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  • Kyle Kinane’s special, “I Liked His Old Stuff Better” premieres tonight, watch some clips

    Kyle Kinane

    Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the premiere of Kyle Kinane’s new stand-up special, I Liked His Old Stuff Better. Kinane is easily one of our favorite comedians working today and his third time laying down an hour is one of his strongest yet. So before you snuggle up and watch some great stand-up here are some clips to get you going. Read More

    Al Madrigal’s new special “Half Like Me” airs tomorrow on Fusion

    Al MadrigalAl Madrigal, known for his role as the senior Latino correspondent on The Daily Show, is set to debut his own one-hour special on biracial identity. The special, called Half Like Me, is being billed as a docu-comedy. “Being half has always been confusing,” Madrigal says in the preview for the special. “White people think you’re Mexican and Latinos give me shit about not being Latino enough.” Madrigal, who joined The Daily Show back in 2011, has been performing comedy full-time since 1998. No stranger to television, Madrigal has appeared in About a Boy, Free Agents, Gary Unmarried as well as all the Late Night staples. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming film Still Punching The Clown. A project that includes Madrigal due in 2015 and boasts an impressive cast of headlining comedians such as Sarah Silverman, Tig Notaro, Doug Stanhope, and Jim Jeffries. Al Madrigal’s Half Like Me airs on Fusion this Thursday, January 22 at 10:00 p.m., ET.

    Iliza Shlesinger on The Tonight Show, “Free the nipple”

    Last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Iliza Shlesinger let your inner thoughts speak for themselves during her 6 minute set. Shlesinger introduced us all to the “Party Goblin” that’s within every woman, told us why girls start fights for “funsies”, and the real reason why that Instagram photo was taken down. Well, because, #FreeTheNipple of course. Shlesinger looks more comfortable than ever on stage and this set on Fallon is a nice tease of what’s to come in her latest special out this Friday on Netflix entitled Freezing Hot. It has also been announced that she’ll be writing and starring in a new ABC series currently titled Forever 31. Here’s her set from last night.

    Ari Shaffir’s “Paid Regular” premieres tonight, watch some clips

    Ari Shaffir - Paid RegularTonight at midnight, Ari Shaffir’s new stand-up special, Paid Regular premieres on Comedy Central. It’s the first of many we’re going to be seeing Shaffir on the Comedy Central airwaves, but you should consider this the kickoff to the “Spring of Ari Shaffir.” That’s right, we’re calling it, we’re trying to make “fetch” happen.

    Anyway, here are some clips for the special to get you psyched for tonight. Pop the popcorn, cook the steak, or do whatever else you do at midnight (we’re not judging), and watch Ari. Read More

    Simon Amstell on Conan, “I’m being seduced by a wet dungeon boy”

    Simon Amstell was the guest comedian on Conan last night. During his 5 he took the opportunity to talk about jealousy in relationships he has with men which lead down a dark path. Which is all the more funny because hearing a Brit talk about sex dungeons just sounds all the more weird with the accent.

    Esther Povitsky on The Late Late Show, “There is sexism in dating”

    Esther Povitsky was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Drew Carey last night. The comedian is at the age where she’s beginning to grow up but still clinging to childhood. Take it away Esther.

    Jerry Seinfeld delivers a classic stand-up set about “things” on The Tonight Show

    In case you missed it due to the holiday, Jerry Seinfeld kicked it old school by delivering a classic stand-up set on The Tonight Show. He’s been busy with his series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and also recently had a cameo in Chris Rock’s Top Five. Hard to believe the 9 season run of Seinfeld on NBC started over 25 years ago. He’s on the road now, so grab some tickets and see one of our generation’s best.

    Greg Warren on Late Night with Seth Meyers: “Be wary if your waiter pronounces the “l” in salmon”

    Greg Warren revels in the realities of being 46, unmarried with no kids, and why you should be wary if your waiter pronounces the “l” in salmon during his recent Late Night with Seth Meyers set. Be sure to check out his website for tour dates and grab his three releases to date.

    9 Great and unique concept comedy shows around the nation

    There are a million open mics, and a million (well I don’t know numbers, it’s not important) stand-up showcases around the country. You can see stand-up almost every night in every major, and some minor, cities. But how many of these shows feature comics performing in their underwear, or performing to a camera in a separate room from the audience, or will you hear a comedian tell an erotic tale involving lovers Lee Harvey Oswald and Eva Braun? Answer: not many at all!

    Comedy is ever evolving and people’s perception of what stand-up is and can be evolves with it. Comedians are constantly experimenting and taking their comedy to places previously unseen, and some are taking the same approach to showcases. To break up the monotony, many unique concept shows have sprung up around the country and have flourished. More than just a mic and a stage, these shows add a whole other level of fun and spontaneity that really makes live comedy a special thing.

    We picked out nine of our favorite shows that have found success and could possibly be coming to a city or comedy festival near you. Check it out. Read More

    Kyle Dunnigan on Late Night, “I can’t do magic but I can do magic hands”

    In case you missed it, the very funny Kyle Dunnigan was the guest comic on Friday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. Dunnigan is a great comedian, but not a good magician. However, he is fantastic as doing “magic hands.” After wowing the audience with his magical impressions, Dunnigan discussed his closed relationship with his mother, the time he thought he got robbed, dealing with automated customer service calls and more. Check it out.