of the year was released on Friday when Comedy Central debuted Kyle Kinane’s second hour special. Very tongue-in-cheek, Kyle Kinane released the special under the title, I Liked His Old Stuff Better. Every comedian has to find their voice, carve out a place for themselves. They spend years creating an hour, stacking up joke brick after joke brick until they’ve got something built they can proudly show off. Once that’s finished, they gotta knock it over, create new bricks and start building something new.

    Kinane’s previous 2012 special (and second release, following the album Death of the PartyWhiskey Icarus is a personal favorite. Kinane is one of my favorite comedians, a popular opinion for sure. He’s a comic that I’m willing to travel for, and I did so not too long ago because (luckily for me) Kinane decided to film this special at the wonderful 40 Watt in Athens, GA. Just a skip and a jump from good ole Atlanta, GA, I spent one night in August in Athens witnessing one of the greatest stand-up shows I’ve ever witness, and I’ve been excitedly waiting to see the final product. Read More

    Blake Shelton hosted Saturday Night Live: he brought a wishing boot and spread some magic

    Blake Shelton SNL Bumpers

    Blake Shelton seems like a nice guy which is one of the reasons we found ourselves rooting for him when he hosted Saturday Night Live last night. Considering we aren’t too familiar with his music or his time as a judge on The Voice but damn that guy has a nice smile! Blake came into studio 8H to with some of his guitar and Southern charm, and put it on heavy. While Shelton was his charming self, some of the sketches felt like half-baked premises rather than fully realized sketches, but we did however get to see Leslie Jones laugh, a wishing boot, tested Pete Davidson’s sexuality, and Riblet, Riblet forever! Read More