Deon Cole Features

Deon Cole delivers a “Cole Blooded Seminar”

In a world where social equality remains a constant struggle, Deon Cole manages to find new ways to pointedly articulate it in, Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar. Cole’s set covers men, women, being black, and aging. His candor never refrains from being engaging and clever. Deon Cole: Cole Blooded Seminar was recorded in Washington D.C. […]

Big Jay Oakerson Webster Hall Features

Big Jay Oakerson “Live at Webster Hall” delivers a rock ‘n roll experience

There’s a saying, “Every musician thinks he’s a comedian. Every comedian think he’s a rockstar.” If that’s the case, the new album and special, Big Jay Oakerson: Live at Webster Hall, is the manifesto. The first minute is an introduction encapsulated in a blast of metal music. Oakerson immediately identifies his “bizarre fan base,” and […]

Bo Burnham: Make Happy Features

Bo Burnham’s “Make Happy” accomplishes that and more

Bo Burnham is at the top of his game with his latest special Make Happy. It’s unbelievable at times to realize he’s but 25 years old. Burnham is one of a kind, mixing traditional stand-up, theater, and music into a batter of awesomeness. He can make the most hot button topics seem so trivial yet […]

Rick and Morty Reviews

Rick and Morty get schwifty with season 2 blu-ray this June

This June, Adult Swim’s new flagship show will teleport into homes when Rick and Morty: The Complete Second Season debuts on blu-ray and DVD June 7th. The release features all 10 of the hilarious inter-dimensional episodes with guest stars Stephen Colbert (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert), Keith David (Community), Tom Kenny (Adventure Time), and […]

Dan Soder Features

Dan Soder’s “Not Special” is anything but

Dan Soder, a child of the 80s and 90s, belongs to the millennial generation known for being told how special they are. His debut special, Not Special, seemingly separates himself from this notion, all the while proving his special may actually indeed be special. It was recorded at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia and premieres Saturday May 21st […]

Drake SNL Bumpers Reviews

Drake hosted “Saturday Night Live” with Canada and meme jokes

Drizzy Drake, the Drizzle swung by studio 8H to host Satuurday Night Live for a second time around. Fun fact, the last time Jimmy Brooks hosted the show was Shasheer Zamata’s first episode. Drake is back after dropping a much buzzed about new album (and shaving his beard) to both host the show and act […]

Brie Larson SNL Reviews

Brie Larson hosted “Saturday Night Live,” give her some room

Still hot off the trails from her big Oscar win earlier this year, we were very excited to see Brie Larson make her Saturday Night Live hosting debut. After all, before she gave an award winning performance playing a mother held hostage, Larson showed off her comedy chops in films like 21 Jump Street and Trainwreck. Unfortunately, though, […]

Andy Fiori Features

Andy Fiori gives us his “Plan B” for debut comedy album

Andy Fiori makes his album debut with Plan B. The title suggests an alternative for when things go wrong, and has a heavy connotation as to where Mr. Fiori will be taking us. The promotional picture is him by what looks like the outside of a New York City subway stop holding his phone, looking […]

Funcomfortable Features

Chris Hardwick makes it “Funcomfortable” for us all

Chris Hardwick jumps headfirst into life’s discomforts on his newest special Funcomfortable premiering Saturday, April 30th at 10pm ET/PT on Comedy Central. The title is an apt pun for his special, the cover bearing a cute promotional flyer of a very tearful Hardwick. Crying from laughter or crying from the tragedy of life? This is […]