Noah Gardenswartz The Half Hour Television

Behold this sneak peek of Noah Gardenswartz’ episode of “The Half Hour”

Noah Gardenswartz warns of the greatest danger one can encounter while on acid: a conversation with a smart child. His episode of The Half Hour premieres tonight at 12:00a/11:00c. Always relaxed on stage, Noah Gardenswartz has a wide range of material and a unique perspective on life. His well-crafted mix of jokes, observations and personal […]

Matteo Lane Seth Meyers Stand-Up

Matteo Lane on Late Night, “I have deli face but with a gay voice”

Matteo Lane performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night and tells the tale of how he came out to his father, his “deli” face, and what’s it’s like to go on an audition. Lane is a New York-based comic who grew up Italian-American (with a little bit of Mexican) in Chicago. He learned […]

TLB 10 - Stand-Up Stand-Up

10 Years of TLB: 10 stellar late night stand-up sets

The Laugh Button is celebrating 10 years of operation. During that time, we’ve witnessed some incredible moments in comedy. For the next 8 weeks leading up to our 10 year anniversary in October, we’ll be counting down some of our favorite moments as a site – live appearances, festivals, moments, interviews, podcasts, videos, and more. […]

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.30.20 PM Television

Ali Siddiq delivers the goods in this clip for “The Half Hour”

On The Half Hour, Ali Siddiq warns that you should beware of a child who whispers. Many comedians are courageous, but it takes a special type of spirit to begin your stand-up career while in prison. Ali Siddiq has just that type spirit. He stood in front of a judgmental crowd and petitioned for their […]

Emily Heller The Half Hour The Half Hour

Enjoy this tease of Emily Heller’s episode of “The Half Hour”

Emily Heller explains why her brain is the worst DJ ever on her upcoming episode of Comedy Central’s The Half Hour. Emily Heller is a comedian and writer and if you watch tv, you may have seen her tell jokes on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Conan, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, John Oliver’s […]

Ahmed Bharoocha The Half Hour Television

Watch a clip from Ahmed Bharoocha’s episode of “The Half Hour”

Coming up on this season of The Half Hour from Comedy Central, Ahmed Bharoocha talks about his fear of cats – including yours. Ahmed Bharoocha was born into a Irish Catholic/Pakistani Muslim household. He discovered his passion for entertaining at a young age making home movies with his older sister and his best friend. During […]

Aparna Nancherla The Half Hour Television

Watch a sneak peek of Aparna Nancherla’s episode of “The Half Hour”

On the upcoming season of Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, Aparna Nancherla explains why you should never check your reflection in a parked car. Aparna Nancherla recently wrote for Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC. You can also see her on the current season of Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central and on the […]

Sam Kinison Radio

Sam Kinison’s last recorded performance headed to SiriusXM

SiriusXM will exclusively premiere the rare last recorded performance from Sam Kinison. Taken from a poor-quality amateur recording of a Kinison performance just days before his death, the audio has been extensively enhanced and is now available as a window to an artist at the height of his craft and fame. Immediately preceding the airing […]

Jeff Dye The Tonight Show Video

Jeff Dye on The Tonight Show, “I found out I had dyslexia back in 2031”

Comedian Jeff Dye tells jokes about being dumb and happy versus being smart and miserable on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Jeff Dye stars in NBC’s new eclectic comedy adventure series Better Late Than Never. This exciting project follows the travel of Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman as Jeff gives […]