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  • Sarah Silverman’s “Saturday Night Live” promos are here, let’s watch

    Sarah Silverman will host the second episode of Saturday Night Live‘s 40th season, and compared to last week’s cherished newcomer, Chris Pratt, she’s an absolute veteran. While Silverman has never hosted the show, she did spend a year on the cast many moons ago. In the newly released NYC rooftop promos for this upcoming weekend, Silverman confuses her SNL past with other featured players’ careers and “roasts” Taran Killam, who turns out to be the “seat man” to her “table girl.” It’s almost like she never left.

    Bill Lawrence and Brett Ratner are developing “Rush Hour” into a TV show

    Remember what we just got done saying about TV trends? Well it looks like yet another movie is being adapting into a TV series. Joining the likes of Big and Minority Report (among others), the action/comedy trilogy Rush Hour is making its way to TV. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. TV has closed a deal on an hour-long adaptation of the film franchise.

    Franchise director Brett Ratner will serve as executive producer on the project alongside Arthur Sarkissian and Bill Lawrence (Cougar Town, Ground Floor). Lawrence will pen the project which promises to stay close the the original film’s premise. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker starred in the film franchise as a by-the-books Hong Kong police officer tasked to work alongside a cocky LAPD cop who doesn’t like having a partner, respectively.

    Fox is adapting the 1988 Tom Hanks’ movie “Big” into a TV show

    Big things are coming to the Fox network (and other cliche play-on-words). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is developing a TV adaptation of the 1988 Tom Hanks’ movie Big. Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce, the creative team behind the military sitcom Enlisted, will pen the script as well as executive produce the series.

    The original movie revolved revolved a kid that wished to be “big,” aka an adult. The show will follow suit and will “explore what it means to be an adult and what it means to be a kid — and how in today’s world, those two things are more confused than ever.”

    This is starting to become a trend in TV right now, with adaptations of the films Minority Report, Problem Child, and Real Genius currently in development at Fox and NBC respectively. This all begs the question: where are we on a TV adaptation of Batman? Oh… right.

    Yvette Nicole Brown leaves the cast of “Community”

    Community-Shirley-590x350While cult favorite sitcom Community has been revived by Amazon, not everyone will be returning for season six.

    According to TV Guide, Yvette Nicole Brown will be leaving the show for personal reasons. Brown has been a regular member of the cast playing Shirley Bennett since the first season in 2009. Brown had asked to leave her contract in order to tend to her ailing father. Read More

    FX renews “You’re the Worst” and “Married”

    A pair of freshman sitcoms are getting the go-ahead over at FX. According to Deadline, FX has renewed its new series Married and You’re the Worst for second seasons. Each debuted this summer with 10 episodes each, and will return for an upped 13 episode order. FX also has plans to move You’re the Worst to FXX. While neither have garnered amazing ratings, but You’re the Worst has become the bigger fan favorite. I only hope it doesn’t meet the same demise as other former FX series when it jumps to FXX.

    “We love these shows and the creative visions of Andrew Gurland of Married and Stephen Falk of You’re The Worst,” said FX’s Nick Grad. “Both series have terrific ensemble casts and outstanding lead performances – Nat Faxon and Judy Greer in Married, and Chris Geere and Aya Cash in You’re The Worst. These shows are honest, 360-degree looks at relationships, and we’re excited to see how they evolve.”

    Animator Don Hertzfeldt makes most bizarre “Simpsons” couch gag yet

    The minds behind The Simpsons have been known from time to time to hire people to guest-direct their iconic couch gags. Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro did a great “Treehouse of Horror’ one, and now Don Hertzfeldt has made probably the most bizarre couch gag in Simpsons history. The award winning animator and filmmaker made a hyper-futuristic couch gag to open up the show’s 26th season. It was… just watch.

    This week on TV: Love comes to the store

    There are lots of great funny people making appearances on television this week. Late night is packed full of it all while many new sitcoms are premiering. While that’s all fun and dandy but this weekend, we’re not only hosting some killer live stand-up shows but we’re anxiously awaiting the debut of Jerrod Carmichael’s new stand-up special, Love At The Store. Giddyup! Read More

    Chris Pratt hosted “Saturday Night Live:” Crotch shots for everyone!

    Season 40 of Saturday Night Live is upon us. With it comes a revamped look and feel of the show, some new faces are up, some old ones are gone and we’re excited to see how it all shakes out for Lorne Michaels and the crew. Host Chris Pratt was the first to test out the new digs. While it’s Pratt’s first time on the show, you’d be hard pressed to think of someone that has the potential to become a lifer for SNL. Pratt is a great mix of talent, humor, and nice-guyism that hopes are high that he’d gel with the cast and deliver a great start to the season and for the most part he did. Pratt was hugely likable and impressive with what he had to work with, including some rapping, song performance, and crotch touching… a hefty amount of crotch touches. Read More

    Jon Stewart to FOX News, “F*ck you and all your false patriotism”

    Jon Stewart is always ripping on Congress and news media for how they operate a narrative for political issues. However, last night on The Daily Show, Stewart went on the attack a bit stronger than usual. In fact, he was pretty passionate about both the way both Congress and the national media are treating legitimate world threats like Ebola and ISIS. He couldn’t help but lash out at how they’re making a non-story like #LatteSalute a thing rather than address real problems. Read More

    Jerry Seinfeld on Letterman, “I have knowledge and its all not about this”

    The next season of Jerry Seinfeld’s hit web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is about to launch again in November. So there’s no better time than now for the legendary comedian to drop by Late Show with David Letterman for a tight five minutes of stand-up followed by some couch time with the show’s host where he even revealed some of the upcoming guests on the show (Jimmy Fallon, Fred Armisen), in addition to discussing Joan Rivers who was to be a guest on the show but it never came to be. Read More