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  • Maya Rudolph’s variety show special, ‘The Maya Rudolph Show’ gets premiere date

    Maya RudolphNBC has been developing a new variety show for Maya Rudolph ever since her sitcom Up All Night crashed and burned a few years back. Now the network has announced that the The Maya Rudolph Show, a variety special will premiere on Monday, May 19th at 10pm.

    Rudolph will host an hour and be joined by a slew of celebs including some of her SNL alums Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, and Chris Parnell. In addition Craig Robinson, Sean Hayes, and Kristen Bell are slated to appear. Raphael Saadiq is said to be the house bandleader and Janelle Monáe will be the musical guest.

    As expected, Lorne Michaels will executive produce the hour long special. Depending on how ratings/response is for the special, the show could become an ongoing series.

    Dan Soder on Conan, ‘She talks about death with an ease that rattles my bones’

    Dan Soder, one of our favs made his second appearance on Conan last night for another round of stand-up comedy jokery. Soder took swings at the generational gap between children and their grandparents and why he doesn’t trust 2 year olds and their technological prowess. If I follow the logic bestowed upon Dan when he’s on the YKWD podcast, he didn’t have to pull out the Russian accent, so he pretty much nailed it.

    How is CBS’ Monday comedy block doing since ‘How I Met Your Mother’ ended?

    How I Met Your MotherAny time a major network says goodbye to one of its biggest shows, there’s usually a void left for a bit. However the question always is, how big of a drop are we talking about? The series finale of How I Met Your Mother brought in a record high, 13.13 million viewers when it took a bow last week, making it a tough act to follow. CBS’ new show and potential HIMYM replacement sitcom Friends with Better Lives was slated right after HIMYM’s finale. Friends with Better Lives raked in about 7.6 million in its first run, not bad for a first show but that also means the show shed 6 million viewers, presumably at least half of that 6M taking to the internet to complain about Ted Mosby’s future.

    Last night was the first time CBS’s Monday night lineup didn’t have HIMYM as an anchor. So how did the lineup do?
    2 Broke Girls took over the 8pm timeslot from HIMYM and struggled, posting a series low 2.2 while HIMYM averaged 3.4.

    This also didn’t help Friends with Better Lives as it dropped to 5.72 million viewers, at 1.8 and down 31% from its premiere. Read More

    Hilary Duff headed back to TV via new TV Land sitcom

    Hilary DuffThanks to TV Land’s upcoming show Younger, we will all get to see Lizzy McGuire, I mean Hilary Duff again. As I just mentioned, you may remember Duff from her past role on Disney as Lizzy McGuire. Then she tried a singing career, which seemed to fizzle out. Since then she’s done a string of movies including Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2 and A Cinderella Story, War Inc., She Wants Me, and more. Furthermore, she’s done some other TV things too but mostly just as a guest appearance.

    However lucky for Duff fans everywhere, she’s back on TV in a major role, staring as Kelsey a young friend of Liza (played by Sutton Foster). The show centers around Liza who is a single mother looking to get back into dating and working. Fortunately for Liza, her best friend Maggie (played by Debi Mazer) gives her a fresh, young look which helps her get an awesome job as an assistant to Diana (played by Miriam Schor).

    TV Land has already ordered up Younger for 12 episodes and they’re set to hit airwaves this fall.

    Conan O’Brien and Andy Richer recall the MTV Movie Awards and being the oldest people there

    This weekend, Conan O’Brien greeted the many people watching The MTV Movie Awards with an opening that contained cameos from 50 celebrities. It was even a new record for the movie awards. However, now that it has been a few days, Conan and Andy Richter (who was in the audience) shared some of their thoughts on the special night.

    The main thought that quickly came up between the two was being the oldest people there. “I didn’t know who two thirds of the people were,” said Conan. The two continued to talk about how it seemed lifetime achievement awards were going to 15 year olds.

    Seth Rogen hosted Saturday Night Live, there were guest stars and fart jokes

    Seth Rogen SNLSeth Rogen returned for another hosting session of Saturday Night Live. An episode that can only be described as weird and uneven. This back half of this season of SNL has really started to focus on weird rather than totally funny. Rogen’s episode should’ve flown high (see what I did there?) but was mostly failures. The always solid Weekend Update was ho-hum and led into a second half of an episode that really wasn’t worth the time to watch.

    Rogen isn’t a very musical guy so this episode contained virtually none what last week had, but that also allowed for the next day internet crowd to see more of the episode than they did last week. He’s a fun gentlemen and provides for fun times usually but this episode wasn’t really something I’d put in the “win” column. Weed jokes or not. Read More

    Watch the first U.S. trailer for Amy and Greg Poehler’s ‘Welcome To Sweden’

    Amy Poehler and her brother Greg recently sold their TV show, Welcome To Sweden to NBC. The show was originally commissioned by the country of Sweden to be their first English language series and just recently picked up for a second season.

    NBC will begin airing the US version of the show this July and just released the trailer for the US version. The plot is loosely based on Greg’s life as a NY accountant who uproots his life and moves to Sweden for a woman he loves. You can spot both Poehlers in this clip as well as a Swedish speaking Will Ferrell cameo as well as Aubrey Plaza and Gene Simmons.

    Nikki Glaser on Late Night with Seth Meyers, ‘He thinks I read’

    Nikki Glaser was the guest comedian on Late Night with Seth Meyers the other night. She delivered a tight five about her recent relationship breakups, make ups, and how she gave him the impression that she was a different person. We got the chance to catch Glaser run through this spot earlier this week at The Stand and though she cleaned up a few parts for TV, the spot was thoroughly rocked.