Glen Tickle Album Features

Glen Tickle is the substitute teacher you’ve always needed

“I wanna get something out of the way,” Tickle starts. “Mr. Tickle. Not a stage name, not a joke… Glen Tickle is just my name that I use in every day life.” Tickle a former pre-school science teacher, currently a parent, “Thor God of Thunder,” and self-proclaimed nerd; and on Glen Tickle (Yes, Really), he shares his comedic navigation through […]

Henry Phillips Neither Here Nor There Features

Henry Phillips explains that things are “Neither Here Nor There”

Henry Phillips’ new album, Neither Here Nor There, is out for wide release this August 19th. Phillips is known for incorporating music into his act, and this new album is no different. Between his soft voice and acoustic sound, the album has a feel of a real folk music production. A little diddley opens it […]

Butcher Album Cover2 Features

Rhea Butcher lays down all that she is and more on “Butcher”

The album, Butcher, is a great first impression of Rhea Butcher, and it is out this August 19th. Butcher explains that she’s always been a vegetarian even, “in utero.” When she accidentally ate pepperoni for the first time, she describes the taste as, “a spicy belt.” She loves animals so much that she cried while […]

JT Habersaat Features

JT Habersaat’s new album “Misanthrope” is pure punk

Here’s an old joke for you; how many punk rockers does it to change a light bulb? Two, one to change the bulb, and one to yell out, “That’s so punk rock.” Here’s another one for you. How many punk rockers does it take to create a comedy album? One, JT Habersaat. He has a […]

The Bronze cast photo Movies

“The Bronze” brings home comedy gold

With names like Melissa Rauch, Mark and Jay Duplass (Executive Producers), Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch, Sebastian Stan, Cecily Strong, and Haley Lu Richardson all attached to one project, what’s not to love? Well, that’s the case with The Bronze. Rauch (The Big Bang Theory) takes on the role of former gymnastics Bronze Medalist Hope Ann […]

Jen Kirkman Features

Jen Kirkman is gonna die alone, but she feels fine

Jen Kirkman starts her latest album with a headfirst plunge into her prepared material about the timing of climate change. The comedian is asking scientists how much indulgence can she have in relation to the end of the world. If it’s so close to collapsing, she begs, “When can I start smoking again?” She is […]

Photo by: Mindy Tucker Features

Comedian Pat Brown has a “Sex Tape”

Sex tapes have the connotation to be a cheap and easy PR prank, but they can also contain intimate reveals and relatable material. The Pat Brown Sex Tape is no exception to the latter. However, it is different. It’s provokes funny, deep ideas, and it’s actually not a sex tape at all. It’s a new […]

Hari Kondabolu Mainstream American Comic Features

Hari Kondabolu is an “American Mainstream Comic”

Hari Kondabolu’s second album Mainstream American Comic is boldly political and satirical. This is Kondabolu’s wheelhouse. Look at the guy’s credentials. The comedian’s repertoire includes being a correspondent for Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. His first album, Waiting For 2042, was loaded with with commentary and observations about society. This follow up album, out […]

Joe List Features

Joe List’s “Are You Mad at Me?” has all the answers for anxiety

If comedy had a self help genre section, Joe List’s new album, Are You Mad at Me? would be on the shelf. The tracks read like chapter titles, “Meditation,” “Sobriety,” and, “Parental Tips.” List comically addresses a variety of his anxieties and follows each with equally funny resolutions. He assesses what is not working while […]

Deon Cole Features

Deon Cole delivers a “Cole Blooded Seminar”

In a world where social equality remains a constant struggle, Deon Cole manages to find new ways to pointedly articulate it in, Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar. Cole’s set covers men, women, being black, and aging. His candor never refrains from being engaging and clever. Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar was recorded in Washington D.C. […]