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  • Kurt Metzger “White Precious,” is can’t miss stand-up comedy (review)

    Kurt Metzger - White PreciousAt a certain point in his special White Precious, comedian Kurt Metzger homely refers to himself as “Uncle Kurt,” and he might be the kind of Uncle that you’d go visit on a regular basis to get away from the humdrum of everyday life. Erudite without being snobbish, while effecting an easygoing delivery style, Metzger manages to draw from a wild reliquary of scenarios and write extremely well about them – all of which makes the 36-year-old comedian’s first hour stand-up special good enough to share a named with an Oscar-nominated film.

    To clarify, the idea of “Uncle Kurt” is only mentioned one time in this album, so it’s barely even a moniker – let alone an alter ego. However, Metzger’s stage presence is split: the tells-it-like-it-is/no-nonsense Kurt Metzger-persona is, “not enchanted by your whimsy” and really doesn’t like the state of Alaska. However, the sarcastic/satirical Kurt Metzger-persona believes that homosexuals should be firebombed in “God’s drone strikes” and can’t seem to hail a taxicab in New York City despite using “all of his whiteness.” Read More

    Mark Normand, “Still Got It” and never lost it

    Mark Normand, Still Got ItWho is Mark Normand? Well, he won Caroline Comedy Club’s March Madness competition, and he was voted the Village Voice’s “Top Comedian of 2013″ – yes, THAT Village Voice – the first alternative newspaper in the United States; the one that Norman Mailer co-founded.

    You might be thinking, “Ah, so he’s probably a club comic. That’s why I haven’t heard of him.” Why you may be thinking that is your business, but you should know that Mark has made television appearances on (among others), Conan, John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show, Inside Amy Schumer, Last Comic Standing, and most recently a Half Hour special on Comedy Central.

    You might be thinking, “Oh, wow. He must have mass appeal.” You’re correct, and it’s because he jokes about everything. Normand’s first album, Still Got It, serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet of jokes about race, sexism, homophobia, religion, trying to relate to the opposite sex, alcohol, drugs, sex, animals, the elderly, and generally being a social outlier – the last of which he manages to apply to just about everything, even day jobs. Read More

    Chris Laker “Moments of Greatness” (review)

    Chris Laker - Moments of GreatnessIn an interview with Cringe Humor, Chris Laker was asked how he would describe his comedy to someone who’s never seen his act. “I talk about grown-up sh*t,” Laker affirmed.

    Yes, he totally does.

    “I’ve made some life choices that maybe not everybody has done.”

    Yes, he totally has.

    “I dunno…it’s just me and how I look at…stuff.”

    Absolutely. You can almost envision a squinty-eyed man thoughtfully scratching his head – perhaps raking his fingers through the threads of his beard – before deciding, maybe ultimately, that he’s going to stop cutting both his hair and his beard. The album kicks off with Laker bringing us into the enigma of his appearance: he doesn’t know why he looks the way he does, but he does know that the “Castaway jokes are coming.” Read More

    Andy Samberg hosted Saturday Night Live: The gang’s back together

    Andy Samberg SNLHere it is ladies and gents, the final episode of season 39 of Saturday Night Live. A season that could best be described as uneven. Frustrating possibly. We saw some great times and arguably some of the worst episodes in years (ahem Jim Parsons) but we knew it was a rebuilding year as the season started. We lost one of the show’s biggest linchpins with the departure of Seth Meyers. A huge amount of new featured cast members were named at the top of the year and it made way for a bloated cast that could (and probably will) do with some trimming down between now and next.

    With that being said, let’s bring in a ringer for the final episode of season 39. Who better than one of their own Andy Samberg. Just to ensure the night would be a good one, a lot of Samberg’s pals came back for some good times and nostalgia. Hell, we saw Maya Rudolph, Seth Meyers, Martin Short, Bill Hader, Justin Timberlake (sorta), Paul Rudd, 2 Chainz, Lil Jon, Pharrell, Tatiana Maslany, Fred Armisen, and Kristen Wiig all make cameos. So if nostalgia is your thing, this was probably your favorite episode of the season. Read More

