Megan Mullally sings while Nick Offerman raps about weiners (video)

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  • Megan Mullally sings while Nick Offerman raps about weiners (video)

    As if the Internet needed another reason to love Nick Offerman any more, this video comes to light. Offerman is currently making the rounds on his American Ham tour with opening act Nancy & Beth. The duo consists of actress Stephanie Hunt and Offerman’s wife Megan Mullally. At a recent stop off at the Largo in Los Angeles Nancy & Beth decided to cover the ridiculous Riskay song, “Smell Yo Dick.”

    Yeah, two proper white chicks singing a slow cover of a ridiculous R&B song isn’t really noteworthy but then at the 3:05 min mark the magic happens and Offerman takes the stage to spit a few bars about, what else, his dick and who can and cannot smell it. Then for good measure, Mullally actually goes in for a whiff of Nick Jr.

    Oh did I mention the entire time Offerman is wearing an American flag shirt? Yeah it’s the best video you’ll watch today. It’s also NSFW if you haven’t gotten the hint by this point.


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