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  • Dave Attell’s cringeworthy comedy is perfectly captured on ‘Road Work’

    Dave Attell, Road WorkIt’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since we’ve last seen a Dave Attell stand-up comedy special. Yeah, do the math, it was 2007 when Captain Miserable was released. It’s a very long time for hands-down one of the best comedians in the game to produce something he’s so incredibly great at doing. While he’s had some projects in the time between, the stage of a comedy club is where Dave Attell shines brightest. It’s a giant flaming ball of crude, rude, cringe-worthy, and devastating stand-up. Did you expect anything else?

    Road Work is the best representation of the comedy and style of Dave Attell we’ve seen to date. Past Attell stand-up specials have seen him suited up in a well-lit theater telling jokes. Road Work strips away any formalities and tapes Attell working where he’s best, in comedy clubs on stages close to the crowd where he can talk to them, hear their reactions, and toss out in-the-moment tags to jokes. There’s a sped up flow to the special, which benefits Attell and his rapid-fire delivery. Exaggerated with the club location changing every 10 minutes or so (perfect for commercial breaks). It’s also shot guerrilla style, with a few cameras, including one on stage that Attell often bumps into and interacts with, there’s a shaky audience camera and as Attell states at the beginning of the party, it’s a “filthy, dirty mess of a show.” Read More

    Seth Rogen hosted Saturday Night Live, there were guest stars and fart jokes

    Seth Rogen SNLSeth Rogen returned for another hosting session of Saturday Night Live. An episode that can only be described as weird and uneven. This back half of this season of SNL has really started to focus on weird rather than totally funny. Rogen’s episode should’ve flown high (see what I did there?) but was mostly failures. The always solid Weekend Update was ho-hum and led into a second half of an episode that really wasn’t worth the time to watch.

    Rogen isn’t a very musical guy so this episode contained virtually none what last week had, but that also allowed for the next day internet crowd to see more of the episode than they did last week. He’s a fun gentlemen and provides for fun times usually but this episode wasn’t really something I’d put in the “win” column. Weed jokes or not. Read More

    Anna Kendrick hosted Saturday Night Live for a night of dancing and singing about dongs

    Anna Kendrick SNL bumpersWhat’s not to like about Anna Kendrick? She’s clearly the theater geek from High School that never really gave that big an eff about the drama and would blow off class with to smoke cigarettes with you; an anti-Rachel Berry if you will.

    With that being said, her debut on Saturday Night Live was destined to be chock full of musical numbers that show off her talent and her charm. Singing and dancing were the mood of the evening. But it definitely ran the gamut of subject matter, from Disneyfied monologues to songs about dongs. I’ll call it a win since we saw a Good Neighbor sketch early in the show and Kendrick was great throughout the evening. Though at times when the writing wasn’t the strongest, charm pulled out the win. Read More

    Louis C.K. hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ for an awkwardly great evening

    Louis C.K. on SNLUpon learning Louis C.K. would return as the next host of Saturday Night Live, the excitement level shot through the roof. C.K. is an incredibly talented man and when he made his debut in 2012 he was part of an instant classic sketch spoofing his popular TV show Louie. Therefore, we went into this evening hoping for more of C.K. lovable awkwardness.

    Yes, believe that C.K. has incredibly awkward moments, he’s not the best actor and he definitely benefited from cue card reading last night. Somehow Louis makes it all work for him, you cheer for his bald, middle-aged manness, and you do it a lot. Some of the night’s sketches were incredibly great, and later slid into a lovable weirdness with sketches about action figures in butts, private eyes, and romantic speeches.

    Depending on where you land on the weirdness scale, you’ll love many of said sketches, or it might just not be your thing. There wasn’t a standout sketch like “Lincoln” did during C.K.’s first turn as host though I personally enjoyed the episode, between Louis’ great monologue to some laugh out loud moments the evening provided, it was a solid night of sketch comedy. Read More

    Karen Kilgariff raises the bar for musical comedy with ‘Live at the Bootleg’ (Review)

    Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I love every woman with a guitar that crosses my path, even if said woman is a comedian with Mr. Show, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, and The Ellen Degeneres Show writing credits to her name. I’ll even go as far as to say that I am a skeptic when it comes to musical comedy. That all being said, Karen Kilgariff is an anomaly, harnessing her own struggles, thoughts, and fears into short and sweet metaphor-driven songs.

