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  • DirecTV orders ‘Downton Abbey’ parody series ‘The Britishes’

    DirecTV snags an original TV series with The Britishes. According to Deadline, the show is a Downton Abbey parody starring Peter Serafinowitz and Will Sasso. Made of a collection of sketches, the series follows a similar absurdist sensibility as the iconic Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

    “The Britishes revolves around the absurd, class-obsessed, extremely British residents of an Edwardian-era English estate off the fictional “coast of Knob.” With roots so deep in aristocracy that their surname is actually “British,” the family has fought through the decades—against progress, against technology and, essentially, against all common sense—in an effort to preserve a regal way of life. The Britishes are a dying breed, hysterically desperate to uphold tradition as the world around them becomes more modern.”

    The series is the first TV project under production house Big Breakfast, the production team of CollegeHumor Originals. President Sam Reich will write and direct the series which will air on DirecTV’s Audience Network on October 28th. Read More

    “Last Week Tonight” creates an all-dog Supreme Court

    John Oliver returned with Last Week Tonight this Sunday on HBO. While the Supreme Court doesn’t allow cameras into the court room, they do provide audio from their proceedings for the media to use. The problem is is that these audio clips with no good visuals are just too boring. Enter Oliver. Oliver and crew spent a lot of time and money to create an all-animal Supreme Court. Headed by a team of dogs, a duck assistant, and a chicken court stenography “who is just doing his best to keep up,” this footage to free to the media to use. Want one Supreme Court justice to hump the other? Oh, we got that! Read More

    Amy Poehler producing church comedy for NBC with Aisha Muharrar

    The Queen of NBC has picked up a new project. With the hit show Parks and Recreation coming to an end this year, Amy Poehler has signed on to produce a new comedy written by fellow Parks co-executive producer Aisha Muharrar. According to Deadline, the untitled show will be a single-cam work place comedy that follows “a young, agnostic woman who inherits a church and the crew of strong-willed characters who make up her new community.”

    Poehler has been flexing her producing muscles executive producing the new runaway hit show on Comedy Central, Broad City, which will air it’s second season next year. Poehler had also sold a pilot, Old Soul, centered around a retirement home that wasn’t picked up, is bringing her brother’s Welcome to Sweden to America, and is producing a pilot from Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner over at USA.

    Muharrar has written for Fox’s animated comedy Sit Down, Shut Up, and has been on the Parks writing staff since the show’s early beginnings. She’s written many great episodes including season 4’s “Born & Raised,” “Operation Ann,” season 5’s “Ron & Dianne” and more.

    Fox trims “Mulaney” series order to 13

    The talk of the fall (hell, year) has been all about John Mulaney’s new sitcom Mulaney. The show was originally turned down by NBC, a call that shocked many, then was picked up by FOX. Unfortunately, FOX recently decided to trim its season one order from 16 episodes to 13. According to Deadline, Mulaney just wrapped up its 13th episode and was about to start production on episode 14 before Fox halted production. After airing two episodes, the show is off to a slow start.

    The sitcom has received an unusually high barrage of criticism. Duo the show’s hype around its star, the show has earned both overly-high expectations and overly-low ones as well before the series even aired. The series received pretty mixed reviews since. While the scale-back is a little worrisome, 16 episodes is an unusually high order for a new series. With three other straight-to-series rookie shows at FOX this fall, this could be more of a financial move that actually benefits Mulaney in the long run. We’ll have to see.

    Mulaney airs on Sundays at 9:30pm est.

    NBC trying to remake “The IT Crowd” (again) with Bill Lawrence

    If you are not familiar with the great British series, The IT Crowd, you need to. Especially now so you can compare the potential American remake in the works at NBC. According to Deadline, producer Bill Lawrence (Cougar Town, Ground Floor) is in charge of turning the series into an American multi-cam sitcom for NBC. Lawrence will team up with Community‘s Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan.

    The IT Crowd is a workplace comedy about two IT nerds stuck in the basement of a major corporation who know nothing about how to interact with people, and their newly installed, ambitious female manager, who knows nothing about computers. This will be NBC’s second attempt at an American IT Crowd. The first attempt starred Joel McHale, Jessica St. Clair, and Richard Ayoade reprising his role of Maurice Moss.

    The original series ran in the UK for four seasons and starred Ayoade, Chris O’Dowd, and Katherine Parkinson. The series earned a best comedy BAFTA, International Emmy and Golden Rose award. As a huge fan of the American Office, I’m a little bit curious to see how this comes out. However, I’ve seen NBC’s first American IT Crowd pilot and wasn’t pleased. The original trio of actors we’re so great in their roles, you really have to nail it again if you’re going to remake an already great series. We’ll see where this goes.

    Robin Thede named head writer of “The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore”

    As Stephen Colbert’s reign starts to wind down, production kicks in gear for his replacement show The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore. The new Comedy Central show has named Robin Thede as head writer, according to Deadline.

    Thede is an accomplished writer, actor, and improvisational comedian. She has trained under the infamous Second City and Improv Olympic improv schools, and worked as both a writer and performer on the sketch series In The Flow With Affion Crockett. She has also appeared on Goodwin Games, Hot In Cleveland, and BET’s Second Generation Wayans. Thede writing credits also include Real Husbands of Hollywood, The Queen Latifah Show (for which she was the head writer), and wrote for Chris Rock for the 2014 BET Awards.

    The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore will take Colbert Report’s place after The Daily Show, and is set to premiere in January 2015.

    Jay Leno will host new CNBC car show “Jay Leno’s Garage”

    Well we knew he wasn’t going leave for good. Former Tonight Show host, Jay Leno, has confirmed he will be hosting a new car show on CNBC. His new show (for now) will be titled Jay Leno’s Garage and will air in primetime hours sometime next year, according to Deadline.

    Leno has always been known for his obsession with cars, and owns quite the collection. CNBC said the show will be “the place where Jay shares his passion for all things automotive, including best investments, valuations and the inner workings of the car collector’s market.”

    “This show will be about anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise,” Leno said today. “We hope to highlight the passion and the stories behind the men and women who made the automobile the greatest invention of the 20th century.”