Harland Williams on Fallon The Tonight Show

Harland Williams on Fallon, “We don’t know how long we’ve got, it can all end tomorrow”

Comedian Harland Williams performs jokes about North Korea’s nuclear threats, global warming, and his dinosaur theory on his appearance last night on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Williams, a veteran comedian, is widely known for his character roles in films such as Dumb and Dumber, Freddy Got Fingered, There’s Something About Mary, Half Baked, […]

Dan Soder News

Here’s your first look at “Dan Soder: Not Special”

In Dan Soder’s first hour-long special, he reveals the creepiest thing about his grandmother, admits that his recent breakup was his fault and remembers the hardest thing about being raised by a single mom. Throughout his special, Soder is so laid-back and charming that you’ll be grateful he wasn’t actually possessed by the devil that […]

Joe Pera Stand-Up

Joe Pera on Seth Meyers, “Hello”

Comedian Joe Pera performs stand-up on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Most of America will get their first taste of the brilliance that is Pera. Enjoy his appearance and then tell your friends.

Gad Elmaleh on Conan Conan

Gad Elmaleh delivers his English stand-up debut on Conan

Gad Elmaleh makes his US English language stand-up debut. But don’t get too excited, he just memorized everything phonetically. Check out his performance on Conan last night. Elmaleh has been dubbed the “Seinfeld of France” drawing comparisons in some circles. He performs performs sold-out shows in arenas to thousands of people back in his native […]