20-maria-bamford Maria Bamford

“Maria Bamford: 20%” is 100% awesome

Maria Bamford has made waves this year. Her Netflix series Lady Dynamite was released with great critical acclaim. Now, she is dropping a new album 20% which flaunts similar charm and content. The comedian talks about dating before her husband, making it in show business, the pugs, and of course, her midwestern aging parents. She […]

brian-posehn Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn has become “Criminally Posehn”

If you have seen or heard Posehn’s stand-up before then you are familiar with his nerdy, metal point of view. His reach can be pretty lowbrow– his 2013 album is titled The Fartist. Fart jokes, strippers, and marijuana are all in his wheelhouse. While his new album, Criminally Posehn, does have some new gaseous, raunchy […]

Ali Siddiq Features

Ali Siddiq’s “Damaged Goods” showcases an honest tell-all

Ali Siddiq’s comedy captures pretty average situations on his album, Damaged Goods, out September 16th. He covers the psychological basics such as describing his mother while he jabs about the “I can’t live without you” type of love. He transitions to his negligent father, then his disappointing children, and a surface idea of being a […]

Drew Michael Features

Drew Michael is “Funny to Death”

I first became aware of Drew Michael when I was a cocktail server at a comedy club in Chicago. Very quickly I realized when Michael took the stage, a couple of things were going to happen. One, he was going to talk about some dark and possibly uncomfortable things like incest. And two, people were […]

Noah Gardenswartz Features

Noah Gardenswartz is quite “Blunt” about his place in this world

Noah Gardenswartz completely delivers on his new album, Blunt. Gardenswartz showcases an ability to be a storyteller while mixing in punchlines derived through observations, playing on words, and pop culture references. Gardenswartz comments on the world around him and shows how he’s not quite a fit. He’s got the point of a view of a […]

Glen Tickle Album Features

Glen Tickle is the substitute teacher you’ve always needed

“I wanna get something out of the way,” Tickle starts. “Mr. Tickle. Not a stage name, not a joke… Glen Tickle is just my name that I use in every day life.” Tickle a former pre-school science teacher, currently a parent, “Thor God of Thunder,” and self-proclaimed nerd; and on Glen Tickle (Yes, Really), he shares his comedic navigation through […]

Henry Phillips Neither Here Nor There Features

Henry Phillips explains that things are “Neither Here Nor There”

Henry Phillips’ new album, Neither Here Nor There, is out for wide release this August 19th. Phillips is known for incorporating music into his act, and this new album is no different. Between his soft voice and acoustic sound, the album has a feel of a real folk music production. A little diddley opens it […]

Butcher Album Cover2 Features

Rhea Butcher lays down all that she is and more on “Butcher”

The album, Butcher, is a great first impression of Rhea Butcher, and it is out this August 19th. Butcher explains that she’s always been a vegetarian even, “in utero.” When she accidentally ate pepperoni for the first time, she describes the taste as, “a spicy belt.” She loves animals so much that she cried while […]

JT Habersaat Features

JT Habersaat’s new album “Misanthrope” is pure punk

Here’s an old joke for you; how many punk rockers does it to change a light bulb? Two, one to change the bulb, and one to yell out, “That’s so punk rock.” Here’s another one for you. How many punk rockers does it take to create a comedy album? One, JT Habersaat. He has a […]

The Bronze cast photo Movies

“The Bronze” brings home comedy gold

With names like Melissa Rauch, Mark and Jay Duplass (Executive Producers), Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch, Sebastian Stan, Cecily Strong, and Haley Lu Richardson all attached to one project, what’s not to love? Well, that’s the case with The Bronze. Rauch (The Big Bang Theory) takes on the role of former gymnastics Bronze Medalist Hope Ann […]