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  • Spike orders ‘Lip Sync Battle’ series from Jimmy Fallon, John Krasinski, Stephen Merchant

    A popular recurring segment on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is spinning off to become its own show. According to THR, Spike TV has ordered Lip Sync Battle to series from Jimmy Fallon. On Fallon’s show, celebrities face off lip synching a song of their choice, battling for pride and honor.

    “Lip sync battling is one of the coolest things happening in pop culture right now and already has a huge fan base thanks to the amazing talent involved,” Jay Patterson of Matador said. “We’re thrilled to be in business with producers as talented as Jimmy, John and Stephen as Spike broadens its programming in new and exciting ways.”

    Fallon will be teaming up with The Office‘s John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant who will co-executive produce the series while Beth McCarthy-Miller (SNL, 30 Rock) will direct. The trio will also appear on the show though a host has yet to be named. The series will being taping in New York in January and will air on Thursday, April 2, 2015.

    Stephen Colbert interviews former boss Jon Stewart on ‘Colbert Report’

    Stephen Colbert met his perfect match last night when he interviewed his former Daily Show boss Jon Stewart on last night’s Colbert Report. Stewart was there to promote his directoral debut film Rosewater, and defend his liberal, youth-vote grabbing ways to Colbert. “Only 21% of the youth vote voted in the last election. How does it feel to know your entire career could have just as well’ve been shouted into a sock and thrown off an overpass?” All joking aside, it was a sweet little reunion for the two as Colbert Report finishes its final run. Read More

    TBS cancels “Sullivan & Son” after three seasons

    Sullivan & SonSullivan & Son, the show based loosely on the life of comedian Steve Byrne will not have a forth season. The show stared Byrne in the title role as well as fellow comedians Owen Benjamin, Ahmed Ahmed, and Roy Wood Jr and revolved around Byrne’s character quitting his high power job as an attorney to return to his Pittsburgh hometown and work in his parent’s bar.

    TBS is currently going through back end stage changes resulting in them giving the axe Sullivan and much of its original programming shows. The other scripted series Men At Work had the plug pulled on it earlier this year. Sullivan was the first TV show to be produced by Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Television. Read More

    ‘Colbert’ replacement ‘The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’ premieres January 19th

    With Stephen Colbert moving to CBS to host The Late Show, Comedy Central is giving The Daily Show’s former senior black correspondent Larry Wilmore his own show to replace The Colbert Report. Initially called The Minority Report with Larry Wilmore, the show’s name has now been changed to The Nightly Show. The new title is very fitting since it will follow Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

    Wilmore told The New York Times that the name was changed to prevent “brand confusion.”

    “It was never intended to be a show only about minorities,” Mr. Wilmore said. “It’s a show about underdogs, and that happens in a lot of different forms, whether it’s race, gender, or whatever.”

    The original title of course also shared a name with the 2002 Tom Cruise thriller. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore will premiere on Monday January 19th at 11:30pm/est on Comedy Central.

    Watch the trailer for ‘Portlandia’ season 5

    IFC has teased a sneak preview a few weeks back, but now the network has released their first full trailer for Portlandia‘s fifth season. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are coming back on January 8th at 10pm with some of our favorite characters (Toni and Candace, Kath and Dave) and some new. Stars like Jeff Goldblum, Vanessa Bayer, and Ed Begley Jr. return for a guest role alongside a long line of newcomers such as Seth Meyers, Paul Reubens, Paul Simon, Anna Gunn, and more. Check it out.

    James Franco, Martin Freeman, and Amy Adams to host “Saturday Night Live” December episodes

    Saturday Night Live LogoThis weekend Cameron Diaz hosts Saturday Night Live. Then its all about finishing the year strong with guest hosts. Today SNL announced to wrap out 2014 they’ve recruited an Alien, Bilbo Baggins and Lois Lane to finish strong.

    That’s right, on December 6th James Franco will host with Nicki Minaj, then Martin Freeman and Charli XCX, followed by Amy Adams and One Direction on the 20th. If you asked for a bunch of British boys to syncronize dance for you for Christmas, well SNL has you covered. Read More

    Stephen Colbert reconciles with bears on ‘The Colbert Report’

    Stephen Colbert has long held a hatred of bears, or as he calls them “godless killing machines.” But bears are not the biggest evil Americans face. While Good Morning America opened up sweeps week with their bear attack survival guide, Colbert countered his his bucket and pail survival guide on The Colbert Report. Turns out buckets and pails injure way more people than bears or sharks. Colbert’s segment took a turn for the worse when he was attacked by a bucket, but he was quickly saved by… a bear. In that moment, Colbert reconciled with bears everywhere and got very friendly with his new savior.

    Let’s watch Cameron Diaz’s “Saturday Night Live” promos

    Did you know that Cameron Diaz owns New York City? She and Bobby Moynihan figure this out in the newly released promos for the Diaz-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live that’ll air this weekend. It also turns out that the musical guests, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, are exactly the names Diaz would’ve chosen if the decision were hers. We also get to learn a bit about Moynihan: he can’t pronounce the word “pasta” properly, and he writes cue cards in crayon. All very professional stuff. Let’s watch.

    Jessica Williams investigates Detroit’s water shutoff program on “The Daily Show”

    Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams went to Detroit to investigate the city’s troublesome water shutoff program. In an effort to save the bankrupt city, Detroit has targeted poor residencies and shutoff their water for unpaid bills. While these affected are petitioning for income-adjusted water plans, the city doesn’t seem to mind that their football stadiums, ice hockey stadiums, and golf courses haven’t paid their water bills either and owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city. “Why would you pick a fight with poor people?” “‘Cause it’s easy to win.” Once again, Williams delivers a fantastic, yet infuriating, piece.

    John Mulaney explains why he didn’t replace Seth Meyers on the SNL “Weekend Update” chair

    John MulaneyJohn Mulaney is the latest guest on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast in addition to lengthy conversations about his alcoholic past, past drug use, and some of his favorite Saturday Night Live guests. The two also discussed Mulaney’s sitcom, which the young comedian stated that he is aware the show is in trouble ratings-wise and honestly unsure if it will be cancelled or not. Mulaney did joke that if the show was canceled and Lorne Michaels asked him to return to SNL, he’d be “in no position to turn down work.”

    While on the topic of Saturday Night Live Maron asked Mulaney about taking over for Seth Meyers as anchor at the Weekend Update desk. As the rumor was Mulaney was to replace Meyers. “There are no heirs apparent in show business,” Mulaney said. But he would’ve loved to have gotten the job but it was never offered. Read More