    Recently transitioning from classic stand-up to singing and songwriting, Kilgariff recorded her newest album, Live at the Bootleg, with ASpecialThing Records and managed to set the bar for the genre. This isn’t the musical comedy that you’re use to. There’s nothing contrived or forced within her lyrics. Instead, she says what everyone is already thinking: the random thoughts; the ones most people would be too scared to admit on stage much less record for the masses. Those are where Kilgariff finds her inspiration. Read More

    Lena Dunham hosted Saturday Night Live and was the ‘girl’ of the evening

    Let’s be frank, last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live was just painful to watch. As hard as Jim Parsons may have tried, the writing was just not there. Calling it mediocre would be the nicest compliment to give it. But here we are, it’s a new week and this time we’ve got Girls mastermind Lena Dunham hosting. Would SNL be able to dust off last week’s bad vibes and come back swinging?

    Well, the show certainly had a lot of weak moments thanks again to awkward writing, but overall was a nice improvement from last week. While there were simply better skits this time around (as well as a few surprise celebrity appearances to save the subpar sketches), a big chunk of credit should be given to Dunham. No one ever doubted that she’s funny and could take a joke at her own expense, but Dunham did a superb job as host. Even when certain bits didn’t land, it was still fun to see her play along with the rest of the cast. Read More

    Jim Parsons hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ and that’s about it

    Jim Parsons on SNLWhooohoo! Saturday Night Live is back! It’s been off the air for what seems like ages. So much has happened, the Olympics and Russia’s nuttiness, the new late night shift, new staffing changes, the departure of Seth Meyers. A clearly big hole to fill and anchor for the show.

    With this in mind, SNL should come out of the gate swinging. Should’ve. But they didn’t. While I give credit for not retreading on old favorites, the writing was soft, the sketches weren’t memorable, there weren’t a lot of laughs, and the usually strong Weekend Update was just okay. We got was a meandering mess of a show that wasn’t funny, had no bite, and made one big sh*t joke. In general, it was not its normal self. It was one of the weakest episodes of the season and the first in a long time where I can’t declare a single winning sketch.

    The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons is a swell person and was fine as a host. But he was trapped in the mediocrity of the night and cannot really take the blame for bad things. In fact, I’ll give him a mulligan on the evening and hope he comes back as host once the new staff gels more. Read More

    Andy Sandford establishes himself as an individual performer with his first solo album, ‘Me the Whole Time’

    Andy Sandford Me The Whole Time'Brooklyn comedian Andy Sandford has spent many years touring around with comedy collective the Beards of Comedy (alongside Dave Stone, Joe Zimmerman, and TJ Young) before the group broke off to each do their own thing. While collectively the foursome put out two albums, Sandford is debuting his first solo stand-up album today, aptly titled Me the Whole Time.

    Recently named one of Brooklyn Magazine’s “50 Funniest People in Brooklyn,” Sandford returned to his homestead of Atlanta, GA to record his album at comedy mainstay Star Community Bar (also the recording site of Joe DeRosa’s You Will Die album) for a rowdy crowd who were more than excited to welcome back one of their own.

    The comedian used to be a regular face, appearing at the bar’s weekly show before his exodus to New York in 2011. While he’s been away for some time, Sandford sounds (and looked) very comfortable, slipping back into a familiar space. I attended the recording back in October, tightly packed against the door of the sardine can Star Bar was that night to watch Sandford rattle off a wide range of jokes in a full, robust voice that I feel would be perfectly suiting for baseball commentary or NPR had the comedian not hated both (as you will learn). Me the Whole Time tackles subjects such as the downsides to being 30 years old for ten years, Netflix, “turkey” ham, and weed. Read More