Sam Morril America's Got Talent Television

Watch Sam Morril’s performance on America’s Got Talent

Sam Morril gets real about dating and having kids on America’s Got Talent. He had a fantastic performance on the show for the judges, let’s find out what they thought of Morril showcase. Morril, one of the fastest-rising stand-up comics in New York City, is also one of the best joke writers in the scene […]

7 Minutes In Purgatory Stand-Up

Comedians go through “7 Minutes In Purgatory” in Comedy Central series

What happens when you deny stand-up comedians the benefit of laughter? Ian Abramson, host of 7 Minutes in Purgatory since 2014, finds out when he puts comics alone in the back of a truck to do their act while the audience watches from a different room. The series has now come to Comedy Central. So […]

Gary Gulman Conan 2016 Stand-Up

Gary Gulman on Conan, “Ne’er-do-wells, how often do well? Ne’er”

Gary Gulman recounts the thrilling tale of how postal code abbreviations came to be on his Conan performance last night. Gulman was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing during both season 2 and season 3. He was a graduate of Boston College where he played football as a tight end… but never caught a […]

Comic Khan Conan

Khaaaaan! For Comic Con, Khan from Star Trek performs stand-up comedy

Always down for a good pun, Conan decided to celebrate his show’s coverage of the San Diego Comic Con by having Kahn from Star Trek perform stand-up. Making him the comic, Khan. Get it? Conan’s writer and comedian Andres DuBouchet dressed up as the classic Star Trek villian, rolled out to Conan’s studios and delivered […]

Ari Shaffir - Karma Stand-Up

When Karma caught up to Ari Shaffir and got him sued by The Holy Spirit

Ari Shaffir’s terrific storytelling series, This Is Not Happening recently wrapped its second season. The show has already been renewed for a third season and has even already taped the new round of comedic stories. Just this week, Comedy Central released a clip of one of Shaffir’s best stories of the season. The time he […]

Rhea Butcher on Conan Conan

Rhea Butcher on Conan, “When I wear a FitBit it just counts wishes”

Despite having the last name Butcher, Rhea Butcher is a lifetime vegetarian. The only iron in her life is irony. Here is her set from Conan. Rhea Butcher is a Los Angeles-based standup comic, actor and writer. Originally from the Midwest, Butcher grew up skateboarding the mean streets of Akron, Ohio. Her blue collar brand […]

Joel Kim Booster Conan Conan

Joel Kim Booster on Conan, “I knew I was gay before I was Asian”

Joel Kim Booster was raised in the Midwest, which has all the racial hatred and violence of the deep South, but no sweet tea. Check out his debut on Conan. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Booster was adopted at a young age and moved to the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Both homeschooled and evangelical, he […]