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  • Dan Soder on Conan, ‘She talks about death with an ease that rattles my bones’

    Dan Soder, one of our favs made his second appearance on Conan last night for another round of stand-up comedy jokery. Soder took swings at the generational gap between children and their grandparents and why he doesn’t trust 2 year olds and their technological prowess. If I follow the logic bestowed upon Dan when he’s on the YKWD podcast, he didn’t have to pull out the Russian accent, so he pretty much nailed it.

    Jim Gaffigan to release new stand-up special, ‘Obsessed’ on April 29th

    Seems like Spring is finally here and so is another stand-up comedy special from Jim Gaffigan. The comedian’s latest Obsessed will be available in stores on Tuesday, April 29th. It will be available on pretty much any format your comedy fan heard could want, DVD, Blu-Ray, vinyl, VOD, digital download on CC: Stand-Up Direct. On the weekend before the special hits stores Obsessed will make it’s TV world premiere on April 27th on Comedy Central.

    Obsessed is the follow-up to the comedian’s fantastic New York Times Bestselling book, Dad Is Fat which depicted the comedian’s life with his wife, small NYC apartment, and 5 small children. This combo plus Gaffigan’s popular observation on life with a sidetrack into pretty much any rant about a food product one could think of. Read More

    Tracy Morgan’s stand-up special ‘Bona Fide’ set to premiere on Comedy Central April 20th

    Tracy Morgan is one of the most recognizable names in the stand up world. He has been all over the place from the legendary Saturday Night Live to hit NBC show 30 Rock. However his roots are, and have always been, in stand-up comedy.

    Having said that, I bring to you some exciting news, Tracy’s new special Bona Fide which is set to premiere on Comedy Central airwaves at 10pm on Comedy Central. The extended and uncensored edition will be available on DVD, VOD, and everywhere else April 22nd. If you find yourself unable to wait you can buy it right now for $5 on CC:STAND-UP Direct. How’s that for some options! Read More

    Nikki Glaser on Late Night with Seth Meyers, ‘He thinks I read’

    Nikki Glaser was the guest comedian on Late Night with Seth Meyers the other night. She delivered a tight five about her recent relationship breakups, make ups, and how she gave him the impression that she was a different person. We got the chance to catch Glaser run through this spot earlier this week at The Stand and though she cleaned up a few parts for TV, the spot was thoroughly rocked.

    Matt Braunger almost killed the lead singer of Living Colour in the latest edition of SideOneDummy Storytellers

    Matt Braunger is a fan of the band Living Colour so much in fact he almost killed the lead singer Corey Glover at a concert. Turns out some people have a different way of showing their appreciation for their idols. Braunger tells this story in the latest episode of SideOneDummy Storytellers where the folks at LA punk label SideOneDummy invite a comedian or musician to come by and tell a story in front of an intimate audience.

    Byron Bowers on The Pete Holmes Show, ‘I want my greatness to outweigh my inappropriateness’

    Byron Bowers was the guest comedian on The Pete Holmes Show, we dig Byron for a few reasons, 1) we got the chance to spend some time with him at SXSW this past March and he’s a terrific person. And 2) he’s hilarious! Who can’t related to his desire to be great? Granted, Bowers wants to be so great that he can knock it down a notch or two with non-great things, but we should all strive to so awesome things while on this planet.