    An hour with Cameron Esposito

    After opening for comedians like Anthony Jeselnik and Maria Bamford, with arguably specific crowds, creating and hosting UCBLA’s weekly stand-up podcast, Put Your Hands Together, and having done her time in Chicago’s Comedy scene, founding Chicago’s open mic night at Cole’s Bar, performing as a cast member of the famed Lincoln Lodge and founding Feminine Comique, a crash course in stand-up comedy exclusively for women, Cameron Esposito is no stranger to being fearless and unapologetically herself. In preparation for recording her upcoming album, Cameron Esposito compiled her best to test on an audience of fans with An Hour With Cameron Esposito on Thursday night at UCB with host, Ian Karmel. If you’re at all like me, a Chicago to Portland to LA transplant, or just someone with ears and a sense of humor, you understand the brilliance of that line-up. Read More

    Andrew Garfield hosted Saturday Night Live: A Spider-man in New York

    Andrew Garfield SNLLast night Spider-man himself Andrew Garfield hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time ever. He was in town and on the show to help promote the movie where he saves New York from a bunch of bad guys. However, he wasn’t really able to save all of the SNL sketches throughout the night.

    I place no blame on Garfield for the sketches that didn’t work. He was charming and pleasant, and managed to pull off all the duties a great host would. Hopefully, he’ll return and host the show several more times. The biggest letdown of the evening didn’t really happen during the show, rather when I came to the realization that Garfield would be able to attend the afterparty with my his girlfriend Emma Stone and I would not. Read More

    Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival 2014 | Thursday (photos)


    Greetings from the 4th Annual Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival in sunny and beautiful Austin, Texas! The vibe is wonderful and upbeat as this year’s festival delivers top tier talent along with dozens of exceptional up-and-coming comics. Day 2 of the fest certainly delivered. We bounced up and down the Congress Avenue venues to enjoy sets at The Paramount Theatre (the fest’s marquee venue and Moontower HQ) and the Speakeasy (a much more intimate club) while catching up with some comedian and industry friends at the Moontower Lounge (Intercontinental Hotel bar). The night started with a bang as the legendary Dennis Miller jam packed the Paramount and didn’t stop until Nick Thune finished a hilarious and heartwarming set proving he’s smarter than his wife’s obstetrician at the 4 Eyes showcase. Read More

    Opie and Anthony celebrate twenty years in radio with a live SiriusXM Unmasked from Carolines in NYC

    O&A and Norton

    On Thursday night at Carolines in New York City, legendary radio hosts Opie & Anthony sat down with Ron Bennington (of the Ron & Fez Show) to talk about their 20 year career in radio. A career that took them from Long Island to Boston and back to NYC. A career that, on more than a few occasions kicked them around and set them up for moments when they were forced to make career-defining decisions.

    Bennington hosted O&A as part of SiriusXM’s interview series Unmasked. Where Bennington takes an in-depth look at the career of an artist. However, this Unmasked was different as O&A were on hand to celebrate 20 years of highs and lows of their career in broadcasting. And in a packed comedy club in front of diehard fans is where the duo broke down their story to Bennington. Here’s what we learned from the hour long conversation with the boys. Read More

    Dave Attell’s cringeworthy comedy is perfectly captured on “Road Work”

    Dave Attell, Road WorkIt’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since we’ve last seen a Dave Attell stand-up comedy special. Yeah, do the math, it was 2007 when Captain Miserable was released. It’s a very long time for hands-down one of the best comedians in the game to produce something he’s so incredibly great at doing. While he’s had some projects in the time between, the stage of a comedy club is where Dave Attell shines brightest. It’s a giant flaming ball of crude, rude, cringe-worthy, and devastating stand-up. Did you expect anything else?

    Road Work is the best representation of the comedy and style of Dave Attell we’ve seen to date. Past Attell stand-up specials have seen him suited up in a well-lit theater telling jokes. Road Work strips away any formalities and tapes Attell working where he’s best, in comedy clubs on stages close to the crowd where he can talk to them, hear their reactions, and toss out in-the-moment tags to jokes. There’s a sped up flow to the special, which benefits Attell and his rapid-fire delivery. Exaggerated with the club location changing every 10 minutes or so (perfect for commercial breaks). It’s also shot guerrilla style, with a few cameras, including one on stage that Attell often bumps into and interacts with, there’s a shaky audience camera and as Attell states at the beginning of the party, it’s a “filthy, dirty mess of a show.” Read More