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  • 9 Great and unique concept comedy shows around the nation

    There are a million open mics, and a million (well I don’t know numbers, it’s not important) stand-up showcases around the country. You can see stand-up almost every night in every major, and some minor, cities. But how many of these shows feature comics performing in their underwear, or performing to a camera in a separate room from the audience, or will you hear a comedian tell an erotic tale involving lovers Lee Harvey Oswald and Eva Braun? Answer: not many at all!

    Comedy is ever evolving and people’s perception of what stand-up is and can be evolves with it. Comedians are constantly experimenting and taking their comedy to places previously unseen, and some are taking the same approach to showcases. To break up the monotony, many unique concept shows have sprung up around the country and have flourished. More than just a mic and a stage, these shows add a whole other level of fun and spontaneity that really makes live comedy a special thing.

    We picked out nine of our favorite shows that have found success and could possibly be coming to a city or comedy festival near you. Check it out. Read More

    Kyle Dunnigan on Late Night, “I can’t do magic but I can do magic hands”

    In case you missed it, the very funny Kyle Dunnigan was the guest comic on Friday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. Dunnigan is a great comedian, but not a good magician. However, he is fantastic as doing “magic hands.” After wowing the audience with his magical impressions, Dunnigan discussed his closed relationship with his mother, the time he thought he got robbed, dealing with automated customer service calls and more. Check it out.

    Mo Mandel on Conan, “I became a huge Julio Iglesias fan”

    Mo Mandel was the guest comic on last night’s Conan, marking his second appearance on the show. After opening the show talking about the woes of buying a gift for his 70yr old father, Mandel talked about the time he opened for music superstar Julio Iglesias and how a simple interaction with his trumpet player turned Mandel into a huge fan. Mandel wrapped up his set talking about how we doesn’t want kids, the terrors of getting your chest waxed and more. Check it out.

    Happy Harassment Day! Patrice O’Neal breaks it down

    There’s a big holiday happening this week! No, not Thanksgiving. Not Black Friday. Not even Wednesday, the biggest club night of the year. I’m talking about today, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, known as Harassment Day.

    What is Harassment Day you ask? Well, it’s the brainchild of the late, great Patrice O’Neal. O’Neal introduced the concept to the world on his special, Elephant In The Room. A special that we watch every year on this day. It’s just a tradition we as comedy fans must keep alive. And with that, we will let Patrice explain the particulars.

    No, but seriously, if you haven’t watched Elephant In The Room at least 5 times you cannot consider yourself a comedy fan.

    Fahim Anwar on Late Night, “Every flight attendant thinks they’re a stand-up comedian”

    Los Angeles comedian Fahim Anwar was the guest comedian on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. This marked Anwar’s late night debut. Suited up, Anwar opened his set talking about his neighborhood Koreatown, his thin-walled apartment, airport racial profiling, and “funny” flight attendants before closing out on cab and Uber drivers. Check it out.

    Mike Lawrence on Late Night with Seth Meyers, “I was guilted by a Muppet, do you know how that feels?”

    Mike Lawrence was the guest comedian on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night and he totally killed with some great new material around his recent nuptuals. Lawrence also finished strong with the mention of the singer Toby Keith in his closer. We happen to know for a fact that Lawrence got the chance to perform this joke in front of the actual Toby Keith at the Maui Comedy Festival. If the man himself can laugh at the joke then you can too. It being funny just makes it that much more better.

    Allen Strickland Williams on Conan, “I always have a boner”

    The great Allen Strickland Williams was the guest comic on last night’s Conan. The LA comedian is well known as being one fourth of the WOMEN sketch group, whose videos have been featured on Tosh.0. Making his triumphant late night debut, ASW starting off his set telling the audience his life motto. From there, ASW talks about getting high, drinking, family style restaurants, nicknames for one’s penis, Sigmund Freud, getting caught masturbating and more. Check it out.

    Comedy Central’s 2014 “Comics to Watch” showcase available now online

    Each year Comedy Central selects a few up-and-coming stand-up comedians to feature in their “Comics to Watch” showcase. This year’s showcase was held at Carolines on Broadway last week as part of the New York Comedy Festival. If you couldn’t make it to Manhattan this year, have no fear. You can now watch the entire showcase online, here.

    Chris DiStefano hosts a packed line-up that includes: Naomi Ekperigin, Alex Edelman, David Smithyman, Robert Dean, Jak Knight, Emmy Blotnick, Julio Torres, Matt Ingebretson, Kevin Iso, Nate Fernald, and Ricky Valez.