Fahim Anwar Conan

Fahim Amwahr on Conan, “You win some, you lose some”

Fahim Amwahr thinks that dating is just pretending to be way richer than you are. Which sucks when women still don’t like you. Here’s his set from Conan last night where he discusses the importance of a parking spot, rudeness of women for no reason, and the real life rom-com scenario. Before becoming a comedian, […]

Megan Gailey on Conan Stand-Up

2015 in review: Top 5 late night stand-up debuts

With another year in the books, we saw a plethora of late night stand-up debuts in the year 2015. Some from more established comedians finally getting their call and some fresh-out-of-the-gate younger comedians. Ten-plus in total made it quite difficult to narrow it down to five. The good news however is, they were all fantastic […]